Ergonomic chairs

It’s no secret that prolonged sedentary work has a negative impact on health and the musculoskeletal system. To reduce the stress on the spine, experts recommend that you periodically warm up. Also, in this matter, you cannot do without a comfortable chair that will support the back and the whole body in the correct position..

The modern market offers customers a huge assortment of special chairs, which are called ergonomic. Buyers can choose from an assortment of models with lumbar support, comfortable handles and other attributes. Such furniture is used for rest and relaxation..

Furniture, which is called ergonomic, is designed taking into account not only physical, but also psychological characteristics of a person. Its main task is to keep the position of the body in the most natural position, as a result of which comfort and relaxation is achieved. You can sit on such furniture for a long time without any discomfort. It is the perfect choice for home and work.


Today, thanks to the widespread automation of all production processes, the number of office and office workers is actively increasing. The ergonomic chair is ideal for those who sit for about 6 hours daily. Special furniture will help prevent the development of curvature of the spine and similar unpleasant consequences. Thanks to the comfort that a person experiences while using such a chair, working capacity and labor productivity are increased..

Thanks to the huge selection of such furniture, you can choose a comfortable computer chair or the ideal model for seated work at the table.. The setting options can be adapted to suit individual parameters. The headrest model is chosen by people suffering from neck pain. Chair with footrest to prevent swelling and blood clots.

The choice is really great, moreover, experts do not stop at the achieved results. From time to time, new models appear, more advanced, comfortable and practical..


Experts report that even the highest quality and most expensive ordinary furniture cannot be compared with ergonomic in its properties. It can be used every day, even if you watch TV, read and passively rest..

It is worth noting that standard chairs exert stress on the body, while ergonomic models do the opposite. As soon as a person sits in such a chair, it starts to work and relaxes the muscles throughout the entire period of use..

With the help of such furniture, sedentary work becomes more comfortable..

During the development of ergonomic chairs, specialists take into account such aspects as height, weight, place for the arms and legs, back position, body position in a sitting position. Also, many options are equipped with special lifts that adjust the height of the chair..

There are also baby chairs on sale that will make sure that the child keeps his back straight and does not feel discomfort during classes..

Reducing pain

Simple office chairs, which are equipped with many workplaces, are not suitable for long-term work sitting in one place. After a couple of hours, even healthy and young people begin to experience painful sensations, increasing every minute.

The following body parts are most stressed during sedentary work:

  • Neck;
  • Hands (wrists and elbows);
  • Legs;
  • Buttocks;
  • Small of the back;
  • Hips.

Experts note that after 15-20 minutes of continuous sitting, a person begins to slouch. If this position persists from day to day, problems with the spine cannot be avoided. Remember that painful sensations can speak not only of inconveniences, but also of the appearance of serious health problems..


Every person is unique. Experts take this into account when developing ergonomic chairs. As mentioned above, many models can be adapted for a specific person.. Let’s consider this function in more detail..

  • In the armchair you can adjust the angle of inclination of the seat and back of the chair depending on the height and condition of the spine. Very often during work, the head and shoulders bend over the table, while they should be close to the back of the chair.
  • Also the headrest can be adjusted to fit, so that he gently supports his head.
  • While working at the computer, the elbows are constantly on the table. If the position of the hands is wrong, the hands are very tired.. Correct hand placement can help deal with this problem..

Most popular models

The variety of ergonomic chairs is pleasantly surprising, but it is not easy to understand such an assortment. Experts, based on customer reviews, have compiled the TOP 10 of the most popular, high-quality and functional chairs. Let’s take a quick look at each option separately..

“High Back Ergonomic Chair”

A comfortable gaming chair with a mesh that was designed for people with sedentary work for 5-6 hours without interruption. The form skillfully maintains the correct position of the body. The model is equipped with a lift.

“Black Mesh Hi Swivel Chair”

With this chair you will not feel tired. This version has a lift, headrest and wide handles. Ideal for extended seated work every day.

Mirra Chair by Herman Miller

Stylish yet functional armchair. A distinctive feature of this product is adaptation to any user, as a result of which the maximum level of comfort is achieved..

“Mid-Back Black Mesh Swivel Task Chair”

Ergonomic and breathable, perfect for hot seasons. It’s easy to customize it for yourself. Even though the mesh looks thin, it has increased strength. The model also has comfortable adjustable armrests and a shape-changing back.

Wellness Mid-Back Office Chair

The best solution for those who care about posture. If you spend a lot of time in a sitting position every day, passionate about work or what you love, it is recommended to pay attention to this model..

Alera Elusion Series Mesh Mid-Back Swivel

The chair can be easily and easily adapted to individual parameters. Thanks to this property, it has received many positive reviews from users. After using such a chair, you will give up ordinary furniture..

Sayl Chair by Herman Miller

This model combines convenience, beauty, practicality and functionality. Such a chair will become not only an irreplaceable assistant, but also a stylish decoration of the office. Experts assure that you can sit on such a chair for up to 10 hours without experiencing discomfort. Ideal for long-term work.

“Zody Chair with highly Adjustability”

This option differs from the others in the presence of a three-point tilt mechanism, thanks to which the back muscles are in comfort. The chair also has a backstop. The model can be used not only in the work area, but also in the meeting and meeting room.

Aeron Chair by Herman Miller

Comfortable back, soft handles, durable and lightweight cover – all these are the characteristics of the above model. If you use this chair all the time, then the feeling of lightness will become your constant companion. The main purpose of this chair is to reduce tension in the neck, shoulders and back..

See below for an overview of this popular model..

Home Office Desk Task Chair

The constant use of this model will help to establish the blood circulation process for people who work while sitting. As a result of improved blood circulation, more oxygen enters the brain, and efficiency increases. A feeling of cheerfulness and a surge of energy appears. To all of the above, we can add that the model is very stylish and graceful thanks to its shape and chrome elements..


Most of the respondents who moved from ordinary chairs to ergonomic ones say that the positive effect is felt already on the first day of their use, so most of the reviews are positive. To get the most out of ergonomic technology, you only need to go to specialized stores that offer certified products..

Do not rush to buy the very first model that you liked. Evaluate different models, compare them in terms of price, quality and functionality.

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