Inflatable sofa

Inflatable sofas became especially popular last year, summer 2016. They really gained popularity very quickly, and many are now choosing these options. This is the so-called large lifebuoy – or a deck chair, only inflatable.

What is an inflatable sofa?

An inflatable sofa is an original camping or beach option for a seaside holiday or a picnic in the backyard. Of course, its main purpose is to roll you along the sea or lake, river. It is very pleasant not to get out on land immediately, but to jump on a light and comfortable sofa, which is always near.

It is also a great option for a child who is not yet very confident in swimming and does not want to completely submerge in the water. You can swing your feet in the water while sitting on the couch, or simply swim and sunbathe calmly to the soothing sound of the waves. It is worth considering the use of inflatable furniture in apartments. Yes, this option is also practiced, especially in cases with small and narrow rooms in which you need to save space..

Features and Benefits

The first (and most important) plus of an inflatable sofa is its compactness. You can put it in a bag, take a small pump with you on vacation, try a little (even a teenager can handle it) – and in the end you get a great inflatable lounger. It also does not leave any unpleasant sensations on the skin, such as stickiness or itching, irritation. The sofa is made of thick vinyl derived from it. Before use, materials undergo a special check that identifies all defects and allows you to increase the reliability and strength of the structure..

Vinyl is considered an ideal material for the production of inflatable furniture, as it is air and water tight, lightweight and durable, and also takes up little space when folded. Vinyl (and polyolefin, which can also be used to create such sofas) is completely safe for health, this material does not cause allergies and does not harm the human body. It is quite difficult to pierce it, but it is possible – and the seams will not disperse, since they are simply not on many sofas. Modern inflatable furniture is made from one piece of material, giving it the desired shape. If several parts of the sofa need to be joined together using seams, then lasers are used.

Inflatable sofas are capable of providing truly urban comfort when you are out of town.

Of course, many people doubt the durability and safety of inflatable furniture, but this is only because little is known about such sofas. Inflatable furniture is very strong, durable and safe, soft to the touch and adapting to the curves of the body. It should be borne in mind that there are places where you should not use inflatable furniture – areas with sharp stones, sticks sticking out or fragments. