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The writing desk is one of the most important elements of the interior, regardless of where it is placed. After all, some family members often have to work with it, and they just want to sit at the computer from time to time, playing or looking through the profile of their favorite social network. The well-known company Ikea carries out the production of such a demanded design as a writing table. The catalog of the Scandinavian brand offers a huge range of models for every taste and at the most affordable cost..


Thanks to the original design, Ikea writing tables will look great in absolutely any modern or traditional interior. Here you can find high-tech models and familiar wooden tables. The characteristic features of Ikea desks should be highlighted:

  • These products have serious functionality, because they have various kinds of superstructures, additional structures, shelves on which you can place the number of items you need, leaving a lot of room for work..
  • Ikea furniture is compact and well thought out that it can adapt to the interior in any nook in your house, fit into any corner or niche, thereby allowing optimal use of space, while not disturbing anyone.

  • The company offers a huge selection of models of all kinds of colors, style solutions – from ultra-modern high-tech to unusual Scandinavian classics.
  • Ikea products always allow you to create the integrity of the design concept of the room where they are located. All pieces of furniture are in perfect harmony with each other, and therefore you can easily create unusual, but stylish ensembles of furniture, combining tables and cabinets, stylish upholstered furniture.
  • In the production of furniture, the company uses natural materials and the safest design solutions.

  • The main idea from Ikea is a characteristic simplification, so if you dream of purchasing an exclusive and solid writing desk made of an expensive wood with carved legs for your home, you should look for this product in other catalogs;
  • The company presents both simple furniture models of the most laconic design, which are excellent for installation in an office or can function as a comfortable place for a student to study, and models with more complex configurations that can easily take their place in a room with an original interior..


In the Ikea product catalog you can find the following types of tables:

  • A classic U-shaped product. It is characterized by a calm, simplified design and ease of use;
  • With a curbstone. This is a design with excellent functionality. In addition to the usual characteristics, it also has boxes for the preservation of various devices and various items;
  • With shelves. This is another Swedish product with more features. The space at the bottom of the product is not occupied by a bedside table, but there are shelves above it. Since most Ikea products are modules, additional removable items are sold in stores for such structures;

  • Angular. A versatile product that will look great anywhere in your home. They are produced in various modifications: they can be separately with shelves and a separate curbstone, or they can be with shelves and a curbstone at the same time;
  • With a panel that pulls out if necessary. There is a separate working surface on wheels, which can move freely along the plane of the furniture product;
  • Height adjustable. This model is also called the “growing” table. It has a swivel mechanism with which you can change the height of this product. It can vary from 70 to 120 cm;

  • Combination table. This folding model is the most suitable option for oversized spaces. The compactly assembled rack with the help of a separate lid and legs that fold back is transformed into a solid table equipped with convenient shelves and drawers;
  • Double. Thanks to the additional section that slides out from under the work surface, 2 people, sitting side by side, without interfering with each other, will be able to work at such a comfortable table.
  • There are also models in Ikea that look like school desks. Such products have an angular design or a rectangular shape. There are also transformer models that allow you to change the position and height of the tabletop for more comfortable work in a sitting or standing position. Folding models can be used as children’s tables or adults.

Materials (edit)

The choice of the material from which the desk will be made is largely a determination of the status of its owner. Also, the cost and durability of the furniture will depend on the material. Ikea tables are made of the safest materials, which are distinguished by a long service life and a beautiful appearance.. For the release of working surfaces, they mainly use:

  • Good quality chipboard with veneer facing. This material will calmly endure a serious load, high humidity and temperature drops, without fading in the sun and does not require complex maintenance..
  • Solid wood – everyone knows that the positive characteristics of natural wood are expressed in its long service life and solid appearance.
  • Glass or plexiglass combined with metal details. Work tables made of good glass fit perfectly into modern interiors

The base and legs of Ikea structures are made of high-quality materials that can easily withstand increased loads. They can be steel or aluminum, wood. Most often they all have a protective coating (the so-called powder coating), so they do not lose their attractive appearance for a long time..


An important factor when choosing a table is the choice of colors and style. The color range of Ikea products today is presented mostly in neutral shades that are suitable for all kinds of interiors.. These are light shades of natural wood, white and dark brown, black. A number of models have a rich color of the frame or additional parts. These colors can be in harmony with other decorative elements. You can also choose an antique-style table in the style of a unique high-tech glass and metal, in a simple modern design or an original Scandinavian table from Ikea.

Popular models

It is much more pleasant to work at a comfortable table. In the Ikea catalog you will find a wide range of products in various sizes and for any purpose.. The most popular are the following models:

  • “Mikke”. This desk has a convenient module for different things. When assembling, you can install it on both the right and left, as you want. The drawer is equipped with special devices, thanks to which it does not fall out. The model is produced from MDF, chipboard and fiberboard. You can choose the color options. The surface of the table top is painted with acrylic. The model can be angular.

