Ikea coffee tables

Ikea coffee tables

Coffee tables have become part of human life from the first day of their appearance. Choosing this type of furniture, the buyer wants to be sure that he is purchasing a really high-quality, durable, stylish and practical product. Ikea coffee tables just have not only such characteristics, but also other advantageous features..


The Ikea coffee table, like all furniture from this manufacturer, has a number of features that, in combination, are also its advantages.. The main ones are:

  • using only modern and safe materials in the manufacture of tables.
  • Constantly improving production process, which allows you to create the most unusual and popular models of coffee tables, including a transforming table.
  • A wide variety of models made of different materials in different colors, equipped with additional fittings.

  • Affordable cost.
  • Possibility to choose a table that would not only suit a specific interior style, but also to a room of any size.
  • Compactness and multifunctionality of coffee tables are their main feature..
  • Simple and minimal design.

  • Collector’s issue. Here it is worthwhile to understand that the assortment includes both models made one by one, and options released as part of a particular series of furniture for a living room or bedroom..
  • Tables of this brand are perfectly combined with other interior items of the same manufacturer. Thus, everyone can furnish their room in stages, using the products of the same brand..

The most important thing for the buyer is a wide variety of assortments, characterized by high quality and affordable prices..


It is the assortment of this type of furniture that is the main advantage of the Ikea brand. All coffee tables sold today can be divided into several large groups, based on certain parameters..

The rich assortment includes:

  • folding table,
  • model on wheels,
  • glass table,

  • transformer,
  • classic style table with one or two tabletops.

But even such varieties released in the same style may differ from each other in other parameters, so the manufacturer has identified several criteria for dividing into groups..

Dimensions (edit)

It is the size of this type of furniture that plays a key role in choosing the right piece. It is necessary to correctly choose the dimensions of the future coffee table for the convenience of its further operation, as well as the harmonious perception of the room, because a small table will look as inappropriate in a large living room as a large option in a small room. At the same time, the dimensions of this type of furniture should be understood as the height and width of the countertop..

According to this criterion, the manufacturer divided all magazine models into several groups:

  • Small products. They have a height of 10-25 cm.The width of their table top ranges from 21-30 cm.
  • Coffee tables medium size presented in the largest assortment, because such furniture will look appropriate in a room of almost any area. The height of such products is from 26-45 cm, and the width of the table top is 30-60 cm.
  • Large-sized models – these are coffee tables with a height of 46-60 cm and a tabletop width of 61-85 cm.Sometimes you can find designs with a tabletop up to 1 m wide.

I would like to note right away that coffee tables with a height of more than 60 cm belong to the dining category, and this should definitely be taken into account when buying such copies..


This metric is just as important as size. For fans of the classic direction in the manufacture of furniture, a round or rectangular table is ideal.. However, there are other models in the assortment:

  • multi-tiered closed tables that have the shape of a barrel;
  • storage basket options;
  • oval tables;

  • coffee tables in the form of African drums;
  • narrow structures on high legs with an oval storage bowl under the table top;
  • folding tables in square or triangular shape.

Due to the presence of such a variety of shapes, the ideal coffee table can be chosen not only by fans of classic interior items, but also by buyers who appreciate everything unusual and non-standard..

Materials (edit)

For the manufacture of coffee tables, Ikea brand specialists use a variety of materials. The finished product can be made from one raw material or a combination of different materials. Most often used in production:

  • Plastic or plastic. They are suitable for making handles and wheels on transforming tables. In some cases, these materials are used to decorate the edges of countertops..
  • Wood massif. It is used to make expensive wooden tables..
  • MDF and chipboard panel. These inexpensive materials are also often essential in the manufacture of the frame of coffee tables..

  • Mirrors. These fragile materials are sometimes used to decorate countertops. A glass table, as is already clear from its name, is often completely made of the material of the same name..
  • Metal of various types. Metal is more often used in the manufacture of legs for coffee tables, as well as its accessories..

It is worth noting that each coffee table has its own name in accordance with the material from which it is made.


The color palette used in the production of this brand is very wide and can compete with almost many manufacturers of this type of furniture. Most of the coffee tables sold in the furniture market today are white, black or brown..

