Foam mattresses

Sleep quality depends on the surface on which the body rests at night. There are quite a few types of mattresses on the market today, which differ in several technical characteristics. Among all this variety, quite often people give preference to foam mattresses. These products are distinguished by their simplicity of construction and relatively low price..

When buying such a product, it is important to evaluate its orthopedic characteristics, on which the comfort during sleep depends..


Foam rubber is a polymer product in the form of foam, which is used to solve specialized problems in various areas of the national economy. It should be understood that this product is a common polyurethane that has received the market name.

Foam mattresses are quite popular today, as they have several significant advantages:

  1. The surface of this substance absorbs practically all the movements of people who sleep nearby.
  2. Mattress is different unique softness and elasticity.
  3. Foam rubber completely hypoallergenic. Both adults and children can sleep on it.
  4. Quality material can last up to 15 years without losing your technical performance.
  5. Foam structure does not change with temperature drops.
  6. Inside the substance mold and other harmful microorganisms do not form. This eliminates rotting of the product.



Modern manufacturers very often use foam rubber for the manufacture of mattresses. But at the same time, its quality is not always indicated..

The best option would be a product with a density of at least 35 kg / cu. m.

If the mattress is made of furniture foam rubber, then its service life will be relatively short..

Many experts recommend using products in which the foam is made in the form of solid sheets. But there are models that use foam crumbs.

It should be noted that it is not the main filler. It is used only to change the technical characteristics of the surface..

When buying, it is important to evaluate the color of the filler. If the foam is white, then this indicates its low density (about 25 kg / m3). It is forbidden to use such products for the production of mattresses. But unscrupulous manufacturers can deliberately repaint the substance in a different color in order to confuse the buyer..

Therefore, it is imperative to check the documentation confirming certain characteristics of the product..


Foam rubber is a piece material, the properties of which can vary depending on its purpose. This has led to the fact that several types of this product are used for the production of mattresses..


This characteristic of mattresses is quite important when choosing. Depending on the degree of rigidity, several types of such structures can be distinguished:

  1. Soft. The surface of the product is very similar to a feather bed. It is very pleasant and comfortable to lie on such a mattress. It should be noted that experts do not recommend sleeping on them, as they do not support the spine well. This can lead to a violation of its shape and the occurrence of various diseases..
  2. Medium hardness. These products are relatively well able to recover their shape. Some models even have minimal orthopedic properties..
  3. Hard. Mattresses of this type are classified as orthopedic models, as they perfectly support the back. It should be noted that the foam rubber itself does not provide the required rigidity here. To do this, it is supplemented with other substances, such as coconut coir..

As for the density, the foam rubber can be conditionally divided into several classes:

  1. 16-18 kg / cubic meter m. The material is relatively soft as it does not retain its structure. According to the standards, it is forbidden to use it as a filler for mattresses. But unscrupulous manufacturers very often equip their products with them..
  2. 22-25 kg / cubic meter m. Foam rubber of this brand also does not have sufficient density indicators, therefore it is not recommended to use it as a filler. But most cheap mattresses are made of just this material..
  3. 28-30 kg / cubic meter m A fairly dense product that can last up to 6 years. It has a rather high price, so mattresses from it are rare..
  4. 35-40 kg / cubic meter m. This type of foam rubber is very often used for the production of children’s mattresses. The maximum weight this product can support is 90 kg. Under such operating conditions, the mattress can be used for 10 years..
  5. More than 45 kg / cu. m. Foam rubber of this density is quite rare. They are often used only by well-known manufacturers of mattresses. The service life of such products can be up to 15 years. Such foam is often called artificial latex..


Dimensions (edit)

Foam mattresses are produced by many companies, which led to the emergence of a large assortment of these products. One of the criteria for its division is the size of the surface. There are models on the market with the following thickness values:

  • 5 cm;
  • 7 cm;
  • 10 cm;
  • 12 cm;
  • 15 cm, etc..

It should be noted that the mattress thickness of 50 mm does not have high-quality orthopedic characteristics. Often, such thin products are used as leveling agents for other surfaces..

