How to choose a table?

How to choose a table?

The table is an integral part of any interior. Moreover, in an average apartment or house, a table is usually used not one, but several at once. For example, there are dining tables, desks, coffee tables, as well as models that are placed in the hallway or on the loggia. It is very important that this piece of furniture combines practicality, functionality and organically fits into the interior of the room. Before choosing a table, you need to decide, for what purposes do you need it, and also consider which models are best suited for a particular interior.

Types and names

Modern tables are extremely varied. If you are furnishing a new apartment or house, chances are you will need several tables. They should be distinguished by their function. Most often, the following types of products are needed in the house:

  • Dinner table Is an integral part of any kitchen-dining room. In modern interiors, sometimes this option is replaced with a bar counter, but it is in many ways less convenient and serves only to save space. Classic dining tables remain the most popular. In the conditions of a small room, folding models or options with drawers and shelves for kitchen utensils are often chosen.

If you have a lot of space, you can put a fairly large classic table on one leg in the middle..


  • Desk – this is another thing that is often required in apartments. They are usually bought for schoolchildren and students who need a place to study. Also, this option is suitable for people working at home – for these purposes, they often equip a separate study room or allocate a special place in the living room or bedroom. Usually these are comfortable rectangular tables with four legs, but there are also the most unexpected modern models..

  • Special computer tables are also popular. Usually they have a side place for the computer system unit. The monitor, mouse, camera and speakers are located directly on the table surface, and a roll-out platform is provided for the keyboard. For laptops, such special models are unnecessary – they are often placed on ordinary desks.


  • Coffee table also often found in modern interiors. Usually it is placed in the living room or on the loggia. Transparent glass tables are very popular now – they look stylish, elegant and fit perfectly into almost any setting. It should be borne in mind that the glass will require regular maintenance. Precisely due to the fact that stains are very easily formed on a transparent surface, many prefer more classic options – for example, wooden or plastic models.

  • Built-in tables – this is a good solution for small-sized apartments in which maximum space saving is important. The table can often be built into a secretaire, a window sill, or recline directly from the wall. This is a practical solution that will allow you to place the table as compactly as possible..

Most often, desks are placed in this way, however, dining models sometimes turn out to be built-in – for example, this is extremely important for a small kitchen.


  • Often they acquire special models for aquariums. Aquariums built into tables look very stylish in the interior. Most often these are glass models, sometimes they have a frame made of wood or plastic. Manufacturers now offer fish lovers a huge variety of models. You can choose a low coffee table, at the base of which there will be an aquarium, or, conversely, a classic high desk, in which the aquarium is placed on the back wall..

  • The table turns out to be necessary and In bathroom, to store hygiene items, cosmetics and personal items. Nowadays, bathroom sink tables with castors and chrome legs are in demand. Transparent tables can also look great, and lovers of the classics will appreciate the variety of modern marble models. Often, tables in the bathroom are laid out with tiles or mosaics. Wooden options in a wet room are not very practical and are extremely rare..

  • Often small items are placed in the hall. Such models are more decorative than practical. Various stylish wooden options are popular, as well as wrought-iron miniature tables with stained glass.

Materials (edit)

It is necessary to distinguish between tables and materials. It is from what the table is made of that its durability, beauty and ease of care will depend.. Consider the following popular options:

  • Wooden tables – an integral part of country and colonial style interiors. They can be smooth or carved. Recently, designers are increasingly moving away from the classics and offering the most unusual forms, so that a wooden table can even fit into a modern interior. It is a durable material that does not require much maintenance.

Tables made of wenge wood are especially appreciated now – this is a particularly valuable breed, which is distinguished by a dark multifaceted color..

  • Chipboard models cheaper than natural wood. Desks and models for a computer or an aquarium are often made of such material. Chipboard options are very inexpensive, and they can look quite stylish, but over time you will inevitably encounter surface damage, and the model or its individual parts will have to be replaced.

  • Tables made of plastic and acrylic stone are also popular. These are relatively inexpensive materials that can be easily shaped into any desired color and shape. Most often, this is done by built-in models, coffee tables or countertops in the kitchen..
  • Stone tables popular in classic interiors. Such a design idea will cost a lot, but the appearance of such models will meet all expectations. Often, such tables are made of marble – it looks great in the interior, requires almost no maintenance and remains in its original form for decades.

  • Glass tables most often accompanied by a wrought iron or wood frame. Glass can be transparent, stained glass options are also popular now. Such models can look great in a variety of interiors, but they will require careful handling and regular maintenance..
  • Ceramic tiled table – This is an option that is in demand for placement in a bathroom, hallway or on a loggia. These are durable designs that look very stylish. At the same time, dirt can accumulate in the seams between the tiles, so wet cleaning will need to be done regularly.

Dimensions (edit)

The size of the table should be chosen carefully. They should depend on the footage of your room, as well as the number of family members and the purposes for which you purchase the table. Only coffee tables can be very miniature – their sizes are sometimes limited to 40 cm in diameter. If only a cup of coffee is supposed to be placed on the surface, this is quite convenient. If you want to store some things on the coffee table, it is better to choose a slightly larger model..

