Ikea bunk beds

Two berths located one above the other significantly save space in the apartment. That is why such beds are very popular in children’s rooms, kindergartens, boarding schools, as well as in hostels and small hotels. Ikea bunk beds are traditionally considered inexpensive and of high quality..

Features and Benefits

Ikea has gained popularity all over the world due to its cheapness and functionality. Beds of this brand will be easy to assemble, and they can be purchased in any major city in our country. The models themselves are mostly nondescript – they provide a basis for creativity. In order for such furniture to look good in the room, you will have to think through everything to the smallest detail..


The Swedish-Dutch company offers several models of bunk beds to choose from. Depending on the style of the interior and personal preferences, you can choose a bed made of wood or metal of different colors.

The range of the brand includes:

  • Classic bunk beds;
  • Loft beds;
  • Beds with an extra pull-out berth.

Thus, the Ikea bunk bed can be designed for one, two or three people at once – the option is chosen depending on the required number of beds and the need to save space.

Popular models


A very simple and pleasant-looking bed made of solid pine. It is great for small nurseries. Natural wood shade allows you to maintain the interior in light colors without cluttering the room.

The size of the bed, both upper and lower, is 90×200 cm (a mattress is purchased for these dimensions). The bed on the second tier has a high side, which prevents falling.

During assembly, the ladder can be attached from one side or the other. This allows you to put the bed not only close to the wall, but also, for example, in the middle of the room, zoning the space.

The set “Midal” includes a bed frame and a slatted bottom for each “floor”. Mattresses sold separately. It should be noted that this is the cheapest model in the catalog..


Another inexpensive model. The frame is made of steel. The sides on the upper stock are made of mesh. This bed looks simple and stylish, especially in the interior of boyish rooms. The model is significantly lower than the other Ikea bunk beds – its height is 130.5 cm.This is a plus for those whose children are still small (6-10 years old), because this way parents can clearly see the child who sleeps upstairs.

The dimensions of the bed are 200×90 cm. Between floors 86 cm, which allows children and adults to sit quietly on the lower tier during the day.

An interesting detail is the staircase. By the bed “Tuffing” is located not on the side, but in the center.


Classic metal bunk bed. The dimensions of the bed are also standard – 200×90 cm. The peculiarity of this model is the large distance from the floor to the lower tier. This allows you to buy a pull-out berth for such a bed. The pull-out bed of “Svert” slides under the lower tier, and at night it moves forward, forming a low, but quite suitable for sleeping place. This is a great option for those who often receive guests or relatives. And for children, this is an additional opportunity for games and fun..

The ladder is installed on either side during assembly.


Not just a loft bed, but a full-fledged nursery. This compact set has space for a bed, a desk with drawers, a wardrobe and a shelf.

The structure is made mainly of chipboard panels. It is interesting that a table with drawers can be placed parallel to the bed (i.e., exactly under it), or it can be at an angle of 90 °, and both completely expose it outside the frame, and partially.

Such a corner is perfect for a middle-aged and older schoolchild..

Variations are possible – three or four drawers under the table top. Another model of this series “Stuva / Folya” – it is made entirely in white (perfect for girls), and there are two drawers under the table, but they are roomy. The set includes a set of colored stickers that can be glued to drawer handles and doors, decorating furniture to your liking.


This bed model is great for adults or older children. It differs in height (the bed is located at a height of 176 cm from the floor) and width – 140 cm with a length of 200 cm. Made of solid pine, covered with white paint. Black hardware creates an elegant look. At the bottom there is even a place for a full sofa. Ladder to be attached on both sides.

By the way, it is not at all necessary that such beds are suitable for those who have the same weather or twins. Ikea designers suggest using bunk beds not only to accommodate two people, but also to save space in a room for one. A sleeping place can be located on the upper tier, and the lower one, with the help of pillows, easily turns into a sofa. Well, if a sofa is not needed, a loft bed would be the ideal solution. This is a type of bunk bed, where there is a work area on the lower level and a seating area on the upper level..

The already familiar Tuffing model can be produced without the bottom stock. For convenience, the steep staircase is replaced by an inclined one that reaches right to the floor.

Instead of the lower bed, there are crossbars to which you can attach a universal table top from “Swart”, so you get a workplace with a table. The company’s designers offer options without this tabletop, when a small table-desk is located under the berth, and shelves for books and office supplies are mounted on the wall. You can place point light sources on the walls and put a cozy lounge chair on the lower tier.

The Swart loft can also be supplemented with a worktop that is attached to the rungs.

It is important that any models of loft beds are placed only sideways to the wall and attached to it. This is necessary so that a person, climbing onto the upper tier, does not overturn the structure..

Dimensions (edit)

The size of the bed is the same for most models – 200×90 cm. Beds are designed as teenagers. This is stated in the description given by the manufacturer on the site. But the size of the bed they have is almost “adult” (a standard bed for adults – 190×100 cm). Many buyers noted that adults of average height can easily fit on these beds. The maximum weight for which they are designed is 90-100 kg.