As for the area of ​​mattresses, they are of several types. These characteristics vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Today on the market you can find models with dimensions of both 140 x 200 cm and 60 x 120 cm. The classic sizes for single-bed designs are as follows:

  • 80×185
  • 90×200 cm;
  • 90×190 cm.

Double mattresses are also available in various sizes:

  • 135x200x10 cm;
  • 130×200 cm;
  • 160×200 cm;
  • 140×200 cm;
  • 180x200x10 cm.

The most common modifications of mattresses are considered to be structures with dimensions of 1600×2000 mm and 2000×1400 mm. They fit almost all beds. One more intermediate class of mattresses should be distinguished – one and a half. It includes products with dimensions of 100x200x10 cm.

Please note that these characteristics are very easy to change. Therefore, many manufacturers can adapt the size of the mattress to the specific bed. But such an individual order will cost a little more than a standard modification..

Which to choose?

The variety of foam rubber products does not always allow the buyer to choose the optimal product.. When purchasing such products, several characteristics should be assessed:

  1. Rigidity. This is one of the main parameters that you need to pay attention to. This indicator can vary over a wide range. So, soft polyurethane foam goes well with an armchair-bed, which is used as a source of short-term rest. If it is a children’s mattress, then it must be firm. It is important that he properly supports the child’s body..
  2. Upholstery material. Almost all experts recommend using mattresses with a protective cover made of natural fabrics. This minimizes the possibility of allergies and ensures optimal air exchange. Some models are equipped with oilcloth on top, which protects against moisture penetration.
  3. Health status. This indicator is very important when choosing a foam mattress. Most modifications fail to provide orthopedic support for the spine. Therefore, it is advisable to use only finished combined products with a memory effect..
  4. Manufacturer. Today on the market you can find many firms (“Ivanovskiy Textile”, etc.) that produce quality products. At the same time, it is important to evaluate customer reviews about them in order to find the best value for money..

For information on how to choose the right foam mattress, see the next video.

How to do it yourself?

Foam rubber is a very soft substance that allows you to work with it even at home. Therefore, you can make a mattress out of it yourself, having little skills in working with a sewing machine. The manufacturing algorithm for this structure consists of several sequential steps:

  1. First of all, one should buy a sheet of foam rubber. Important pay attention to its stiffness and density, since the main characteristics of the product depend on this.
  2. At this stage a frame is cut from a sheet. Its sizes vary, and the shape adapts to the specific bed..
  3. After that make a case for foam rubber. It can be made from various fabrics, the main thing is that they are durable and natural.

It is important that the cover completely repeats the shape of the workpiece. To simplify the work, it is advisable to equip it with a lock. This will allow you to replace the foam rubber with a new one, if necessary..

The process of making a mattress only seems simple, but not always feasible at home. Therefore, it is better to buy ready-made high-quality products from trusted manufacturers..


Polypropylene is a piece-synthesized material. This allows in the process of its production to change its main indicators.. There are several brands of foam rubber on the market today:

  1. ST. Standard foam, which are obtained from the base polyol.
  2. HL, EL. These brands refer to materials hard surface. They perfectly withstand prolonged loads, which allows them to be used in the production of mattresses.
  3. Hs. Soft foam. Many manufacturers use it to reduce the cost of production..
  4. HR. The material has good viscosity, but at the same time has low rigidity.
  5. LR. This substance has already beencombines softness and elasticity. This foam rubber has a memory effect.
  6. RTC. Products are characterized the presence of a large number of pores. It is rarely used in the manufacture of mattresses..

There is also recycled foam rubber, which is obtained as a result of waste processing. Depending on the technology, products can have quality indicators of rigidity and density..


Buyers of foam mattresses are gradually losing confidence in such products. This is due to the fact that this substance began to be replaced by other materials with better properties (coconut coir, latex, etc.). But nevertheless, many owners note good indicators of rigidity (brand El 2842) and air exchange. This allows you to get quality rest for relatively little money. Another positive nuance noted by many owners is the low weight of the mattress. This makes it easy to transport it, pre-rolled into a roll.

Foam mattresses are versatile products that allow you to solve many common tasks. But only high-quality products from proven and well-known manufacturers should be used in everyday life..

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