How to choose sun loungers?

An indispensable attribute of country relaxation and relaxation by the pool is a chaise-longue chair. Many Russians dream all year long about how they will bask in the suburban area in the summer, sunbathing or fleeing in the shade from the heat. In fact, the scope of this piece of furniture is much wider, and this is what this article is about..


What is it and what it looks like?

A chaise longue is an elongated recliner with a high back and armrests designed for relaxation. They appeared in France and became popular in the 18th century, when it became fashionable to receive guests sitting in a sun lounger. Secular ladies sported graceful positions and designs of chairs, therefore, since then, a chaise longue as a household item is considered inherent in the homes of noble and wealthy gentlemen..

A standard modern chaise longue chair should be able to assume three positions: reclining, reclining and sitting. This makes the chaise longue more functional. Then it will be possible to sleep or sunbathe on it, read your favorite book or chat with friends..

The backrest position is changed due to the grooves in the back of the chair, and the seat rests on reclining legs. In innovative models, you don’t even have to get up from your seat to change the position of the headboard – there are special levers for this.

Household models are usually non-folding. You can only sit or lie on them.. This is why this piece is often considered a luxury item and is positioned in luxurious classic and Baroque interiors..

Features and Benefits

Sun loungers and sun loungers are often confused with each other. They have a lot in common in appearance and design. But there are also differences.

The chaise longue has a backrest height, like an ordinary chair – about 45 cm. It is usually wide 60 cm. Since a person usually sits in a reclining chaise lounge, his head rests on the back, which is very comfortable.

The lounger is lower – the height of the back is only 35 cm, but it is slightly wider. This feature is due to the fact that the main functions of these two types of furniture are different: the lounger is intended not only for relaxing and sunbathing, but also as a portable bed for hot summer nights.

Its backrest can be folded back completely for a perfectly flat sleeping surface.


Although a designer chaise longue is capable of decorating any interior of any home or garden, it looks model can in different ways:

  • Some options for giving or relaxing by the water have the simplest design, like a folding chair, and are only a functional element, no more. These are portable models on wheels that are easy to move or hide in the closet for the winter.
  • When choosing sun loungers for a garden or a beach it is worth paying attention on a model with a visor. They protect against sunstroke and make sun exposure more comfortable and safe..

  • Those of the sun loungers that have side cabinet, can be easily transformed into ordinary chairs. The stool can simply stand next to the chair or be attached. Such options are often purchased for the office, study and home. As a rule, they are made of more expensive materials and have a presentable appearance..

  • For installation on a site outside the city, such an unusual option as hanging sun lounger-swing. It is made of rattan, has a steel frame and is equipped with a mattress that is extremely resistant to moisture. Mounts are installed on one point of support to make the swing of the rocking chair as comfortable as possible.

  • Expensive models wicker rattan sun loungers can have a variety of original shapes and are close to sofas in quality. In particular, it looks very unusual round sun lounger with sun shade and large soft mattress.

Such a chaise longue is capable of sheltering two or three people and, if necessary, can serve as a full-fledged bed in the fresh air. There is nothing better than sleeping under a starry sky, being blown by a warm breeze..

  • You can take a closer look at others models for two, which are suitable for spending time together with a loved one or a child.

  • Many sun loungers have a table included, which is either part of the design or purchased separately. The presence of a table is very convenient, because you can put drinks on it or put the necessary things, for example, a book or a mobile phone.

Of course, you can put all this on the floor, but this is not so convenient. You can accidentally step on the phone or the glass hidden in the grass if the sun lounger is installed outside. So buying a table will help protect yourself from many troubles..

  • In addition to universal models for all ages, there are children’s sun loungers. They are designed for children 6-12 months old and can serve as both a resting place and a crib. Such models are designed to make life easier for moms and dads, so they are equipped with a vibration pumping mechanism that automatically reacts to the baby’s anxiety. Accessory blocks can be selected. Among the most popular are a musical set, lighting, an arc with toys. The seats are equipped with belts to ensure the safety of the child. However, do not leave him alone in the chair..

In addition, it is not recommended to keep children in it for more than 2-4 hours a day. Even the most modern armchair will not replace a growing person with movement and discovery of the world..

