Hanging cabinets in the hallway

When equipping the corridor area, first of all, you should make a choice in favor of versatile and practical furniture. Compact wall cabinets allow you to diversify the interior and make good use of the space of small corridors.

There is also free space under the “floating” furniture, which can also be disposed of with benefit.

Hanging cabinets in the hallway are great for storing household items. With their help, you can hide a bunch of non-seasonal items. The structures do not occupy the usable area of ​​the room, while remaining very functional. In wall cabinets with doors, you can hide little things that look unaesthetic on bedside tables.


When using, the safety of structures is equally important. The consumer must be sure not only of the quality of the manufacture of hanging cabinets, but also of the absolute reliability of fasteners. And also you need to take care of the presence and integrity of internal and external fittings..

A variety of opening systems allows you to choose the most convenient design for use. Cabinets can be single-leaf and double-leaf, folding and hinged, as well as with sliding doors. The hinged system is very convenient and is more often used in horizontal cabinets., where the door is held open by hydraulic cylinders. Unlike other models of “floating” furniture located in the corridor, the horizontal cabinet is easy to use. Due to the relatively low height of the structure, you do not have to reach for things located on the upper shelves.

Material and color

If we talk about the material, then the best choice, of course, would be solid wood. Models decorated with natural veneer, laminated “wood-like” or finished with metal look good.

Wall cabinet doors are made of laminated chipboard or MDF, transparent or frosted glass, plastic.

The color and design of the hanging cabinets in the hallway are varied and individual – from uncomplicated clear outlines to bright ethnic patterns. If you choose furniture in a small hallway, you should give preference to light facades. And dark cabinets are suitable for more spacious areas where deep shades are needed..

You can choose designs, the body of which is decorated with colored stones or painted; stained glass windows and artistic wood carvings also add a special twist to conventional hanging drawers.

Installation features

The essence of suspended furniture is that there is no emphasis on the floor; it is fastened with the help of mechanisms to the wall, ceiling or a free-standing support. In order for the fastening to be of high quality and durable, the installation of such furniture is advisable only to the load-bearing walls or to the ceiling, they, in turn, must be strong enough.

Installing a standard-sized horizontal cabinet is easy, you can handle this task yourself. The minimum required for fastening the structure is a hammer drill or drill, tape measure, level and screwdriver.

When installing, you should first assess the condition of the wall on which the hanging cabinets will be mounted. If repairs are planned in the near future, and the wall where the structure will hang is made of plasterboard or plastic panels, then it is better to fix a wooden block at the level of fastening the cabinets so that the cabinets hold well. If the repair has already been carried out, but the fact of the presence of a bar in the wall is unknown, then when installing the fastening rail, the screws should be placed more often.

To prevent open doors from occupying a large area and extra centimeters, the use of sliding structures is recommended. According to the individual decision, the hanging cabinet can be installed at any distance from the floor. Sometimes 30 cm is enough to make the overall composition in the interior look different..

Design and interior

Hallways are usually small. When decorating small areas, designers use the rule of three colors, where one is the main one, and the other two are complemented by details. Cold shades in the hallway will visually increase the space. To maintain this effect, it is advisable to install light-colored cabinets..

With good lighting in the corridor, you can choose more saturated colors for the walls.. For contrast, dark furniture can be installed. Wooden wall cabinets will look advantageous..

It should be remembered that cabinet doors equipped with mirrors will visually expand the space. In addition, they are clearly to the taste of every woman. Such hanging boxes can easily accommodate all kinds of cosmetics and other small items from the women’s toilet..

For a retro-style interior, you can pick up an antique bedside table. Such copies are also presented on the market. The original antique furniture is not cheap at the price. Without leaving the idea of ​​creating a retro style, pieces of furniture can be specially aged, it will be a more budget option..

Lovers of the classic style will prefer mahogany wooden cabinets, covered with carvings. The atmosphere of the classics will require forging, glass and stained glass. If you want to decorate the interior in the style of “high-tech” or minimalism, you should take care of wall cabinets in the form of a cube with frosted glass and chrome edges..

For information on how to independently attach a wall cabinet using a mounting plate and awnings, see the following video.

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