Hanging rattan chairs

Wicker furniture helps people to avoid boredom in the home interior and create additional comfort for people. Recently, hanging rattan chairs have gained particular popularity – beautiful, comfortable and functional.

Guaranteed safe and comfortable stay

Rattan, also known as rattan or kalamus, is the name given to the dried vine stems of a tropical palm tree native to Malaysia and Indonesia. The stems can be up to 300 meters long, and their strength is comparable to that of oak wood.

In addition to natural rattan, recently an artificial material developed by German chemical scientists at the end of the last century – poly- or technoratang – has also been actively used..

The latter is obtained by forcing a synthetic melt through holes of certain sizes. Unlike natural rattan, its artificial counterpart is much cheaper, allows you to make furniture without joints and has a wider palette of colors..

Moreover, both of them have a number of similar features and advantages:

  • increased strength;
  • elasticity;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • aesthetics;
  • resistance to dampness and moisture;
  • durability.

The advantages also include the fact that their operation does not require much effort and time..


A wicker chair made of rattan stalks can “revive” any room, veranda and even a backyard plot, add a zest to any interior. In addition, the rattan hanging chair has a lot of advantages that make it a desirable piece of furniture in an apartment, house or in the country..

Most significant benefits:

  • Amazing comfort. The ability of Calamus to bend and adapt individually to the shape of each person allows both a child and an adult vacationer of any age to sit comfortably and comfortably on the original seat.
  • Practicality. Despite the seeming fragility, objects woven from vines are quite capable of withstanding a weight of up to 120 kg. In the presence of a steel frame in a chair made of natural material and reinforcement from silk threads – from artificial, they can withstand up to 150 kg.
  • Light weight. Wicker seats usually weigh no more than 20 kg, making them easy to hang from a ceiling, a special rack, or tree branches.
  • Easy to use and maintain. It is enough to wipe the furniture with a dry cloth or clean it with a vacuum cleaner. Natural material must be periodically treated with a polishing compound. When used outdoors, it is best to cover it with varnish.
  • Ability to withstand significant loads without violating the integrity and form. Rattan elements do not sag or sag for many years, even with constant use.

  • Durability. The life of the product is about 40 years.
  • Decorativeness. The combination of openwork weaving with the texture of exotic wood makes rattan items an interior decoration.
  • High resistance to scratches and mechanical damage.
  • Security. Due to the design features, there are no sharp corners on it. In addition, there is no risk of splintering or scratching the skin..
  • Excellent moisture resistance, which allows you to hang the seats not only on the balcony or veranda, but also in open areas next to the house.
  • Versatility. A wide assortment allows you to choose an option that will fit into each specific interior without violating the integrity of the overall picture.

In addition, such chairs are non-toxic, can withstand significant temperature changes and do not fade under the influence of ultraviolet radiation..

Variety of models

The range of rattan wicker chairs is wide enough. But in all this diversity, several basic forms can be distinguished:

  • Swing. The seat is attached at two points, which allows it to swing in one plane.
  • Nest. Model with a flat bottom and low braided sides.
  • Egg – hanging round chair, extended vertically. The sides, as a rule, are connected behind the back, forming an integral structure. However, there are also options with wide armrests..
  • Ball – spherical braided product. The main difference from the previous version is the great depth. In the lineup there are specimens intended for two people sitting at the same time..
  • Cocoon – the most closed version, representing a wicker house, which can be entered through a small hole. In such cocoons, you can retire, relax lying or sitting, and even work..

Chairs are also subdivided according to the method of their suspension. They can be attached to a special rack or suspended from a ceiling beam or any other mount. At the same time, at the request of the owners, they can swing in almost any direction – from side to side, back and forth, and even diagonally.

In addition, any hanging chair can be easily transformed into a stationary one. Just install it on a sturdy floor frame.


The history of hanging seats, including rattan ones, began a little more than 60 years ago, but they quickly gained popularity and firmly entered the life of people. Currently, the demand for them continues to grow.. At the same time, the most popular are:

  • Fresco series from a Chinese manufacturer. All items included in the series are made of polirotang and fixed to a steel frame. At the same time, the options differ from each other in color, size and shape. So, model 14 is shaped like a pear, and 24 is a classic one with regular shapes. A characteristic feature of the latter is a narrow, graceful back. Model 42 is a ball, the top of which is slightly pointed, which makes it more original and elegant. A set of three chairs of various sizes from this manufacturer is also in great demand..

  • Product “Mebellic”, similar to an openwork graceful ball. One of the five best and most original wicker interior items.
  • Chinese model “Egg” on a hanger made of red painted steel (frame) and natural rattan (back and seat). The exoticism of the model is added by a combination of various types of weaving and a combination of palm twigs of different colors..
  • Indonesian variants of “Egg”, which are offered in various designs. Their main difference lies in the weaving technique – from simple large-mesh to openwork with complex patterns.

  • Classic “Cand” – another gift for lovers of comfortable outdoor recreation and original interior in the house from Chinese manufacturers. Its characteristic feature is a high back, hanging over the head and protecting from hot sunlight.
  • Model “Dream” – a product of a domestic company. Created in the shape of an egg with a combined weave, wide inner armrests and a contrasting design of the frame.

  • “Ledi” – a classic of the genre. Suspended rocking chair made of artificial material. Equipped with armrests and a narrow, curved back.
  • Model “Catherine” – a romantic getaway for two. An original solution for couples in love.

A wide variety of shapes and colors allows the use of hanging objects in the interior of any direction – from strict classics to modern style.

At the same time, lovers of originality and hand-made products may well make rattan hanging furniture with their own hands, having mastered a simple weaving technique. To do this, it will be enough to purchase a natural or artificial material that is supplied in coils and can be segments of a circle, thread or tape..

See the video for the principle of making rattan furniture..

Selection Tips

Despite the positive qualities of palm rods and polirotanga, the comfort and durability of the “airy” wicker chair largely depends on the quality of weaving and assembly. Therefore, when choosing this piece of furniture, you must carefully approach its inspection – all parts of the weaving must be intact, without tears, breaks and other defects.

The degree of seat stiffness depends entirely on the preferences of the buyer, however, the most optimal is an elastic chair..

To assess comfort, as well as to check the balance and quality of fasteners and connections, it is worth trying to sit in a chair. If at the same time it is beveled in one direction, it does not keep its balance well enough or staggers at the joints, then it is not worth buying such a product – it will not last long. And there can be no talk of any comfort in such an armchair..

When examining, you should pay special attention to the frame – it must be strong, but light. Regarding the weight of the product, it must be borne in mind that pieces of furniture made of artificial material are heavier than those made from natural.

Another nuance that should be taken into account when buying is the parameters of the chair. They must correspond to the type of figure of the future owner. After all, it is intended for rest and relaxation, which means that it should be as comfortable as possible..


Most of the buyers of pendant calamus products leave extremely positive reviews about their purchases, noting that they are quickly becoming a favorite vacation spot for all family members. For children, these original chairs are great entertainment, and for adults – a comfortable and cozy corner where you can retire, take a nap, read a book and even work..

One of the main advantages noted by the happy owners of palm-tree furniture is its versatility and mobility. If desired, it can be hung in the room, in the yard or on the veranda on a warm summer day..

Consumers also note that even after several seasons on the street rattan chairs remain as elastic, durable and comfortable as on the day of purchase. And, of course, such important qualities of products as safety, which is especially relevant in families with small children, and hypoallergenicity, are not ignored..

In addition, a lot of enthusiasm is caused by the fact that this piece of furniture can organically fit into any interior – that is, your favorite chair will remain in the house even after cardinal design changes..

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