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In the Middle Ages, the sleeping place was placed high. This was a necessity, since it was quite cool in the castles. But even now the high bed is popular, however, the purpose of the height has changed. Why do you need a high bed and how to correctly fit such a bed into the interior of the bedroom, let’s try to figure it out.


The tall bed setting is not as popular as, say, the catwalk, but it has its fans. It takes a certain amount of courage to use such an attribute. It should be noted that the height of the bed, at which the bed is considered high, must be at least 80 centimeters..

A high bed has a number of features that should be taken into account when setting this attribute of furniture:

  • For small bedrooms, it is very important to have additional storage space, and the high bed allows it. The large space below makes it possible to place various boxes there, not only for bedding, but also much more. But at the same time, it should be remembered that by installing such a bed with a berth for one person, you visually reduce the room..
  • High bed adds pomp to the interior, therefore, the objects around it must also match.
  • She does not let the draft, which usually pulls on the bottom, fall into the sleeping place, which makes sleeping on cold nights more comfortable.

  • In addition, it will be an ideal sleeping place for the elderly.. To lie on it or stand up, you will have to make a minimum of effort. But such a bed is hardly suitable for people who like to move furniture often. This is due to the fact that this product has considerable weight and it is very problematic to move it..
  • Also, a high bed can make the room darker., therefore, it is better to install it in a bedroom with a large window or with light walls, preferring the light color of this furniture attribute.

Materials (edit)

The high bed can be made of different materials:

  • Solid wood. Perhaps this is the highest priority material for the manufacture of beds, including high ones. This is due to the fact that this material is warm and always gives comfort to the interior in which it is installed. In addition, it is environmentally friendly, no harmful substances are used in its production. The tree, whatever species it is, is completely hypoallergenic. The service life of wooden products is quite long. They are not afraid of moisture and can be easily restored. The cost of products made of natural wood is not small, not everyone can afford to purchase a high bed made of this material

  • Chipboard (laminated chipboard). This is a cheaper analogue of natural wood. They are made from fine dispersion residues from the woodworking industry. With the help of formaldehyde resins, the sawdust is glued together and pressed into plates. Such material is much cheaper than solid wood. But he is very afraid of moisture. It cannot be used to make carvings. In addition, unscrupulous manufacturers use low-quality resins, and over time, this material begins to release toxic substances, which can lead to an allergic reaction or other health problems..

  • Wood veneer. This material is also an imitation of natural wood, but unlike the previous sample, no toxic substances are used in its production. Products made from this material can also be restored if the need arises..

  • Metal. Tall beds made of this material also exist. On high legs, with all kinds of forged monograms, they become the accent of the interior. Metal is also an environmentally friendly material that allows you to make a unique design of the headboard. In addition, it is not picky about the level of humidity and ambient temperature, it is durable. But he’s cold. Not everyone will be comfortable sleeping on a bed like this..

There are bed samples that combine several of the materials listed here. So, the combination of solid wood and metal makes tall beds even more original. And the replacement of some parts of the wooden bed with veneer or chipboard significantly reduces the cost of the structure.

What styles does it suit?

A high bed is an attribute around which there should be an appropriate interior:

  • Most often, this bed is installed when decorating a room. in turkish style. For this, the bed is equipped with high uprights with a canopy, and the headboard is decorated with carvings. It is also good if there are many pillows on the bed and the bedspread is decorated with tassels..

  • For Country style a bed with an increased height is also appropriate. In this case, the design of the bed is performed in a more ascetic form. The priority material here is wood..

  • She will also fit for romantic Provence. In this case, you need to choose models of light shades and a fabric headboard in a flower. Forged elements with all kinds of curls will also be relevant here..

  • For a room decorated American style, tall beds with a solid design will do. Strict forms of a headboard made of wood, upholstered in leather without the use of boutonnieres – these are the main features of the bed for this style..

  • In Classicism you can also use a high bed. Choosing a king size bed, and a frame made of natural wood, you will create a real royal bed in your bedroom.


There are many models of tall beds on the domestic market. Here are some of the more original ones:

  • One of the types of tall beds for children is the attic.. This model allows you to place not only drawers under the bed, but also hide a desk or organize a playhouse..

  • Chrome bed in a modern style will decorate your bedroom: a high leather headboard with a coach tie, shiny supports for a canopy, not decorated with fabric – all this will add novelty and extravagance to the interior in the good sense of the word.

  • High bed made of natural wood with an untreated texture. Downstairs there is a fairly large storage system with drawers and shelves. A great option for equipping a country-style bedroom

  • Metal headboard and footboard, Coated with matt silver, it gives a high sleeping place lightness and weightlessness. A great option for a high-tech bedroom.

How to choose?

When choosing a high bed, the most important thing is not to forget that this furniture attribute, first of all, is designed to ensure a comfortable sleep. Try to lie down on a bed, check if it is convenient for you to get out of such a bed and lie down on it.

If you are fans of Feng Shui, then buying a bed with drawers at the bottom, according to this “science”, is not worth it. Here it is better to give preference to furniture with high legs so that the air can easily circulate at the bottom of the bed. In this case, the distance from the floor to the bed frame can be hidden with a suitable bedspread..

If, on the contrary, you are considering the choice of this attribute of furniture with additional storage systems, you should not forget about allocating space for opening the drawers. If this is not possible, it is worth considering models where the places for placing things are under the bed for sleeping, and the mattress can be easily reclined with the help of a gas lift..

If you have chosen a model that is too high, then immediately get a stepladder, which will not only make it easier for you to get up on the bed, but will also become an original accessory in the interior of the room..

Whichever high bed you choose, it will definitely become an accent of the interior and help to create an unforgettable design in your bedroom..


You can learn how to make a high bed with your own hands from the following video.

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