How to make a sun lounger with your own hands?

How to make a sun lounger with your own hands?

Camping is a great way to relax. Some leave for the village, others go to the dacha, where comfortable sun loungers await them, allowing them to forget about the environment and take a nap. Such attributes relieve tension from the spine and almost all muscles, you just have to choose the most comfortable option for yourself: a rocking chair, an ordinary folding chair or a lounger.

The easiest way to buy a ready-made chaise longue, picking it up for the interior of the cottage or for your individual needs. But not everyone has the financial ability to do this. A hand-made model is more appreciated and fully corresponds to the taste of its owner.


It is not difficult to create homemade sun loungers. Before starting work, you need to choose the type of this furniture that you want to bring to life. There are several of them:

  • Armchair. As a basis, you can take elements from a crib or cot. Armrests are optional.
  • Lounger. The creation process takes about four hours. The product can be created from plastic or wood, which is perfectly sanded and varnished.
  • Rocking chair. Its back is at an angle, so there is an opportunity to lie down, relax, take a nap. At the same time, it is important to make the bottom of the attribute solid so that it does not loosen when swinging..

In addition to the distribution of products by appearance, there are variations in the types of structures:

  • Monolithic. When creating it, all the elements are fastened, so disassembly is impossible. Such a chaise longue is strong and durable, but the backrest is not adjustable here and the product as a whole does not fold. As a result, problems may arise with its transportation..
  • Portable. The reliable and compact folding attribute has a special mechanism that makes it easy to adjust its position.
  • Soldered with inserts. A practical product that will decorate any interior thanks to its attractive appearance. But inserts made from other materials do not guarantee durability..

If the chaise longue is made of durable materials, it can be supplemented with a blanket, pillows and other items for a comfortable stay..

Possible materials

When choosing a material for making a sun lounger, you need to take into account its location. This can be a summer cottage, a beach, a special place by the pool or even at home.. There are the following options:

  • Wooden. This design is durable, comfortable, environmentally friendly, differs in shape and appearance. The only drawback is the heavy weight. To make it easier to carry the chaise lounge, castors are attached to the legs.
  • Plastic. The products are lightweight, inexpensive and easy to care for. On the negative side – fragility.
  • Tissue. The attributes are convenient and compact. The frame can be made of boards, metal, shaped pipes.
  • Rattan. Against the backdrop of nature, these loungers look incomparable. They are environmentally friendly but expensive. If you have weaving skills, it is easy to make such an attribute for relaxation..
  • PVC. The same lounger with a fabric base, however, the frame is based on PVC pipes.

It is not difficult to make a sun lounger on your own, you need to correctly determine the size of all elements and spend several hours assembling them.

Manufacturing scheme of various options

Before you start making an attribute for rest, you need to draw a diagram of it. It plays an important role, because it determines the dimensions of the elements for the product, their shape, quantity and other details. You can make such a scheme yourself, but not everyone can do it. Therefore, we will give an example of such a scheme. A high-quality chaise lounge (fabric) will turn out according to such a drawing with dimensions.

It remains only to find materials to create a sunbed. There are also other options for drawing different types of sun loungers..

From a wooden lattice

Such a chaise longue is quite durable, reliable, and its back is adjustable. For such a model, you should take coniferous wooden slabs, since they are resistant to climatic changes. Here is a diagram with the dimensions shown:

All work is done in stages:

  • A frame is created from bars, it is fastened using metal corners.
  • Boards are attached to the outside, and legs are attached to them.
  • The slab is sawn with a jigsaw and a wooden grate is made.
  • The adjustable backrest is separated from the main part of the attribute and is fastened to it with a door hinge.
  • In the headboard area, a fastening strip is attached, and a rack is attached to it with screws.
  • The finished product is sanded and varnished.

If the lounger will often move from one place to another in the future, it is better to attach wheels to its legs, because the weight of the attribute itself will be considerable.

Fabric on the frame

This lounger will be very comfortable thanks to the fabric base, but not durable.. The scheme is as follows:

The work on the frame takes place in this order:

  • A ready-made base is taken from a cot or cot. In the absence of such, the slats of the required length are taken or cut and grinded.
  • Holes are drilled in the main frame, the other is supplied with cutouts (4 pieces) for adjusting the backrest tilt.
  • Holes are made at both ends of the rails for seat installation.
  • Round cross members are lubricated with glue and installed in the holes.

Now you need to prepare the seat itself. To do this, you need to fold the base of the product and measure out a piece of canvas. It should sag to accommodate the wearer comfortably. All edges are sewn on a sewing machine. Then a transverse round bar is wrapped with a canvas and nailed on both sides with small nails. The attribute is ready and you can enjoy your vacation.

