How to make a headboard with your own hands?

How to make a headboard with your own hands?

The head of the bed is the hallmark of the bedroom, because this attribute always attracts attention. From this article you will learn how to make a headboard with your own hands so that it blends harmoniously with the overall interior of the room..

Ideas and options

First of all, you should decide which option is right for your bedroom. If you love reading books before bed, pay attention to the padded headboard. This option is ideal for this purpose, because it is convenient to rely on. You should also consider ideas with a reclining headboard, which many people like..

If your room is decorated in a country style and there is an emphasis on environmental friendliness, you can resort to a high back made of wood above the bed. For fans of the French provinces, a Provence style headboard is suitable.

Young families can make a beautiful headboard from scrap materials. In most cases, this option is the most acceptable, because the newlyweds do not have enough free finances for other ideas (decors with panels, photographs, pillows are suitable).

For this reason, when choosing an idea for a headboard, you should rely on your capabilities, imagination and abilities..

Popular headboard ideas include:

  • decorative panels. They can be made of wood, plaster, textiles, plastic. You can also choose soft panels, which are offered by many hardware stores. A wall decorated with panels of several types looks good. Come up with a fancy pattern or puzzle, surprising the guests with your originality;
  • suitable for rooms that are decorated in Provence and Country style old barn board or carved wooden shutters. You can resort to using the headboard of the door;

  • pillows hanging over the bed help fill the headboard space. You can use multi-colored or monochromatic elements;
  • quilted headboard is always present in high quality hotels. If you want to fill your bedroom with luxury elements, take a look at this option. It is easy to make such a headboard with your own hands, having spent quite a bit of finance on its creation..

Materials (edit)

You can customize the headboard yourself using a variety of materials. There are many ideas for decorating it from wood. You can use smooth painted boards or knotty ones, with a little processing. The main role is assigned to the harmony of the combination with the general interior of the room..

If you are decorating a room in the Baroque style, a headboard in the form of a fence will not suit you and every person should understand this. Even if your bedroom has a simple interior, in which there is a classic set from a furniture salon, the palisade described above will also be inappropriate..

Such accents should be supported by furniture, lamps, accessories and other elements of the interior, so that there is harmony. If you want to make a simple wooden headboard, for example, from plywood, this option does not need much support..

Metal headboards are considered the old-timers of the bed “kingdom”. They are actively used in various interiors, because such material is suitable for a romantic bedroom, as well as for a strict Scandinavian setting..

Mosaic and stone can be used as an alternative material for the bed headboard. From them you will make interesting patterns with elements of sea pebbles, tiles and even glass pieces..

Textiles, like wood, are often used to decorate beds. The material is able to bring a cozy atmosphere into the room. A wide selection of materials allows you to realize even the wildest fantasies. For example, for Rococo or Baroque, heavy velvet will be relevant, and golden satin is suitable for an Empire room..

A leather headboard is a stylish option. Some people prefer the eco-leather option because it is more affordable. Based on the embossing, color of the material, such headboards will harmoniously fit into any interior.

Laminate headboard looks good on the wall. Many people decide to decorate the space above the bed with this material. The headboard turns out to be original and stylish.

Subtleties of the constriction

Many people decide to overtighten the headboard to make it look more attractive. The most popular is the carriage coupler, which has been known since the 18th century. Previously, such a cladding flaunted on carriages, where this name came from. Today, this method is used in the design of furniture items, as well as other decorative elements. The second name of the upholstery is capitonné.

To make the result of your work look impressive, you need to sheathe the headboard with the help of expensive and rich material that will look advantageous with a large number of folds. These materials include velor, suede. Many people decide to use a leather headboard..

You can decorate the screed pattern using squares or rhombuses. Buttons are used in the role of rivets, which are covered with a similar material. If your headboard will have beads or crystals, choose elements with a similar color or contrast..

To carry out the hauling, you should prepare the following set of tools:

  • furniture board or plywood, which will be used as a base;
  • high quality fabric. You should purchase material with a margin of 30 cm more than the length and width of the plywood;
  • foam rubber, the thickness of which is 5 cm. It should also be adjusted to the parameters of the selected plywood;
  • synthetic winterizer;
  • buttons, tied with fabric. An eyelet must be present in them;

  • drill;
  • knife;
  • crochet hook;
  • glue;
  • laces. You can use rope or twine. Select the thickness taking into account the diameter of the button ear;
  • furniture stapler;
  • wall mounts and screws.

Subtleties of the constriction:

  • for such an activity, you should choose a plywood sheet in the shape of a rectangle. Optionally, you can cut out the original shape that you like best;
  • foam rubber is cut based on the dimensions of the plywood itself. You will need to mark the material, indicating the area where the buttons will be attached. Most often, buttons are placed in a checkerboard pattern. Using a sharp knife, make holes for the buttons in the foam sheet;
  • it is very convenient to make holes due to a metal tube heated over a fire. You need to heat the pipe on the gas burner and quickly make holes. In one approach, you can get about 2-3 holes. Do not forget to put a piece of board under the material so as not to damage the floor surface;
  • now you can put the material on the plywood and use a pencil to mark the places for the holes and make them with a drill. Use a drill for wood with a diameter of 8 mm;

  • the next step will be to glue the foam rubber to the plywood, taking into account that the holes for the buttons in both sheets are identical;
  • on top you need to place one layer of padding polyester. Remember to leave an allowance of 5 cm for each side. A synthetic winterizer is placed on a fabric, the supply of which is 10 cm on each side. As soon as you complete these steps, you can turn the future headboard over and fix the fabric on the plywood using a stapler;
  • at this stage, you can start preparing the buttons. You can drag them with textiles personally or give them to the masters. Thread the lace through the eyelet of each button. Use laces that are at least 15 cm long and tie them in a knot. A crochet hook is required in order to slip the string through the plywood;

  • feel for the hook on the side of the fabric. Use a ruler to measure the distance to the adjacent button and make a small hole. You can use nail scissors for this purpose. Using a hook, pick up a button with a cord and thread them through the hole;
  • the lace should be taut and well attached with staples to the back;
  • the last step is to fix and mount the bed headboard to the wall. For this purpose you will need self-tapping screws..