  • I must say that motion sickness mechanisms can be accompanied by adult models. Structures are divided into two types: those that swing due to design features, for example, on runners, and electronic versions with vibration. The choice depends on personal preference. It should be borne in mind that over time, the batteries will have to be replaced in the electronic sun lounger..

  • Besides, the chaise longue can be in the form of a swing. The seat is suspended on a sturdy frame and resembles a hammock.

Materials (edit)

The material from which the chaise longue is made can be any. First of all, you should pay attention to the frame. It can be made of wood. Such a chaise longue will look good in the garden, against the backdrop of nature. If the wood is of high quality, then such a piece of furniture will last a long time. However, you should not place it for a long time in the vicinity of water bodies, since moisture and wind together are destructive for wood. It should be borne in mind that the most resistant type of wood to such an effect is oak with a special varnish coating..

Sun loungers that are not inferior in appearance to products from furniture factories can be made by hand. For example, from pallets – wooden pallets that are used when moving goods. This will require two pallets, a screwdriver, a saw, sandpaper, a hammer, a nailer, screws for fastening and materials for processing the finished product – varnish and paint.

Manufacturing technology:

  • Pallets need to be disassembled, taking out nails with a nailer. The boards will be used in the future to make the back and seat..

  • Two planks should serve as the base of the sun lounger. They must be placed parallel to each other at such a distance as the chair should be. About 7 boards should be attached to the base. A couple of other planks need to be sawn in half to get the rear legs. The front legs should be made in a similar way and screwed to the base, reinforced with a transverse board.
  • Two boards that will serve as the basis for the back, fastened on the sides already the resulting structure at the desired angle. Then transverse strips are also screwed to them..
  • It remains only to cover the resulting chair with varnish and paint. This must be done immediately so that the product will serve for a long time..

Other materials for manufacturing are:

  • Mixed variants are common with frame made of aluminum or plastic and top covering made of wood, textile. These chairs are durable and comfortable. They weigh a little, most often they are foldable, they are easy to rearrange from place to place.
  • An option in which it is difficult to identify any shortcomings is rattan. This is the same natural material as the usual wood, because it is obtained from tropical liana that grows in Southeast Asia. Due to the humid climate prevailing in this region, the tree does not rot in moisture, and is also unusually resistant to pests and harmful microorganisms. Its porous structure is shock-absorbing and easy to process. Products made from this material have various, sometimes completely unexpected shapes, so they always look stylish and fashionable..

Rattan products are often made using the weaving technique. It not only looks beautiful, but is also comfortable and beneficial for the back..

  • Products can be made from cleaned and unrefined wood. In the first case, the bark is removed from the vines and a smooth stem is obtained, which is folded over for the frame or from which fibers are extracted for weaving. Uncleaned items are less flexible and the surface is rough and uneven to the touch. Sometimes, from an aesthetic point of view, this is even a plus. Such products are usually coated with dark varnish so as not to focus on surface imperfections. Both materials are beautiful and environmentally friendly, but the second option is significantly cheaper..
  • Rattan can be not only natural, but also artificial. Synthetic material costs almost twice as much due to its miraculous properties. It is surprisingly resistant to harmful effects and is more durable than natural. In addition, it is made from recycled materials, is environmentally friendly and completely safe for health..

  • Plastic products are an economical option for summer cottages or recreation by the water. The required care for them is minimal. They are not afraid of moisture or pollution. They are usually quite light, have a folding mechanism and are equipped with wheels, so they are mobile and do not take up much space during storage. Plastic design options for the home can look extraordinarily stylish. In addition, wood options with soft-filled textile cushions are popular. Massive sun loungers with leather upholstery look luxurious.

To make a plastic or wooden deck chair more comfortable, you can put a soft mattress on top of the appropriate size. Most often they have special ties or Velcro fasteners to prevent the mattress from slipping. If they are not there, it is easy to sew them with your own hands..

  • Stretch textiles is a suitable material for a sun lounger or lounger. It is better if the fabric is thick cotton or linen. They are the most pleasant to the body, absorb sweat well, and are non-toxic. Be careful with synthetic materials, as they are not always safe. In addition, such fabric sticks to the body and spoils the impression of rest..

Color solutions

If you wish, you can pick up a chaise longue of any color. Beach and country plastic sun loungers are most often white, but you can choose any color options, for example, green, red or blue.