  • “Hemnes”. This is a product with 2 bedside tables and a shelf placed under the table top. Made entirely from solid pine. The bottom drawer has an adjustable frame for holding papers. The back panel and front panel are finished with solid wood, so the table can be installed in the center of the room. The rear ones have holes to provide air access to the computer system unit.

  • Malm. This table has a pull-out panel that expands the working surface of the model. This panel is fixed on either side. The product has a front finish along the entire length of the structure. Any piece of stylish furniture from this series will perfectly harmonize with this design. Available from both chipboard and MDF.

  • “Best Burs”. Luxurious double table. Due to the width, which is almost 2 meters, it provides its owner with two full-fledged jobs at once. The shiny surface of the countertop will reflect light and add charm to the interior of the room. The construction is made of chipboard, which is covered with a special film, and the legs of the product are made of high-quality steel.

  • “Todalen”. The cheapest model from the manufacturer. Looks like a typical corner piece and is complemented by shelves or drawers. Made from chipboard.

  • Falkhäuden. Very simplistic, but one of the more catchy desktops. The table top is made of chipboard, which is covered with a very strong film. The legs are made of high strength plastic. You can find this model in snow-white and pink shades. Will look great in modern interiors.

  • “Skarsta”. This is one of the most original ideas of young designers and experienced Ikea designers. The minimalist design of the product in retro design is very reminiscent of a school desk. The product looks very stylish, and the ability to adjust in height with the help of a convenient mechanism will delight buyers. You can work comfortably at such a table even while standing, because the maximum height to which you can raise the tabletop is 120 cm.

The adjustment mechanism can be installed on either side, so the product is equally convenient for those who confidently use their right and left hands. The legs can also be made lower and higher, which will compensate for existing unevenness on the floor..

  • Callax. A sought-after combination table, which is often used for space zoning. Assembled in the form of a rack with a lid that folds back and legs that can be folded. It is produced in modules, because the number of shelves in the rack and the width of the structure can be changed if necessary. Produced from fiberboard and chipboard, the legs of the structure are steel.

  • Brusali. Affordable desk with sufficient functionality. Includes shelves and closed sides. It can be straight and angular, but then it costs a little more. Made of chipboard.

  • “Vitsho”. The most economical option with a glass top surface. Extremely compact design with computer niche.

  • Lillosen. The best model for decorating modern interiors in traditional oriental design and loft decor. Bamboo top and steel frame make this table original and very durable. High-quality finishing of the front side along the perimeter of the product allows you to place it even in the middle of the room. The box under the product lid is equipped with special stops. They help him not to fall to the user’s feet..

How to choose?

Choosing a desk for office work is not much different from purchasing a computer one. Here, too, you need to take into account the functionality and convenience, and the possibility of the best placement. Many people dream of purchasing a single model of the product when the writing desk has a convenient niche for installing a monitor or when the computer desk has a sliding wide panel for work..

The most significant difference between a desk and a computer desk is in the parameters of the working surface. The layman should not only sit comfortably at the table himself, but also lay out documents or textbooks comfortably for himself..

Therefore, if you are choosing a table for a student, make sure that it has a quite solid work surface..

This requirement is especially important for a first grader who will need a lot of space in order to do their first homework in their life.. When buying a desk, you need to pay special attention to the following points:

  • Placement of the product indoors. The table must be placed next to the window opening, therefore its parameters and shape must be selected in accordance with the parameters of the space itself. For small rooms, you can choose corner tables or more compact rectangular models.
  • The height of the countertop is important. It is necessary that the shoulders of a seated person are in the most natural position. If they are strongly lowered or, on the contrary, raised, then it is best to choose a different solution or find out if the height of this model can be adjusted..

  • The size of the countertop should be such that a person can calmly sit here and at the same time there is still a lot of space for textbooks or papers, various accessories and a table lamp. When looking for a table for two, you need to select the most optimal tabletop size for such a case..
  • In Ikea stores, tables with shelves or functional drawers are offered in a huge number. These can be built-in drawers of a pull-out type, installed under the work surface, and open drawers like a rack, as well as various built-in shelves. Useful modular shelves are often added to a desk with home drawers.

How to place?

Many popular Ikea writing desk models have a high-quality and beautiful back panel finish, and therefore can be installed without problems even in the center of the room, and not just traditionally against the wall. Corner models, of course, take their place in the corners of the room, most often next to the windows, to provide the user with enough natural light. But the best place to set up the table for work, especially if the user spends several hours at a time – next to the windowsill. This is the best way to place desks for schoolchildren..

In this case, you can be sure that working with this product will not affect the vision of your child..


Quite a large number of people today opt for stylish and beautiful desks from the well-known manufacturer Ikea. In their reviews on these products, almost all of them agree in one opinion – products of this type are a stylish solution for any interior, decorate the decor of any room with their beautiful appearance, and the price of a table is affordable even for ordinary people.

Ease of use is especially noted, the size of the tabletop is large enough, which gives space for any work. Parents note the functionality to fit many Ikea table models to the child’s height.

For information on how to assemble a desk from Ikea, see the next video..

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