Glass cabinets

Glass cabinets have long been familiar to city dwellers and private sectors. If earlier such furniture was intended only for storing things, now you can purchase a unique design model, which in itself becomes a bright accent in the interior..


The main advantage of the cabinet is the reliable protection of the contents of the shelves from drops, dust and accidental ingress of moisture. So, for example, books in such a piece of furniture retain their original appearance much longer, the brightness of colors and the integrity of the bindings..

Glass doors allow you to immediately make sure that you have the necessary item. In addition, guests (and the owner himself) can admire the contents of the cabinet. These items are especially loved by travelers and collectors..

Cabinets with glass doors are usually produced with a mirrored inner surface, which visually expands the space of the room. This is true for small rooms (such as classrooms) or if you have a home library..

The special design of the furniture allows you to install several of these cabinets in one place.

Popular models

The following are the most notable options:

  • Buffet. This is a classic model from the Soviet era. The structure is divided into three zones. The upper one has glass shelves, the rear wall of the furniture is a mirrored surface, and the facade is represented by glass with a thickness of about 5 mm (or has a half-closed view). The lower area is usually closed with wooden doors and divided into 2 shelves made of wood or plastic. The third zone can be located depending on the design of the furniture, it is locked with a key and is also equipped with mirrored surfaces from the inside. It is in the “bar” that it is customary to store chocolate and strong drinks.

  • Sideboard. Such a cabinet has larger dimensions than a buffet, and there is also no area for a “bar”. The model is usually divided into 2 zones: closed with tight folds and glazed. Some lockers additionally have an area for storing linen or coats, drawers may be present. The glass facade is presented in the form of transparent doors or a sliding door system.

  • Hanging options most relevant for small rooms and kitchens. They are usually used to store books and utensils. Models are made in the form of horizontal, vertical and corner hinged boxes. It is possible to choose the most convenient way of opening the doors: up, down or sideways.

  • Display cabinets. The furniture is a fully or partially transparent structure. In some cases, the cabinet is supplemented with small drawers. Such models can be divided into floor-standing, hanging and built-in types..

  • Corner models cabinets with glass are small and mobile. The design allows you to place furniture in the corner of any room without taking up extra space. Typically, these cabinets are decorative and are used to store books, photographs and souvenirs. In the children’s room, the wardrobe will serve to accommodate small toys and collections..

Materials (edit)

It is worth approaching the choice of furniture as seriously as possible, taking into account not only the interior of the room. It is worth paying attention to the practicality and environmental friendliness of materials. In addition, its durability directly depends on the quality of the cabinet.. Most often, consumers choose the following materials:

  • Wood. This is perhaps the most affordable and inexpensive option. The material is environmentally friendly, it is completely safe for humans. Usually wooden cabinets are made from larch, oak, pine wood or walnut. The cost of the product directly depends on this. The advantages of such material are durability, practicality and the ability to order an unusual product from an experienced craftsman. In addition, wooden cabinets blend harmoniously into any interior..
  • In order to save money, you can purchase a cabinet from Chipboard. Pressed wood shavings are inferior in strength to solid wood and are subject to deformation under the influence of moisture. Chipboard is usually coated with varnish, which gives the furniture a glossy shine and increases the service life of the product. This material is usually used for small shelves and cupboards..

  • Plastic constructions are quite rare and are usually used in modern interiors. However, manufacturers produce a variety of models, even options with decorative inserts. A large number of shades allows you to choose a model for any style of room. Plastic is quite durable, easy to clean and has an aesthetic appearance. However, it is inferior to wood in terms of strength..
  • MDF panels. Quality materials are sometimes difficult to distinguish from the original solid wood. MDF cabinets differ in reasonable cost, but at the same time you can purchase solid and decent furniture. The material is made from sawdust glued with a special substance made of wood cells. Such furniture does not harm human health..


The glass plates must be at least 4 mm thick. Otherwise, the facade will not be able to withstand mechanical stress. Modern production methods make it possible to obtain a variety of types of glass for cabinets: embossed, patterned, carved, matte, tinted, classic transparent and even colored options. Colored facade glass is often decorated with carved patterns, which compensates for lack of transparency.

This option looks especially beautiful in combination with the interior lighting of the cabinet..


Some models of cabinets with glass are supplied with a lighting system during production. It can be point type or tape type. This move gives the furniture originality due to the play of light. In addition, it allows you to focus on the contents of the cabinet..

The backlight can be provided independently. Simple enough install the lighting fixture in the required place, taking into account the power of the lamps and the angle of dispersion. For such purposes, self-contained LED luminaires with stickers are usually used. Cabinet lighting will save energy.

It can be used in place of the main lighting and when creating a festive atmosphere..

Where to put?

First you need to decide on the purpose of using this piece of furniture. If cutlery and dishes are stored in the cabinet, then it should be placed next to the dining area of ​​the kitchen or dining room..

Sideboards are usually installed in living rooms.. The furniture serves as a decorative function and demonstrates to the guests the presence of certificates, collections and other contents. It turns out that such products are designed to make it easy to consider the objects of pride of the owners. In this case, setting the backlight is appropriate. Buffets can be used both in living rooms and in other rooms (for example, in your personal account). For large rooms, several not very bulky cupboards can be installed at once.

As such, there are no rules regarding the selection and installation of glass cabinets. It is worth focusing on the model of furniture, materials and relevance for a particular interior. The advantages of such cabinets are beauty, convenience and accessibility..

Connoisseurs of unique pieces of furniture can apply for services in special workshops.

An overview of one of the models of the glass cabinet, see below.

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