Hanging chairs

Hanging chairs appeared in the twentieth century and were used to equip summer cottages and country houses, they have not lost their relevance now. They are very popular these days because they can be used to create an elegant interior in any room. Now such pieces of furniture are used to equip not only private houses, but also apartments. Furniture factories present a huge number of models of hanging chairs for every taste. Therefore, it is very important to know how to choose a hanging chair and how to position it correctly in the interior of the house..

What is it and what is the correct name?

A hanging chair is a piece of furniture that is very comfortable in everyday life and interesting in design, which is called differently. Some say it is a cocoon chair, some call it a swing, and some call it cradles. Also, such a piece of furniture was called flying chairs, but the correct name is a hanging chair, while others only reflect its shape or purpose..

Such furniture is a cross between a rocking chair and a lounger, it is a very comfortable piece of furniture..

Such furniture is distinguished by the fact that a suspension is used in its design, which allows the seats to swing according to the principle of a swing.. It is usually attached to a strong chain. The design itself is quite reliable. As a rule, such chairs have a rounded shape, and most of this piece of furniture is closed, but in order not to create the feeling of a closed space, manufacturers make such pieces of furniture from wicker materials. This can create a sense of privacy and comfort. Usually the chair has an openwork design..

There are models that are mounted to the ceiling, and there are options with a stand. The hanging chairs are a very comfortable place to lie down on. All variants of this piece of furniture differ in shape and type of construction; you can not only sit on it, but also swing back and forth, as well as to the sides. If you do not like such swinging chairs, but you want to purchase a suspended version, then you can even find a chair that is fixed to the floor, it creates a slight feeling of weightlessness, but does not swing at all.

Suspended chairs can be made of both hard and soft materials.

Features and Benefits

Modern hanging chairs differ in that they are a modified hammock, which is much more perfect compared to the classic version. These chairs allow you to sit comfortably and relax on them. In such a chair, you can sit wrapped in a blanket and legs tucked in, or you can swing slightly. They are able to bring a sense of comfort and coziness into any interior. You can lie down on it, read a book or watch a movie, and even take a nap..

Modern hanging chairs can be matched to any style of interior design. They are distinguished by their uniqueness, because they can become a highlight of any room, be it a children’s room, a living room or even a bedroom. Such an armchair can be used to decorate a terrace or courtyard, it is perfect for any apartment or house..

Also, the main feature of such chairs is that they can be easily made to order, while choosing the most beautiful and interesting weaving that the master will make for you..

Such a chair can emphasize the high social status of its owner. It is perfect for evening relaxation, usually with pillows or bedspreads placed on it, so you can comfortably relax and warm in it on cold evenings. Such chairs have some drawbacks – hanging models are mounted to the ceiling, so it will be a little problematic to move it. If you decide to move it, for this you will need to dismantle.

In addition, it cannot be attached to a stretch or false ceiling..

But there are also models of chairs that have a separate support-rack.. They are quite easy to move to absolutely any part of the room; they are distinguished by their versatility. In winter, such pieces of furniture can be placed indoors, and in summer they can be placed on a veranda or in a gazebo..

Mechanism types

There are several types of hanging chairs, which differ in the type of mechanisms. The most standard is the version in the form of a rocking chair, fixed on chains. The chair itself is hooked to chains, which in turn are attached to a rack or mounted to the ceiling. The option without a stand is not portable, it will be rather difficult to dismantle it later. A bean bag chair can also be suspended, it is very soft and comfortable and is a soft pillow in the shape of a bag. It also has a hook and chain mechanism..

Some chairs are fixed to both the floor and the ceiling, they are the most reliable. These are models with a leg, which have a spring, balance in an original way, without creating the feeling of a swing, but the suspension mechanism remains.

Chair-baskets have a similar design, but a slightly different frame, they have a beautiful weaving, they can also have an interesting fastening not only in the form of chains. A hanging chaise longue chair is very unusual.. It is a rather long lounger that has a suspended structure. Usually these are plastic models on which you can relax even and take a nap.

Macrame models are very popular.. These are chairs, the frame of which is made of a beautiful openwork weave of thick threads and ropes. These weaving chairs look like beautiful lace, they can even be made with your own hands. Such an interesting design will skillfully fit into the interior of any room and become its decoration..


Usually, a rigid-frame suspended chair has a specific shape, the most popular being the cocoon. Its peculiarity is that the inner oval space is hidden, there you can relax and abstract from external reality. You can sit comfortably in it and plunge into your own thoughts. The cocoon chair has a slightly elongated and narrowed upward shape, and there are a huge number of options: more rounded or more elongated upward chairs.

Today, a popular option is a hanging ball chair.. It is a fully round chair that can be made from a wide variety of materials. Options with a transparent frame look very nice and ergonomic. Such furniture will perfectly fit into any modern style of interior design..

Usually a ball chair has a fairly large depression, so it is also very convenient to plunge into it and relax..

