Frameless armchair

Frameless armchair

Convenient and comfortable furniture has been appreciated at all times. The realities of modern life put forward special requirements for furniture, therefore, in addition to convenience, it should be stylish and fashionable, fit into the interior of the room, adding a twist to it.

Not so long ago, unexpected models of frameless armchairs appeared in the furniture industry. This stylish interior element has not only a creative appearance, but also gives such a comfortable feeling that you just don’t want to go up and move somewhere..

What is it and what is it called?

Frameless upholstered furniture is most often called a bean bag chair, or beanbag. The binbag differs from other elements of furniture in the absence of a frame. It is a hermetically sealed bag made of leather or fabric. Various materials can be used as a filler:

  • natural ingredients, for example, beans or buckwheat husks;
  • artificial substances such as PVC granules or expanded polystyrene.

The shape and filling can be selected individually to create the most comfortable upholstered furniture.

Most often, there is also a removable cover, which makes the bean bag easy to clean and tidy up.

Such chairs are located in various parts of the apartment, for example, in the living room or bedroom. This model is reliable and safe, therefore it is also placed in children’s rooms..

If the cover has water and dirt repellent properties, then this chair can be placed on the terrace or in the garden, or you can take it with you outdoors or fishing.

History of appearance

The idea of ​​making furniture without a frame belongs to three Italians – Franco Teodoro, Piero Gati, Cesare Paolin. They decided to create something shapeless, breaking stereotypes in the production of upholstered furniture..

In the first analogue, water was used as a filler, and a thick film acted as a cover. The first models were not very popular due to significant shortcomings. They were quite fragile, the film tore very easily and the chair fell into disrepair, flooding everything around with water.

The first models were also stiff and rather uncomfortable. In addition, they were very heavy due to the water inside and were difficult to transport and deliver to the buyer. In addition to everything, the owner could not rearrange such a chair without assistance..

I helped to overcome these difficulties and problems Aurelio Zanotte, factory owner Zanotte. He suggested using plastic balls instead of water, which were lightweight. The film has also been replaced with brightly colored artificial leather.

Thus, the world was presented with the first model of a beanbag chair, reminiscent of modern versions..

She combined bright design, increased comfort and practicality and broke all ideas about upholstered furniture in the 60s. For a couple of years, furniture without a frame has become very popular in Europe and America..

Modern options for such chairs are presented in various forms: from the usual bag to intricate transformers. Various materials and decorative elements are used in the production of this furniture. But comfort and convenience remain unchanged.

Which is better – frame or frameless?

Frameless furniture has many adherents, but there are also opponents who stand up for classic frame furniture elements..

In favor of a beanbag chair, its safety can be attributed. Such a model is devoid of sharp corners and mechanical attributes, so even a naughty child will not get injured by playing out near this object..

This chair, unlike frame models, cannot be broken. If the inner cover is torn, then the scattered internal elements need to be collected and the hole is sewn up.

Such a model will perfectly fit into a variety of design and style of premises. It will organically look both in Country and in Minimalism and even in a room decorated in a Loft.


Firms-manufacturers of frameless furniture produce a wide range of such goods.. The most famous and popular models include:

  • a drop;
  • flower;
  • stump;
  • bun;
  • ball;
  • pear.

Upholstered furniture models vary depending on the shape of the cover.

Popular among buyers are transformer models, which are distinguished by their functionality and practicality..

A pear chair has become a very popular option, since it has an extraordinary and comfortable shape. It helps to diversify the interior, bringing a certain zest to the design of the room..

The armchair made in the shape of a soccer ball will be a great gift for a real football fan. It will also fit perfectly into a boy’s nursery..

Chairs made in the form of a bun are universal options. They do not hinder your movements, so it is very convenient and comfortable to sit in them..

Frameless furniture made in the form of a drop, flower or heart will look very extraordinary and non-standard in the design of the room..

Soft, shapeless sofas are a great place to relax.

Materials (edit)

A variety of fabrics are used for the covers. The best option would be a fabric with high wear-resistant characteristics. In this case, the cover will be easy to clean from dirt or wash it by hand or in a washing machine..

The most popular fabric used for sewing covers:

  • Eco leather – has durability and practicality. Its main drawback is that it can be easily scratched..
  • Faux suede characterized by practicality and durability, it does not attract dust.
  • Shannil is a very durable material. Due to its hypoallergenicity, it can be used even by people suffering from various kinds of allergic reactions. The main disadvantage is that this fabric cannot be damp cleaned..

  • Velours it has a silky texture and a huge number of colors. Minus – it gets dirty quickly, so it is better not to install these beanbegs in the children’s room or in the kitchen.
  • Jacquard – quite unpretentious material, it is characterized by strength, density, it is easy to clean and does not fade in the sun.
  • Microfiber inherent density and ease of care.

Small granules of expanded polystyrene, foam rubber and other modern fillers are used to fill the inner cover..