If you are familiar with the main intricacies of headboard constriction, the made upholstery will be able to compete with the purchased version. Do-it-yourself banner allows you to use imagination, as well as create an exclusive version.

Master classes for beginners

Many people choose to make their own bed headboard instead of buying a ready-made one. It will be cheaper to arrange the space above the bed yourself than you will choose from ready-made options. It is worth noting that the personal idea will be unique, which also has its weight when creating the interior of the bedroom..

Making a headboard is not a complicated procedure. There are ways that you can make bed decor quickly and without unnecessary hassle..

To work, you need to prepare:

  • plywood sheet, the thickness of which is identical to the width of the sleeping bed. You can choose the height as you wish;
  • thick fabric. Buy textiles in stock. For these purposes, use a synthetic winterizer or batting. You will need 3-4 layers of material that is the same size as the plywood sheet. Consider a 10 cm margin on each edge;
  • universal glue, nails, furniture stapler.

A step-by-step guide to making a bed headboard:

  • you will need to cut a rectangle or an arbitrary figure from plywood;
  • synthetic winterizer or batting is laid out in layers. You will need to glue each layer separately, securing the first piece to a plywood sheet;
  • now you should wrap the allowance for the back of the future headboard and secure it with a stapler;
  • you can now turn the workpiece face up. Process the material with glue and carefully roll the fabric over the surface of the padding polyester. Eliminate the appearance of folds and wrinkles – the surface should be flat;

  • when the fabric is dry, wrap it on the back of the workpiece, stretch it and attach it to the plywood sheet with a stapler;
  • the drawing will be created using nails. You can choose any pattern. The simplest options include a frame that runs along all edges. To create it, you will need to nail the nails evenly and deeply, keeping the same distance between them. This rule is present in any pattern;
  • to create a straight line, you need to put two points on opposite ends of one side. Observe the rule that points are placed at the same distance from the edge;
  • now you can drive nails into the points and pull the thread between them. Use a pencil to draw dots along the thread. Remember that the distance between the points must be the same;
  • in the indicated places, you can hammer in nails, which will help to create a drawing in the future;
  • now you can attach the headboard to the wall.

How to attach yourself?

There are several ways to attach the headboard:

  • to the wall above the bed. You will need to screw two hinges with self-tapping screws to the back of the headboard. The element is hung on bolts;
  • to the frame. This method consists in drilling a pair of holes on the sides of the outer part of the bed frame. The headboard will be screwed through these holes with screws;
  • you can also make the headboard as a free-standing structure. You can purchase ready-made wooden legs or build them yourself. The legs are screwed to the headboard, and the structure itself is installed between the bed and the wall.

How to decorate?

Not everyone dares to put a bed in the center of the room. As a rule, this piece of furniture is placed near an empty wall or with its back to the window. If you decide to use the latter option, you just need to choose a beautiful design for the window. If the sleeping bed is located near the wall, you can use numerous decor options, choosing the one that suits the interior of the room itself..

Provence style

Such premises are endowed with romance, light and comfort. The interior, decorated in this style, is a stylization of an old French village. It contains a large amount of fabric with floral images, light colors. In such a room, semi-antique wooden furniture will look. For finishing the headboard, you can use painted boards or old-style doors. You can resort to a soft headboard made of light fabric with small flowers.

Loft style

In such a room there is freedom and brevity, brutality and simplicity. The loft-style interior favors rough brickwork on the walls, along with a wooden ceiling and floor. The room should have a minimum number of partitions and furniture. The decor should be used in small quantities, but it must be present. The headboard should be kept simple, without pretentiousness..

Japanese style

The interior will combine screens, fans, and podium beds. A small number of pieces of furniture made from natural raw materials of a dark color are allowed. The headboard must have the correct shape. You can use hard decor or soft fabric overlays with national ornaments.

You can decorate the headboard with a fan or canvas, on which there are prints in the form of a national theme.

How to change old to new?

If you already have a headboard and want to replace it with a new one, there are several options for resolving the issue:

  • you can carry out the hauling of the old headboard. You can use this method to replace the hard element with a soft one, which is especially suitable for those who like to read before going to bed;
  • some people do not want to do the hauling of the old decor, but arrange a “soft back” directly on the wall. This can be done by wrapping the foam urethane panels and securing them to liquid nails above the bed;
  • artists will love the idea of ​​drawing a headboard;
  • the use of a picture and a canopy will also help to quickly update the familiar interior.

Replacing an old headboard with a new one is not a problem. You can easily update this decor element using available tools or paint, or replace an outdated item with a new one. It all depends on your desire and capabilities. You can change the headboard every week, relying on the tone of your bedding, or leave it stationary, which will delight you for many years..

Manufacturing "Carriage coupler" at the headboard with your own hands, see below.

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