The next option is a drop chair. This is a rather unusual model, which is in the shape of a regular droplet and resembles a children’s wicker hut, in which there is a small window. You can hide in it, because the upper body will not be visible at all, retire and relax. Some manufacturers make baby drop chairs with doors in which toddlers can hide and play. Such a chair is able to immerse you in a fabulous atmosphere..

A hanging chair-bowl is also very relevant. This is a very convenient design, which is quite popular, because this shape fits perfectly into any interior. The bowl is quite open, it is very convenient to sit in it and do reading.

Dimensions (edit)

Suspended chairs, depending on their design, can have completely different sizes. Portable models are more massive, as they have a stand from 1.5 to 2 meters. There are also two-seater models – this is a rather wide armchair, on which it is fashionable to sit, swinging, together. Narrow single structures are less massive, their width is about 70-100 cm.

Such furniture also varies in depth. A standard chair has a depth of 50 cm, it is very comfortable to sit on it, but there are also deeper models that are also designed for the fact that you can climb into such a chair with your legs tucked and sitting comfortably.

As a rule, the child’s hanging chair is smaller compared to the classic models, it has a compact design. But there is also a double child seat, which can easily fit two babies. Such models are very often purchased for arranging a nursery, so that children can relax and swing with their friends..

Materials (edit)

Manufacturers offer chairs from the following materials:

  • The most reliable is considered forged hanging chair. Such a swing has a very reliable and durable metal frame, which inside has a soft filling in the form of blankets, pillows or bedspreads. The metal chair is the most reliable and comfortable, despite the rigid frame, because it is quite stable and does not bend under the weight of a person. The structure itself in all cases is made of metals, but the chair can be both hard and soft.
  • Models are very popular, made of fabric that resemble hanging hammocks. This is a separate type of such furniture, which is made of durable synthetic fabrics that do not stretch very much under load..

  • A plastic chair can be quite interesting.. Usually these are interesting colored models, but transparent plastic chairs are also very popular because they look original. The trampoline model is very unusual. This swing is perfect for a child’s room, the soft filling is very comfortable. There are also beautiful models, the frame of which is made of strong and thick threads. Such a knitted chair looks very elegant and sophisticated..
  • The most common are models made rattan and vine, they are quite reliable and durable, they are comfortable to sit on. In addition, these materials are not strongly exposed to external influences, so such pieces of furniture can be placed on a loggia or on a veranda..

Color solutions

Suspended chairs can be very diverse:

  • For children’s rooms select the brightest and most stylish solutions that are distinguished by rich colors. As a rule, these are green, yellow, red hanging chairs..
  • For bedroom or living room select models made in calmer colors, a wicker white hanging chair looks very stylish, it can fit into a bright living room.
  • The most popular are pendant models in natural wood color.. These can be light or dark brown wicker chairs. Black or dark gray models also look very stylish. These colors are able to give rigor to such a piece of furniture and such chairs look very elegant..

  • Very beautiful is the white and red decoration of the hanging chair, which is usually decorated with bright red pillows.. This is a very interesting color scheme. Also, hay-colored materials are often used to create such pieces of furniture. These light and at the same time bright products look very stylish and original. There are also colorless transparent pendant models, which are usually made of plastic, while only the frame is painted, which is made in white or black..

If you want a hanging chair to become a highlight of your interior, choose the color of its frame to match the color of blankets, pillows or rugs. Now very fashionable are lilac and blue-lilac tones. Such chairs look very stylish and interesting..

  • Silver and gold colors are also very beautiful.. These hanging chairs look very luxurious and allow you to furnish your home in a very sophisticated way. The most versatile are gray and beige hanging chairs – they are perfect for decorating any room. As a rule, the color of the frame is matched to the color of other furniture, which is located in the same room, so it is better not to install a dark hanging chair in a light room..

In case your room is decorated in dark colors, you can purchase a bright hanging chair that will become a juicy spot that can diversify the interior of the room..

How to choose?

When choosing a hanging chair, you should initially decide which design you prefer. It is known that the chair can be fixed to the ceiling, in this case, installation is carried out, it will not be possible to move it. There are also portable structures, they represent a rack on which such a chair is fixed..

If you want to purchase the most reliable option, which you plan to constantly locate in one place at home, you better give preference to the first model. If you intend to rearrange such furniture from room to room or take it out into the street or veranda, then it is better to choose the second option. In addition, the first option is considered more reliable, it has high-quality fasteners, it is quite difficult to break it..

Also, when choosing a hanging chair, you need to pay attention to the material from which it is made.. It is best to purchase models, the frame and weaving of which are made of natural substances.. If you want to decorate a nursery or a bedroom, then models made from the most environmentally friendly materials – rattan or vines – are best suited for such rooms. If you want to equip the interior of another room in this way, for example, a living room or a kitchen, you can choose something else – options made of plastic or other unnatural materials are suitable, they are also reliable, but not environmentally friendly.