The dining table should be large enough. Even in a small kitchen, the countertop should be at least 70 cm in length, otherwise it will simply be inconvenient. The most optimal size for a table is considered to be 100×70 cm..

Most of the standard products are roughly similar in size. If the family is large or you like to invite a lot of guests, you can consider folding tables..

Desks are both large and small, but they are rarely made less than 50 cm. Usually they are rectangular or square. A small desk is suitable for schoolchildren for study, but students and people working from home usually choose wider and more convenient models on which you can place books, folders with papers, and a laptop or tablet..

Computer tables are usually medium in size. They should be free to accommodate a keyboard, monitor, speakers, and there should also be enough space for a computer mouse. The width of such tables usually reaches 60 cm, and the length is 80-90 cm..

Decorative options, models for aquariums or built-in products are often made to order – their size should depend solely on your needs. They can be long and narrow or round and high – the main thing is that the solution is practical and fits into the interior.


The color of any objects in a room setting is of decisive importance. The first thing that catches your eye when looking at a room is its color scheme. Usually, for large tables, rather restrained colors are chosen, and if you chose a miniature table, it can become a bright accent in your interior. It should also be borne in mind that light shades visually make the table look larger and the room more spacious.

All kinds of wooden models or chipboard options, stylized as wood, are popular. It can be both light beige shades and brownish walnut colors or completely dark wood species – for example, wenge, which is fashionable and popular now. Should choose, based on your interior.

Do not be afraid to combine wooden furniture of different colors in one room – often it will only look even more interesting.

White tables can perfectly fit into modern interiors. Materials can vary – these models are made from painted wood, plastic, acrylic stone or marble. For light interiors, as well as for small rooms, a white table may be the best solution. It will fit into a classic, modern, minimalist or even country-style setting. However, it is worth considering that a white table will get dirty more often and will require careful maintenance, especially if you choose a glossy surface..

Black tables are relevant mainly for modern interiors. Such models look great for a computer, as well as coffee tables. Forged black tables with stained glass or mosaic inserts are widespread. Also, a black table can be made of plastic or stone..

Tables in pastel colors are often used in a wide variety of interiors. Sometimes the wood is painted in pale blue, pink or ocher shades, sometimes stone or plastic tables are made like that. Such a neutral option will fit into any environment and give the house a cosiness..

Unlike white, light shades of other colors look more interesting, and it will be much easier to care for such furniture..

Bright models will become an accent in the interior and will diversify the atmosphere. Modern tables can be anything you want – red, blue, yellow, raspberry or green. The main thing is that the shade fits harmoniously into the space of your room. Small tables are mostly chosen in bright colors – for example, a coffee table, models for an aquarium, tables in the bathroom.

The form

The shape of the table is also important. It plays an aesthetic role – in some interiors a round or smooth tabletop looks better, and in others – rectangular models with a rough texture or carved patterns.

Round tables are extremely common. These can be both dining models and coffee or even desks. They will look good both in classic and in quite modern interiors – it all depends on the color and material. A dining or writing round table can be relatively large, while miniature models are usually used for other purposes. Often there are also folding options, from which you can make an oval by inserting one fragment in the middle.

Rectangular tables look simpler, but they are also more versatile – they can be seen even in country-style apartments, as well as in many other modern and classic interiors. The main advantage is that it is convenient to put such tables against the wall – this allows you to significantly save space. Also for work, the rectangular version is most convenient – so you can easily reach with your hand to any things lying on the table.

Square options are slightly less popular. They are not as practical as rectangular models, but they can look extremely interesting. Often, such solutions are chosen for modern furnishings. Square can be a table in the bathroom, a coffee table, a table on the loggia or in the hallway.

Sometimes there are tables of unusual shapes. For example, it can be an irregular polygon, streamlined oval, triangle, or trapezoid. Such ideas will be appreciated by lovers of modern eclectic environments. It is also an excellent option for a youth apartment..


The design of modern tables is extremely varied. On order, a model can be made for you that fully corresponds to your wishes in color, shape, size and materials used. At the same time, even in the assortment of furniture stores, among all the variety, you can find options that fit perfectly into a variety of environments..

Among the popular options made from natural wood, models with carved patterns are very often found. They are suitable for modern apartments as well as country and trendy colonial décor..

Usually, carved patterns are used to decorate the base of the table, legs or the edge of the tabletop itself. High-quality models may not be too cheap, but a beautiful wooden table with a carved pattern is durable and beautiful furniture that will serve you for decades..

Often there are ordinary tables or carved tables with curved legs. In this case, the material can be almost anything. These legs give the model a special grace and sophistication. They are equally organically combined with both oval and rectangular or square countertops..

A practical option may be to design a model with lockers. They make kitchen tables, desks, models for the bathroom or hallway. Built-in drawers maximize space saving and have everything you need close at hand.