Upholstery for home and fabric sun loungers offers even more variety. Pink, purple, lemon shades are popular for these models, as well as variegated fabrics.


Dimensions (edit)

On average, a chaise longue is about 45-50 cm high and 60 cm wide if it is designed for one.

Chaise lounges for two are from 100 cm wide. Often in the middle of the chaise longue there is a restrictive armrest or a mini-table on which you can put drinks. Height may vary.

Round sun loungers are marketed as models for the whole family. They can comfortably accommodate a small company. The diameter of such sun loungers is approaching 200 cm.

Children’s sun loungers have a similar width with adult models, but differ significantly in length, which is not surprising, because most often they are designed for very little ones. The width is provided by safety sides and additional elements.


In addition to the sun lounger, you can purchase a soft mattress for a comfortable stay. Many models come with matching mat or cushions.

To protect wooden loungers from moisture and harmful environmental influences, it is recommended to cover them with waterproof covers..

On the wicker sun loungers, so that they do not rub the skin, you can throw a soft fur cape or a blanket.

Review of popular manufacturers


This manufacturer is committed to changing people’s lives for the better. That’s why Ikea produces stylish and quality furniture at affordable prices..

This company has long established itself in the market in the most positive way, offering customers technological, easy-to-assemble products from materials that have passed quality control..

The company produces a variety of models of sun loungers: on a metal and wooden frame, solid wood and polyester.

Pay attention to the model “Tolhormen”.

It is a recliner with an adjustable backrest, 63 cm wide and 47 cm high. The frame is made of durable stainless aluminum, and the material of the seat? polyester and synthetic rubber.

This model is ideal for summer cottages and outdoor recreation. It does not require special care, since the fabric base is easy to clean and does not rot. The material has a mesh structure so that rainwater can easily flow off it. It dries quickly.

Another model made of stained acacia – “Applaro”. It looks very aesthetically pleasing, since it has a noble dark color and a distinct wood texture..

The sun lounger is wide enough to guarantee a comfortable stay. It is equipped with large rubber wheels that make it easy to move around the site.

Wooden furniture always requires special care, and this chaise longue is no exception. Does it need to be additionally stained once every couple of years? special paint that penetrates deep into the wood, saturating it, renewing its color. It also protects the piece of furniture from moisture and dirt..

It is not recommended to leave it outside, and if such a need arises, it is necessary to cover it with special waterproof covers. The mattress and mattress are available for this sun lounger, sold separately..

Assembly, as is the case with other products from Ikea, is done independently.

“OGOGO Setting”

This is a chain of stores across Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, which offers fashionable and stylish interior items at affordable prices. Furniture from this manufacturer is suitable for apartments and houses decorated in a modern style..

Of interest is a double chaise lounge “Rakli Lounge-tw” produced by this company.

It has an unusual design of metal hoops, due to which the swing is performed. There is no need to be afraid that it will tip over, since the model is equipped with special limiters. The seat material is perforated textile. This coating ensures sufficient air exchange..

It is very compact and does not take up much space, but it will be a great place to relax and sleep for two. This is an indispensable option for a romantic weekend in the countryside..

“Standard Plastic”

This company is a leader in the Russian market for the production of plastic products. The company’s management guarantees the durability and safety of its products.

The classic white plastic sun lounger is one of the most popular models for a beach holiday. The chaise lounge is equipped with armrests. A removable table with a cup holder is located under the right one, which is a valuable element.

In addition, at the back of the lounger there is a drawer for drinks and snacks, hidden from the sun.

It has a folding mechanism that even a child can easily handle. Three positions of the backrest will help you to adapt the product to your preferences. It is also equipped with casters.

This piece of furniture weighs only 10 kg, but is capable of withstanding over 120 kg..

This chaise longue does not require much maintenance and is easy to clean. It will take about 10 minutes to bring it into working order thanks to the simple assembly mechanism.


The Moscow company produces comfortable sun loungers on a wooden frame. It is made from natural beech and can withstand a load of about 130 kg. The wood has a special impregnation, which ensures the durability of the product.

Their other advantage is in the orthopedic cloth, which relieves the load from the back..

Moreover, these models are very lightweight and easy to carry when folded..

If necessary, the fabric seat can be simply removed for cleaning or replacement. The drawing on the material can be anything, you can order a lounger according to your sketches or photographs.

