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Nowadays, a laptop table is a necessary thing in almost every home. Now it would never occur to anyone that a few years ago such a table was one of the elements of office furnishings, and not a household item. The reality is that some people today give up TV, but cannot do a day without the Internet and a computer..

The laptop in this regard is remarkable for its size and compactness. But in addition to one ergonomic and compact thing, you need another – a small laptop table that would take up little space, easily move around and fit organically into your living space..

Ikea has demonstrated more than once that it can produce furniture, as if specially for small layouts of Russian apartments, so choosing a comfortable laptop table in its range will not be difficult..


Table “Vitsho” compact and looks almost weightless thanks to the tempered glass top. This desk is a small workspace, and in addition to a laptop, it can fit any documents, stationery, lamp, etc., depending on how you are used to organizing your workflow.

Thanks to the adjustable legs, the table is stable even on uneven floors. The table is presented in white and black-brown colors.

Table “Bekant” convenient thanks to adjustable legs, which allows you to set it at a convenient height for you and change it if necessary. It is equipped with a special wire mesh located just under the table top. With her, your workplace will always be in order and comfort. This table is presented in white, black and black-brown colors. Such a table is carried out both from one chipboard, and in combination with ash veneer.


Table-stand “Svartosen” takes up very little space, it is convenient to move it close to a sofa, armchair or chair. There is no room on its tabletop for anything extra – only for a laptop and a mouse if you use it while working at the computer. It is notable for the fact that it adjusts the height of the table top with a handle on the table top. The table is presented in black and white.

A very interesting and popular model is now a table Ikea PS 2014, which provides storage boxes in its design. A bright, multi-colored design combined with functionality in this table. Each compartment is removable and can be used as a separate element, for example, as a laptop stand, which you can take with you to bed or on a sofa or armchair.

Stand table “Rian” ideal for a laptop. It has a special easy slope of the table top so that you can comfortably place your hands on it and, for example, type text. The underframe is made of steel and is not only very durable, but also very stable due to its special design, so such a table will not fall forward or on its side at the slightest increase in pressure on it.

If you usually take your laptop to bed or sit with it on the couch or armchair, then you simply cannot do without such a table. The table, by the way, is presented in white.

On wheels

If you like to constantly change something in your interior, you will appreciate the Ikea wheeled tables. Among them, for example, a small table “Tingby”. It is perfect for working with a laptop if you like to sit on a sofa or an armchair, as it is only 45 cm high.You can choose this table in white or dark gray.

Another similar table on wheels – “Lallerød”. It will captivate you with its unusual look, made in the spirit of industrial design. Numerous abrasions, marks and even small traces of rust give this table a touch of incredible identity. It seems as if this is a thing with its own unique long history..

Also, this table is distinguished by its versatility – the tabletop can be used as a workspace, and on the spacious lower shelf there is a place for a variety of things..


If the space of your home does not allow you to have any additional interior items, you can choose furniture that will combine several functional ideas at once. For example, a table Norden can be used both as a place for a laptop and as a dining area. The thing is that its table top can be folded out, and then the table can accommodate from two to four people at a meal. The table is equipped with convenient drawers, which can fit a variety of cutlery or stationery sets.

Table “Moddus” also available in a folding tabletop design. It is presented in white.

An interesting model is the white table. “Glivarp”. It is unlikely to be suitable for small rooms, but it looks very compact and organic thanks to the tempered glass glass top. At such a table and in assembled form, you can sit with a laptop very comfortably, and if you move the structure apart, then from 4 to 6 people can fit behind it and you can arrange both a festive dinner and a whole conference.

A Scandinavian-style solid wood side table may well become one of your favorite home furnishings. It is durable, modern, distinctive and original at the same time. And its size can also be adjusted thanks to the folding floors on both sides of the main tabletop..

Under the table top, the table is equipped with a convenient box for storing all sorts of little things, and below – a spacious shelf for storing literature, small speakers for a laptop or the laptop itself while you are not using it. As already mentioned, the table top is made of solid wood (pine) and left in the original wooden texture of a natural color, and the base is made in black, which looks very original and unusual.

Ikea has the option of placing a work area with a laptop, even for the smallest spaces. Table “Bjursta” with a folding tabletop, it is attached to the wall, and when folded it looks like a shelf and takes up a minimum of space. The table is presented in brown-black and white.

You can learn how to assemble a table from Ikea from the video below..

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