Beans, sawdust rubber and other components of natural origin are very often used in frameless chairs made in the form of a pillow..

In exclusive and expensive versions of this furniture, synthetic fiber may be present as an addition. It is designed to make the beanbag more comfortable, and also reduces the threat of rapid shrinkage of the material..

The polystyrene filler is resistant to moisture and temperature extremes, so such furniture can be easily placed outdoors or in a room with high humidity..

Popular colors

Binbag can become a bright detail of the interior, so very often its covers are made in rich colors, for example, orange, red, blue, light green.

Such furniture can correspond to the color scheme in which the room is made or play in contrast, depending on the design ideas..

There is also a huge variety of prints and patterns, so you can easily choose a similar interior element to your taste..

Dimensions (edit)

When purchasing a beanbag chair, it is very important to choose the right size. Several factors affect the choice of this parameter:

  • the area of ​​the room where the beanbag will be located;
  • height, weight and complexion of a person who will constantly sit in it.

Remember that such furniture lacks a frame, so you do not need to purchase very small dimensions..

Most often, such furniture has the following size scale:

  • S – height 95 cm, diameter 75 cm, filler volume 170 l;
  • M – height 130 cm, diameter 85 cm, filler volume 280 l;
  • L – height 140 cm, diameter 90 cm, filling volume 360 ​​l;
  • XL – height 145 cm, diameter 95 cm, filling volume 430 l;
  • XXL – height 145 cm, diameter 105 cm, filling volume 520 l.

Top manufacturers

To get a really high-quality frameless chair, you need to purchase it from well-known manufacturing companies that guarantee the high quality of their products..

Frameless furniture from the factory “Favorite chair“. And this is not surprising, since compared to foreign brands, such furniture is much cheaper and is of high quality..

The most popular models include:

  • Costa»Is a chair-bed. It will ideally fit into a small room, as it is compact when assembled and takes up half a square meter. If you unfold it, then you get a bed 2 m long and 0.7 m wide, an adult can easily fit on it. The included pillow can be used for sleeping by changing the pillowcase. The roller can also be used for more comfort when placed under your feet.
  • Ferrari»Combines the best features of frameless furniture. This model has a high back, thanks to this feature, even a tall person will feel the convenience and comfort during rest. It has a high and low landing, and therefore you can change the angle of inclination while sitting in such a binbag. Eco-leather allows you to easily cope with various kinds of pollution.
  • Comfort“. This model will become not only a universal, but also an extraordinary element in the interior design. This beanbag is similar to a throne, as it has armrests and a backrest. It features a high level of comfort and will become your favorite chair.

How to choose?

To make it convenient to spend time and rest in a beanbag chair, you need to seriously approach the choice of this upholstered furniture.

Before buying a beanbag, pay attention to the following points:

  • The presence of an inner cover – Over time, the outer upholstery may get dirty and the cover will have to be washed. If the inner cover is missing, you will have to figure out where to store the filler while the fabric dries. In addition, there is a risk of scattering all the contents around the apartment and collecting it for a long time. If the frameless chair is made of eco-leather, then there is no need for an inner cover, since the dirt can be removed with a damp cloth..
  • Long clasp. If it is too short, you may tear it as you pull out the inner bag. The optimal length should match the diameter of the chair.
  • The filler has a variety of densities. For example, when polystyrene foam granules have a low density index, this leads to rapid shrinkage and the binbag loses its original appearance. The optimum density should be at least 25 kg per m3. Some manufacturers may also add synthetic fluff to the base polystyrene beads to reduce the potential for shrinkage of the filler..

  • The dimensions must correspond to your anthropometric parameters.. If the room is small, then it is allowed to purchase a model one size smaller, if the room is large, then you can buy one size larger. Most importantly, don’t buy the very small version. For example, for a teenager with a height of 150 cm, a beanbag up to 70-80 cm is suitable.And for a tall person, whose height exceeds 170 cm, a chair with a diameter of 90 cm would be the best option.
  • Moisture resistance allows the outer cover to keep moisture out and dry quickly. Thanks to this feature, such a beanbag chair can be taken with you out of town, on a fishing trip or to the country..

When purchasing a binbag, check if there is a special carrying handle, so it will be more convenient to move it around the apartment.

If the beanbag chair is made of a very thick fabric, then there should be eyelets through which excess air will be released when you sit in the chair.


On the Web, you can find a large number of positive reviews from customers who have purchased a frameless chair. Users note its convenience and increased comfort. Light weight allows you to move it around the apartment without assistance.

Creative design and bright decoration are also noted, thanks to which such an element of furniture becomes the center of attention and everyone’s favorite..

Ease and ease of care, as well as a long service life have helped the beanbag to gain a huge number of fans all over the world..

If you want to diversify the design of your apartment and get the most comfortable furniture, then get a frameless chair. Thanks to the beanbag, you can relax and unwind from a hard day.

In the next video, see a review of a frameless chair from the DreamBag factory.

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