Ikea metal beds

The bedroom is considered a secluded place, almost always hidden from prying eyes. But despite this, it is very important to properly equip the recreation room..

The bed is the main element of the bedroom. and our well-being and vigorous mood for the whole day largely depends on her correct choice. Today, the bedroom furniture market offers a wide range of products from various materials, including metal. By purchasing a metal bed from a trusted manufacturer like Ikea, you get a practical, stylish and inexpensive piece of furniture..


The Swedish giant Ikea sells furniture for every taste, but all products are distinguished by high quality, environmental friendliness, affordable prices and world-famous and easily recognizable Scandinavian design. Ikea beds delight in many advantages, but metal models have several advantages:

  • Strength – the metal frame is highly resistant to loosening and can withstand a load of up to 200 kg for a single model;
  • Durability – metal furniture with modern coatings is practically not affected by changes in humidity and temperatures, unlike wooden products;
  • Security – the metal is not flammable and environmentally friendly, does not absorb or emit harmful substances;
  • Practicality – it is very easy to care for such a bed: you just need to wipe the frame from dust;
  • Lightness – furniture is made mainly from hollow pipes, therefore it has a relatively low weight;
  • Transformation – in children’s models, a mechanism is provided for increasing the size as the child grows;
  • Design – Ikea metal beds have a very stylish look: various variations of curved shapes combined with thin lintels create a weightless and elegant look. If you are tired or initially not satisfied with the color of the model, you can very simply repaint the frame with modern paint for metal.

The metal bed will go well with furnishings made of wood, leather with a variety of textiles for which Ikea is famous.

The frame of the berth is made of metal from pipes or profiles by stamping or forging. Such a bed is much lighter than products made of MDF or solid wood. Such furniture does not look bulky and takes up all the space in the room..


Let’s consider the most popular ones:

  • One of the most popular Ikea metal models is a children’s sliding bed. Minnen. It is performed in white and black. Steel pipes will not feel cold to the touch due to the applied epoxy powder coating. The length of the berth is adjustable from 135 to 206 cm.The bed is graceful, comfortable and durable.
  • Iron double bed Leirvik made in white. The model with a beautiful curly back will complement a romantic Provence-style atmosphere, refresh a classic bedroom, and will suit lovers of Scandinavian interiors with an abundance of white and a minimum of details. Buyers are offered three sizes to choose from: 140×200, 160×200 and 180×200.
  • Frame “Kopardal” dark gray will fit perfectly into any style. The model without unnecessary decor is very laconic, but with well-thought-out proportions. Separately, a slatted bottom made of beech or birch veneer and a mattress are purchased in addition to the bed. It is presented in two sizes of sleeping space – 140×200 and 160×200 cm.
  • Model “Sverta” available in two designs: bunk bed frame and loft bed. The loft version is functional and practical: there is enough free space under it to arrange a work, play area or sofa. Available in silver and white. The ladder can be attached on either the right or left side.
  • Bunk option “Sverta” ideal for a room where two or even three children live, because it can be supplemented with a third pull-out bed with a full berth of 90 x 200 cm. Or this option can be used for overnight guests. In the model, safety is thought out as much as possible: anti-slip strips are glued to the steps of the stairs, the bed is stable and can withstand the weight of adults, the upper berth is equipped with a high side.
  • Bunk frame “Tuffing” dark gray can be placed in a room with low ceilings, since its height is only 130 cm.The staircase is in the center, so the child sleeping on the lower tier will definitely not fall, and mesh sides are installed at the top.

How to choose and place in the interior?

Here’s what the designers advise:

  1. When considering a purchase, it is very important to correctly determine the size. Furniture should not occupy more than half of the room, because then there will be very little free space left, and the bed will not look harmonious.
  2. If you are looking for a bed for a child, the best solution would be to choose a sliding model, since it is quite costly to change the sleeping place taking into account the increase in its height..
  3. The loft bed and bunk design are ideal for a small room or for a family with several children, because they save a lot of space that can be usefully used for other purposes..
  4. Models from Ikea are distinguished by laconicism and strict colors: shades of gray, black and white. These colors are universal, perfectly coexist with the rest, will fit into both the male and the girl’s room, and are also suitable for any age..
  5. Frames with imitation forging and patterned headboards go well with various interior solutions. Looks especially good in classic-style rooms.


The products of the Ikea concern do not need additional recommendations: the products of this Swedish company “live” in millions of families around the world. Reviews for metal beds are mostly positive. Buyers are pleased with the convenience and practicality, the ergonomics of the models and the safety for children, as well as the fact that the steel frames are quite lightweight. All users note that the reasonable price, stable coating, durability have determined their choice in favor of Ikea..

As you know, all furniture from this brand is assembled by buyers on their own. Detailed instructions allow you to do this pretty quickly. But there are also disadvantages in this – poorly tightened fasteners of the bed frame can cause a creak during operation. Some reviewers complain about this.

In general, a metal bed from Ikea can be a worthy budget purchase for years to come..

You will learn how to assemble an Ikea Leirvik metal bed from the following video.

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