The drawers can be inconvenient only on small models – sometimes the legs can rest against them. If you are looking for a medium-sized product, it will be possible to place several functional cabinets there..

Unusual are gaining popularity now tables 3d. These are models that have a mirror surface of the table top and bright lighting around the perimeter..

They are often chosen for modern interiors; they can become a highlight even in the simplest room setting. It should be borne in mind that it will not be very convenient to dine or work at such a bright luminous table. The backlight can be turned off, getting a regular glass table. Nevertheless, such 3d models are much more expensive than simple glass tables, so many refuse them due to lack of functionality.

Traditional motives are often found in modern design. For example, furniture painted in Khokhloma style is now in vogue. At the same time, such tables are purchased not only for children’s rooms or for traditional country-style interiors – they look great in the most modern interiors. Connoisseurs of eclecticism will surely love the unusual painted patterns combined with the Art Nouveau furnishings..


When choosing the right option, it is extremely important to decide on the style:

  • Models in classic style usually made of natural stone or wood. They have a smooth surface and the legs are usually slightly curved. Most often these are models with minimal decorations..

  • An abundance of small decorative elements are distinguished by tables in the style baroque. Often such models are decorated with gilding and are quite expensive. In addition, it is these options that will look good only if the entire interior is designed in the Baroque style. In combination with other styles, such furniture usually looks out of place..

  • Variants in romantic style usually have light shades, are made of stone or plastic and resemble classic models. The only difference is that the shapes of such tables are softer and more streamlined. In general, they look lighter and more graceful..
  • Carved wooden tables are most often found colonial style. Wood shades should be chosen mostly dark. In the country style, simpler forms of wooden models are usually chosen, however, carved models or painted countertops are also found. At the same time, this style leaves more room for design imagination – almost any shape and combination of various types of wood are permissible.

  • In style modern preference is given to rectangular tables made of a wide variety of materials. Interesting modern tables are found within the minimalism style. They are distinguished by their monotonous coloration, surface smoothness and the absence of small details. Moreover, the shape of such models can be very stylish and unusual..

Which to choose?

Choosing the right model can be tricky. Buying should be guided by the following criteria:

  • Consider how the table will blend in with the rest of the furniture. It is not at all necessary that the furniture match tone on tone and have the same ornament, but there should be no dissonance. Sometimes it is worth taking a beautiful table and chair together so that they complement each other..
  • Practicality is extremely important in choosing a model. Based on the number of people in the family and the purposes for which you buy the product – which size is better, do you need cabinets, whether it will be convenient to wipe dust from the table.
  • For a small space, folding rectangular tables with cabinets may be suitable. In a spacious room, you can think less about saving space..

Advantages and disadvantages

Of course, each model has both advantages and disadvantages.. The following nuances should be considered before buying:

  • Stone tables are durable but expensive. In addition, they will not fit into any interior, and you will not be able to move them at your own discretion too often..
  • Natural wood options also do not have a low price. Moreover, they are easily damaged or scratched, which is why many people prefer to use tablecloths. Also, the colors of natural wood do not differ in variety, and painted surfaces require special care..

  • Chipboard models look good and are cheap, but they are extremely short-lived..
  • Plastic products can look interesting in combination with an unusual design, but also this surface will not last you long..
  • Glass models look elegant and fit into any interior, but you will have to wipe the surface daily.

Famous manufacturers and reviews

When choosing, it is also important to pay attention to the manufacturer. pay attention to the following famous brands:

  • Furniture factory “Normis” is a well-known manufacturer of tables in Russia. In the assortment you can find models for a wide variety of purposes from wood, glass, plastic and chipboard. Buyers mark a wide range and different price categories.
  • The firm “Severnaya Dvina” in Russia specializes in the production of wooden tables – you can find both painted models and options in natural colors. In the assortment you can find very unusual design products.

  • Quality wooden tables can be purchased from the Pandrev brand. This is Belarusian furniture, which is distinguished by its quality and low prices..
  • Interesting models are produced by the IB Gallery brand in Italy. They will appeal to lovers of non-standard design solutions..
  • The Finnish factory Erimex produces high-quality and inexpensive tables that meet practical needs and are designed with care for maximum comfort and functionality..

Contemporary examples and variants

It is very important that your new table fits harmoniously into the already existing environment of the apartment. A square dining table for a small family can become a versatile product in the interior by the window.

Such a solution will make the kitchen very cozy, as well as save space, because often the space near the window opening is not used in any way..

An oval or round dining table in a large kitchen is best placed using only one half of the room. So you can visually divide the space into a dining room and a cooking area..

Stylish home furnishings do not have to be exactly the same color and shape, but it is important that all products have something in common. Usually it is material, decorative elements or general design concept. For example, a light wood side table with a smooth surface will match smooth dark wood furniture..

Decorative interior models can become bright accents in the interior. If the situation in a spacious room is too monotonous, a bright table made of plastic or stained glass will make the space more comfortable.

For information on how to choose the right table and chairs, see the next video..

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