Pay special attention to the material from which the chair is made in case you purchase it for a cold loggia, terrace or veranda. It should be resistant to external factors, it should not care about cold, wind and precipitation. In addition, the materials should not fade, because the rays of the sun can change their external qualities, therefore, you should choose the most durable and little subject to change pieces of furniture..

This is important, since hanging chairs must be durable, because this piece of furniture in the cold season you can bring into the house and enjoy the comfort in it..

There are also pieces of furniture that vary according to the type of load. It will depend on your weight. These showed, too, you need to pay attention for your safety..

A very important factor when choosing such a chair is that it should fit into the interior. An armchair, like any other furniture, must match the design of the room and organically complement it. If you install such a piece of furniture in a small room, for example, in the kitchen or bedroom, it is better to give preference to compact and not flashy options that will look very neat, but at the same time will also attract attention..

In a small room, you should not buy massive pendant models, as this will look ridiculous. Large hanging chairs can be installed in a spacious room, especially for rooms with non-standard high ceilings – furniture in it can be larger, since the room looks wider.

Also, the chairs should be chosen depending on where they will be installed and what they will be used for.. For children’s games, droplet models are best suited, in which the child can hide and go about his business. For living rooms, the most beautiful will be oval chairs, which are shaped like an egg..

If you want to put this piece of furniture in the kitchen, which is decorated in a modern style, you can give preference to hanging options in the shape of a ball, which will have transparent walls..

Also, you need to select such furniture depending on the style in which your interior is made:

  • For rooms decorated country style, wicker models made under a tree are best suited. They will perfectly fit into such a room and will become the highlight of its interior..
  • If you have decorated a room in high-tech style, the models made of plastic and other modern materials are best suited for you..
  • For children’s room it is best to choose small models with a bright design, regardless of how the room is decorated. If the room, be it a bedroom or a nursery, is decorated in the Provence style, you can pick up a white or pale pink hanging chair with a beautiful weaving there, it will perfectly complement such a room. Models from a vine with an artificially aged coating in such a room will look great.

  • If you are going to install such a piece of furniture in the room in retro style, then choose dark and uncomplicated models.
  • There are also armchairs in minimalist style, which have a small number of small parts, usually they are not completely closed, their weaving is not solid, they are distinguished only by the frame and the seat with a low back. They are suitable for decorating a room in the style of Minimalism, and usually these are models of discreet tones that look very interesting.

Examples of location in the interior

Suspended chairs are positioned completely differently. You can install it in a darker, more secluded corner of the room if you only want one chair. In this case, you can use it for privacy and relaxation. If you want to install it in the living room, that is, in the room that is most public, then it is better to place it in the central part near the windows. The most preferable in this case is to install a pair of chairs on both sides of the window..

In the living room, if it is spacious, you can place hanging pieces of furniture in the central part, and you can also place them on the sides of the sofa, this is a very stylish and interesting solution..

Hanging chairs can be installed in any room at home, whether it be a nursery, a bedroom or even a kitchen, if it is quite large in size. In the kitchen, in this way, you can equip a recreation area that will look modern and unusual. The arrangement of such pieces of furniture on the balcony is very interesting. This creates a cozy spot where you can relax together while chatting in the evenings. Suspended models on the insulated balcony can be used at any time of the year, and thanks to the materials from which they are made, the weather conditions will not care for them.

Also, suspended models are most often installed in a conservatory or on a terrace.. Such rooms are usually found in private houses, and these interior items are able to perfectly equip such a room. In the nursery, such hanging furniture can be placed in absolutely any place where it will be convenient for your baby to play. This is usually the play area and should be separated from the sleeping area. Children’s hanging swing chair can decorate your baby’s room and become his favorite secluded place.


Currently, pendant chairs-cocoons are one of the most popular and fashionable pieces of furniture that buyers install in apartments and private homes. Buyers write that having once relaxed in such an armchair in a cafe, in a restaurant or visiting friends, they could not resist and bought themselves the same. Many people write that such hanging products are able to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of childhood, because by design such pieces of furniture resemble a swing..

Also, especially often, such interior items are purchased by owners of private houses, as well as apartments decorated in Country style. All buyers write that this piece of furniture was to the liking of every household. Some parents install such chairs in the children’s room, thereby creating a small and cozy house for their child. They write that children really like to play there, they spend a lot of time there..

Those who like to spend summer evenings reading a book greatly praise such pieces of furniture, because they can be very comfortable to sit in. Most of all, buyers praise portable chairs. They indicate that they can be easily rearranged in any part of the house: in the living room, in the bedroom or on the loggia in the warm season. They love to relax on summer evenings on hanging chairs on their verandas. But many buyers also like the models that are mounted to the ceiling. They write that these are more stable and reliable suspension structures that are distinguished by their durability..

For information on how hanging chairs are made, see the next video..

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