You need to be especially careful when buying a mattress – each bed model has a maximum permissible thickness. This is especially true for the upper tier, so that it is safe to sleep there. The budget model “Tuffing” does not allow a mattress wider than 10 cm. For other models, this figure varies within 19-22 cm.

Color solutions

At Ikea, everything is simple with this – the beds are as inconspicuous as possible in colors, since the emphasis is on functionality. Model “Midal” is produced in natural wood color, “Tuffing” – in dark gray, “Sverta” has two colors – white and silver steel. The loft beds “Sturo” and “Stuva” are made in white. The latter has variations in choosing the color of doors and drawers – yellow or green.

Can I paint?

If you really want to change the color of the bed, this can be done, especially on wooden and metal models. The wooden frame needs to be well sanded, and then it can be covered with light varnish or stain. Colored water-based paints will look great on wood.

Metal frames can be painted with enamel or any other paint for metal.

How to choose?

Children usually love bunk beds. They give them space to play and allow them to have their own personal space:

  • When choosing a model, first you need to decide on its purpose.. If you have two preschoolers, it is best to purchase a budget model such as “Midal” or “Tuffing”. As a rule, children of this age do not need a stationary workplace and the bed will be enough for games and relaxation. For older children, you can consider the option of two different loft beds – they can be placed on different sides of the room. So you will have two beds and two tables, and the place in the middle of the room will remain free..

  • The most important criterion when choosing a bunk bed is safety.. The model should stand firmly on the floor, not wobble or wobble. Be sure to test the top floor. It is best for an adult to climb up and try to lie down there. The bed should not bend or creak. The bed must necessarily support the weight of an adult – after all, it is incomprehensible to the mind what children can do on it!

  • The second thing you should pay attention to is the sides. Ideally, both tiers have them, but most importantly – on the top. The height should be at least 30 cm.It is worth not only the height of the fence, but also the strength of its fastening.

  • Compare the height of the model you like and the height of the ceilings. A person sleeping on the second tier should not bump his head against the ceiling when getting out of bed. The same applies to the inhabitant of the lower “floor”: ideally, both a child and an adult should sit quietly on the first tier. This will allow you to use the bed during the day for reading or relaxing games..

  • The next item is the stairs. The ideal option is an inclined one, but this only happens with loft beds. Other Ikea models have steep stairs to save space. Try it out in practice – does it have handrails, do the crossbars slide.

Assembly instructions

Instructions are included with each bed model. It will definitely be included with the purchase, in addition, it can always be downloaded from the company’s website in the “product description” section. Interestingly, instructions on the site are updated faster than printed versions. Therefore, if suddenly there are flaws in the paper instructions, it is worth taking a look at the site – most likely, the assembly method has been updated..

Ikea’s instructions are always in pictures. This eliminates inaccuracies when translating the text into different languages. The assembly is intuitive. The document describes all the parts from the kit, fasteners that are included in the kit. Always, if necessary, the manufacturer puts in the package S-shaped keys (“collars”) of the required diameters. At the same time, on the first page it is always indicated which tools you need to have your own – for example, for wooden beds it is a hammer and a screwdriver, for metal beds – only a screwdriver.

The assembly is best done together, and in case of difficulty – call the Support Service.


Wooden model “Midal” conquers buyers with the cheapness and naturalness of the material. It does not smell of chipboard and chemistry. However, some buyers noted that the boards are not too well sanded – there is a chance of getting splinters. The ladder is uncomfortable: it hurts my legs to climb it. In addition, it is constantly loosening and you have to tighten the fasteners..

The bed “Tuffing” according to reviews is durable and easy to clean. Many mothers noted that due to its low height it is very convenient to refuel and refill it. Among the disadvantages is the staircase in the middle, not everyone will like it.

With its good height and strength, “Sverta” does not look very aesthetically pleasing. On the forums, many say that when they look at it, they recall the barracks. Before buying, you should carefully consider the interior – this model needs to be well decorated so that it fits in style.

The attic “Stuva” captivates with its solid appearance and quality of execution. True, parents doubt the reliability of the staircase – it is too steep and there is absolutely nothing to hold on to with your hands. This model is recommended for teenagers..

Spectacular examples in the interior

If you plan to purchase a bed of this particular brand, you should arrange the nursery in the Scandi style, this will be a win-win option.

It is imperative to use bright textiles, otherwise the frames will simply “be lost”.

You can use bright colors to decorate the walls..

Ikea furniture looks best in catalogs and in company stores. This is often the main disappointment – it is not so easy to fit these functional and simple things into a purely Russian interior. It is best to design a room from scratch with this furniture..

For information on how to assemble a bunk bed “Midal”, see the next video.

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