It is interesting that the sun loungers of this company appeared in the program “ProjectorParishilton” and the screensavers of the popular TV channel “Friday”.

How to decompose?

The back of the transforming chaise longue is usually fixed in grooves, of which there can be from 2 to 5 pieces. They change the angle of the backrest.

To fully unfold the chaise longue, you need to remove the support bar and lower the back. This results in a smooth surface suitable for lying.. Sun loungers for the home, as a rule, do not unfold.

Spectacular examples in the interior

The sleek white chaise longue is the perfect example of how this piece of furniture can be used in home interiors. The wave-like design not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but also extremely comfortable for the spine.

This is a striking detail that makes the minimalist design much more interesting. The sturdy steel frame is very ergonomic and also harmonizes well with the adjacent glass table on a metal leg.

A wonderful chaise longue for the living room in a bright color serves to raise the mood and give a zest to the room. You just want to sit on the quilted surface of this piece of furniture, so it looks comfortable and cozy. This effect is achieved due to the juicy lemon color, which is contrasted with the white cold room..

The armchair is somewhat different in style from other pieces of furniture and gives the living room a touch of eclecticism. Guests will surely like it.

After a long day at work, you really want to enjoy the rest and peace. An air rocking chair is ready to provide such an opportunity. It is made of natural materials, which promises safety and comfort during rest, and the wicker orthopedic back will have a positive effect on the muscles of the whole body..

Staying in a rocking chair is recommended by many professionals as a remedy for stress and insomnia. Chair vibrations strengthen the vestibular apparatus.

This chair fits perfectly into a neutral interior thanks to its color and similarity in the design of the legs with the pattern on the carpet and the support of the coffee table..

A luxurious baroque static chaise longue reminiscent of the first prototypes of this piece of furniture. A carved chair covered with gilding is purchased not so much to provide the owners with a place to relax, but to emphasize the richness of the interior decoration of the house..

Although there is no doubt that a soft mattress and natural upholstery fabrics will not cause discomfort to either the owners or their guests.

The beige and light brown colors of the chair look great against a bright purple background. The idea is continued by a gilded cabinet with drawers, made in the same style. This interior is truly royal.

The round sofa chair is very convenient to use even when folded. It is spacious, soft, and comes with two pillows. This sun lounger is ideal for a hot day, as the canopy hides those inside from the merciless rays of the sun. Combined with rattan weaving, the whole structure looks very modern.

The transformer design allows you to use it at picnics and parties. The unassembled chaise longue can easily accommodate up to 9 people! And then it is easy to put together, unlike many chairs that look bulky in a small area and take up a lot of space without providing the same comfort..

The ideal for anyone who dreamed of a tree house as a child is a round hanging chaise lounge. The weave that hides the metal frame makes this piece of furniture look natural. This model is very sturdy and can easily handle two medium-sized people..

It will not wobble thanks to the balanced supports. However, make sure that the branch or beam on which the chaise longue will be installed can support the weight of the chair and the people in it..

If there is no summer cottage, this does not mean that owning a sun lounger will remain an unattainable dream. It is quite possible to place it on the balcony, turning it not into a place for storing unnecessary things, but into a recreation area.

A discreet but technical wooden chaise longue covered with a soft mattress, whose color scheme matches the color of other design elements. Plants in tubs and natural materials such as woven mat and marble create an eco-friendly atmosphere on the balcony. A bright pillow is a win-win technique when you need to create an atmosphere of home comfort in the room with minimal effort.

Resting in such a hammock, one can imagine that the city bustle is left far behind. This is a great option for those who like to sunbathe but avoid crowded places..

A black wicker hammock would look austere and imposing if it weren’t for the striped pillow and flirty parasol. A distinctive feature is the side table, on which you can put improvised things.

An ultra-thin chaise longue of original design will be a good addition to a high-tech home. Its lacquered black surface attracts attention outdoors. Large wheels and light weight make this chaise longue a very mobile option. It is in perfect harmony with the rest of the objects of interest on the terrace..

A geometric white chaise longue with illumination looks stylish and romantic in the evening. Translucent plastic canopy protects from the sun during the day, and after dark gives a feeling of comfort in the fresh air.

For more detailed instructions on how to make a sun lounger with your own hands, see the following video.

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