The Ikea brand has gone further and today its customers can purchase coffee tables in the following colors:

  • coffee;
  • yellow;
  • blue;
  • green;
  • pink;
  • Gray;
  • dark chocolate;
  • purple;
  • Red.

It is worth mentioning that each customer has the opportunity to purchase a single-color coffee table or a multi-colored model. It is such a wide variety of similar products that made the famous brand one of the most popular in the furniture market..

Various styles

In order to facilitate the choice of buyers and satisfy all their needs as much as possible, Ikea specialists also sell coffee tables made in various stylistic directions. This makes it possible to purchase the most suitable option..

Today the range of Ikea coffee tables is represented by models in the following styles:

  • Neoclassic represented by such a model as “Lakh”. This design is distinguished by its color, which is a bright accent in any room..
  • Classic style and style “Provence” represented by exquisite tables from the Isala collection. They are characterized by clear classical forms, calm and delicate appearance and colors characteristic of these styles. It is for the production of furniture in these areas that natural wood is most often used..
  • For lovers of restrained classics, as well as fans of minimalism, coffee tables “Hemnes”.

But such a division is suitable only for those types of coffee tables that were released as part of the mass production of furniture sets for the living room. If we talk about single options, then they can be performed not only in accordance with the above styles, but also in such directions as “Loft”, “Modern” or “Hi-tech”.

Ikea also offers its customers a variety of decor for coffee tables. With its help, you can quickly change not only the appearance of the furniture itself, but also its basic style..

How to choose?

Among such a wide assortment, it can be difficult for a simple buyer to decide which coffee table should be purchased.. To make the choice easier, you should stick to a simple plan:

  • First, decide on the size of the future furniture and remember that the more spacious the room, the more overall the table should be..
  • You also need to decide on the purpose of purchasing such furniture. Not only the size of the model depends on this, but also the material from which it is made. The wider the scope of the table, the more durable it should be. For example, if you plan to use the tabletop as a place for lunch, then it is better to give preference to transformer models..

  • Decide on the need for additional shelves or drawers. They can be useful for storing a variety of small items..
  • You need to decide for yourself what shape you want to see the countertop in the interior. Here, several factors can influence the choice: the area of ​​the room, (for a small room, you should choose compact round tables), the style of the interior and personal taste preferences.

  • Manufacturing material. It all depends on the wishes of the client himself. All materials used for the manufacture are completely safe, durable and of high quality.
  • If you plan to move furniture around the room often, then it would be wiser to purchase a model on wheels..
  • The color of the coffee table should overlap with the overall color scheme of the interior..

A coffee table from Ikea, chosen in accordance with these tips, will delight for a long time with its functionality, durability and beautiful appearance..

How to arrange?

Another important factor concerns the correct installation of this furniture. A coffee table is usually installed in the living room. It was originally intended to store printed correspondence.. Today, such products are often used for a variety of needs, so it is difficult to pinpoint their correct location..

  • The main thing is to remember that the table should not obstruct the approach to windows, a sofa and other most frequently used pieces of furniture. It is best to install such items near a chair or on the right / left side of the sofa, as this will allow you to always keep all the necessary items at hand.

  • If this piece of furniture serves as a decoration for a room and is rarely used, then it is better to place it near the wall. Photos or figurines can be installed on the countertop.
  • Only in cases where the table was purchased as a decoration of the room, and its area is quite large and free, you can install this furniture right in the center.

Interior options

Consider a couple of harmonious examples of the location of the Ikea coffee table in the interior:

  • Living room in white tones, clearly needs a little revitalization For this, a juicy red table located near the sofa is perfect. In such a place, the structure does not interfere with the passage and attracts attention. In addition, the location of the coffee table next to the upholstered furniture allows you to keep everything you need close at hand..

  • The coffee table can be positioned behind the back of the sofa. In the case of such an arrangement, it will not interfere with the passage and will not be conspicuous..
  • The model with a glass top and a dark frame will look opposite a corner sofa in a hall with a contrasting finish.

In general, Ikea coffee tables are modern, stylish, comfortable and multifunctional furniture that is ideal not only for home, but also for office.

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