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What kind of upholstered furniture products have not been invented by mankind throughout its existence. Sofas, large and small, soft armchairs, ottomans, sofas, banquets, poufs – they all make our life comfortable and pleasant. The couch occupies a special place in this series..

The ancient couches resembled a soft couch that lacked a headboard. These sofas have been improved over time. They acquired details that make them more comfortable: a back appeared, the number of legs changed, there were fewer of them, then they disappeared altogether, the space under the bed began to be used for storing things..

A modern daybed is, in fact, a compact folding sofa, which, after transformation, turns into a bed.. But unlike the latter, the couch lacks soft armrests, there is a back, but it is hard. The main quality of this piece of furniture is its compactness, while there is the possibility of increasing the sleeping area.


The main advantages of a sliding couch:

  • profitability – furniture performs two functions at once: a sofa for relaxation and a sleeping place;
  • a wide range will help support the design of the room any style, but most of all the couch is appropriate in an oriental interior;
  • comfort – the flat surface of the bed is very useful for health and good sleep;
  • versatility – fits equally well into the interior of the bedroom, living room, hallway, nursery and even kitchen;
  • compactness – takes up little space, which significantly saves square meters of a small room;
  • practicality – the presence of additional storage space, which is important for cramped rooms.

Transformation mechanisms

The use of various layout systems makes it possible to diversify the models of couches. Their main types:

  • “Dolphin”;
  • “accordion”;
  • “Eurobook”;
  • “French clamshell” (“sedaflex”).

The dolphin system has undeniable advantages. This device makes the process of converting a couch into a sleeping place extremely easy. For transformation, you need to move the side part to the side. A pillow will emerge from under the seat, and a special mechanism will position it flush with the mattress. An additional drawer for storing bed linen in this model is also provided.

A folding couch equipped with a sedaflex system (French folding bed) is indispensable in a small kitchen. This mechanism has a double fold, which distinguishes it from the “American clamshell” with three folds. The couch unfolds forward. The system is manually operated, it is enough to pull up and towards yourself to unfold the components of the berth.

They are supported by stable steel arcs, so the bed is very flat and strong after being laid out..

In narrow models of couches, the “Eurobook” and “accordion” systems are used. It is very simple to unfold them: you need to pull the seat up and towards you, and then straighten the bed. These mechanisms are functional and save space well. Positive qualities are also a flat place to sleep, voluminous storage space, strength and durability of the transformation mechanism..

The “click-gag” model will fit well into an unusual interior. The main advantage of this option is its small size. The design is equipped with supports, it is possible to adjust the height and additional positions: sitting, lying, reclining.

The long-extendable couch will find its place in the kitchen, in the nursery, as well as in any cramped room. The advantages of this model:

  • comparative ease products;
  • bulky box, which is located at the bottom of the bed, is designed to store various things;
  • corner models save space well;
  • manifold layout options.


  • children’s couches, sliding in length, as a rule, are too small for a full bed;
  • some models cannot be installed in the kitchen due to insufficient wear-resistant upholstery.

On the kitchen

Many modern apartments are not large. Sometimes you have to use one room for different purposes, turning it into a multifunctional one. Even the kitchen is often used as a bedroom. And then a folding sofa couch comes to the rescue.

This piece of upholstered furniture will not only make the kitchen more cozy, but will also help create comfortable seating at the table during the day, and at night, if necessary, it will turn into a sleeping place. For ease of use, there is always space for storing kitchen utensils inside under the couch seat

Placing a folding couch in the kitchen has its own advantages and disadvantages..


  • a sufficient number of seating places at the table;
  • storage space;
  • aesthetic qualities: comfort, beauty.

The downside is the high risk of staining the upholstery, since in the kitchen there is always a chance to plant a greasy stain, which is very problematic to remove from the furniture..


Of great importance when choosing upholstered furniture, which is a sliding couch, is the material of the upholstery. It should be fairly durable and easy to clean at the same time..

The range of upholstery materials is very wide:

  • Most often used synthetic, mixed fabrics, microfiber, as well as leather, ivy, velor. Despite the high cost, the leather sofa has always been the best choice. It is practical and durable.

  • No less long service life for artificial leather. The price for this material is more affordable, and in terms of external characteristics it hardly differs from the natural one. In addition, the richness of colors, textures and even prints attracts manufacturers of upholstered furniture. Therefore, you can always choose the appropriate option..
  • Flock is water-repellent and chenille is hypoallergenic. Synthetic fabric is very practical, it can be repeatedly cleaned without losing its shape and color. Its disadvantage is that the material is electrified and therefore attracts dust..
  • Mixed materials Is a mixture of natural materials (wool or cotton) with synthetics. The disadvantage of this fabric is its susceptibility to fading, since the mixed fabric holds the dye worse due to the different structure of the fibers..

Of the blended fabrics, the most popular microfiber is polyester with cotton. It is very wear-resistant, practically does not fade, and is easy to clean.


Direct models of couches are the best fit for a spacious room, while the corner model is designed for a small space..

This type of couch takes up all unused corners, freeing up useful space. As a rule, the corner model has a comfortable back, which also keeps the wall from rubbing. After transformation, the extendable corner daybed turns into a double bed. Some models of the product are equipped with a convenient shelf, not which you can put a flower or napkin holder.

Like most other models, corner ones always have spacious storage systems in their internal space. What you will store there – bedding, toys, homemade items or something else, will depend on where the couch is set.


Among the huge number of variations, there are cult models. Sliding couch “Hemnes” from Ikea fell in love with many regular customers of this brand, and not by chance. There are many pleasant surprises in it. The overall size is 89×209 cm, even when assembled, it can be used for sleeping by one person. And if necessary, the couch can be pulled apart in width and turn it into a magnificent double bed with a sleeping area of ​​200×168 cm.

And that is not all. The couch comes with two mattresses 200×80 cm. If you want to use the model as a single bed, the mattresses can be stacked on top of each other. When using the couch as a double bed, they are placed side by side on a slatted base. The frame of the product is equipped with three spacious drawers for storing bed linen and other things.

Finally, the Hemnes daybed has a stylish look that matches any decor.

In the studio

During the day in living rooms you need to have a lot of free space for various activities. A sliding couch will be indispensable in this case. When folded, it is very compact. It can be placed where it fits. This is a children’s area, and a kitchen, and a hallway, wherever there is a need for upholstered furniture, but there is no place for a full-fledged sofa. But in the evening, such a couch can be turned into a bed for one or two people..

The sideways couch will decorate the interior of your home, apartment, office. Its design is simple and compact. To turn the sofa into a sleeping place, you just need to pull on the special strap.

This simple operation can be performed in one motion, requiring little effort. Even a child can handle it.

This model of a sliding couch will help parents in the design and arrangement of a children’s room. Such sofas can be moved apart to the right or left side, while opening up storage space, which is also very important for bringing up neatness in a child. He will be able to put away, for example, his toys there..

A compact couch is indispensable if the children’s room is not very large. A folding sofa-couch will be appropriate both in a first-grader’s room and in an adult boy’s bungalow.

It has the same width as a single sofa and the length of the berth can be easily adjusted. Therefore, there is no need to buy a new bed for the grown heirs..

In order to make your everyday rest comfortable and sleep healthy, a model of an orthopedic couch has been developed. It is complemented by a mattress with independent springs.

How to assemble a couch "Hemnes", see the next video.

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