From pallets

This is the easiest way to create a lounger. Such a product is lightweight (it is easy to move it to different places) and practical (you can put a mattress on it for more comfort). The work takes place in the following order:

  • Disassemble pallets, all nails are pulled out.
  • A frame is made of two even boards. They are laid with an edge and parallel to each other, and the rest are sawn in half and attached to the base. The result is a seat with two support legs in the back..
  • To create the front legs, the board is cut into two equal parts from the pallet.. Then, with the help of bolts, they are screwed to the base of the seat and tightened with nuts through washers. A cross bar is needed to strengthen the legs.
  • The backrest is created from two planks, which are connected to the seat frame with bolts, nuts, washers. This should be done at an equal angle. After that, boards for the back are attached to the support boards with screws. A bar is attached to the rear legs behind it – this is necessary for the strength of the structure.

The final step is sanding the attribute with an emery sheet..

To prevent decay of the boards, the product is varnished.

From polypropylene pipes

The drawing of such a chaise lounge is identical with a fabric one, only the wooden frame is replaced here with polypropylene pipes. To create a product, you need 2-inch pipes, fittings in the form of the letters “g” and “t” 8 and 6 pieces, respectively. The build process has several stages:

  • First, a vertical plank is made. A T-shaped connector is taken and with its help pipes of 30 and 45 cm are fastened. L-shaped fittings are put on the ends. The lower vertical is also fastened and the two sides are connected..
  • An important point: the horizontal bar must be solid and have a length of 66 cm.on is mounted closer to the joint with the letter “t”, which must be directed to the inside of the structure. The other side is two pipes of 30 cm, held together with a T-piece. This tee must be turned 45 degrees from the elongated side. The end result is a rectangle.
  • For a rotating seat, a 5 cm pipe is inserted into the triple connecting element, which is secured with the same piece. This will be the base of the horizontal wireframe..
  • The long sides of the horizontal frame are made in the same way as the vertical. For crossbeams, a tube 30 cm long and another one consisting of 2 x 20 cm with a tee fitting are taken. The result is a rectangular shape in the same shape.
  • The seat will be located between the short section of the horizontal section and the elongated vertical section.. After adjusting the tilt level, the support is inserted at the back.

The frame is ready, which means that now a fabric base is needed. To do this, take a dense canvas and fix it on the base..


Such an attribute for recreation has a number of advantages: compact, convenient, easy to fold, lightweight, durable and reliable, and takes up little space when folded. In appearance it resembles a high-backed chair. The unusual assembly method looks original. To do this, you will need bars, galvanized wire (diameter 4 mm) and the same brackets for fixing the wire (16 pieces), nippers, a hammer. The process goes like this:

  • A protective coating is applied to the bars. But the parts must be ready for assembly..
  • Holes are made. However, they should be a couple of millimeters larger than the wire..
  • The bars are assembled in an interesting way, which makes the whole structure look creative. This diagram is:

At the end of the entire process, the chair is gently lifted and unfolded. Such a folding product looks stylish and modern..

Original ideas

People with creative thinking do not always want to see simple sun loungers on their territory, so there are several original ideas for creating models for relaxation..

From birch chocks

This design has an unusual look, so you have to work hard. For such a lounger, birch logs with a diameter of 75-120 mm are needed. But you need to take into account that the larger the diameter of the chocks, the more the product will weigh.. Before starting work, you should stock up on the following tools:

  • electric saw;
  • drill;
  • set of drills;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • staples.

When the birch blocks are properly prepared, you need to start the process itself, which consists of the following steps:

  • The design of the future lounger is being formed. A simple electrical tape will help to quickly carry out this procedure. With its help, the contour of the product is applied directly on the floor..
  • In chopped logs (approx. 45 cm) holes are made.
  • All parts are fastened together. 4 long self-tapping screws are screwed into each block. A socket wrench will work here.
  • The structure is tested for stability. If it is not there, it is necessary to remove the defects. For security and balance, brackets are fixed on the back side.

The process of creating a chaise lounge from birch logs is laborious, but the result will be great..

Plywood rocking chair

Such an attribute for relaxation can be in the form of an armchair, bed, with or without armrests, even with a roof that will shelter from the sun at a summer cottage or a beach. In order for the product to serve for many years, it is necessary to choose trees of high quality varieties: needles, oak, larch. A sheet of plywood made of such species is flexible and lends itself well to processing.. In addition, plywood itself has a low price and a number of advantages:

  • strength;
  • plastic;
  • ease of handling, finishing, sawing.

Before starting work, all material should be treated with protective equipment. Next, the exact layout of the chair is created. You can do this yourself or use a ready-made drawing with dimensions. Here is one of the diagrams of the original plywood rocking chair:

When you have the necessary materials and a drawing, you need to get to work:

  • The scheme is transferred to a plywood sheet. Parts are positioned so that material is used sparingly.
  • The components of the structure are cut with a milling cutter and a jigsaw.
  • Holes for screws are made in the attachment points.
  • All elements are sanded and varnished.
  • The assembly starts from the base. Then the rest of the parts are connected.

It is better to make the upper part of the sun lounger fabric. It will look beautiful and will not weigh down the entire structure..

With a little patience and some physical effort, you can create an original attribute for a comfortable stay. To create a creative scheme or take a ready-made one is everyone’s choice, but the end result will surely please you.

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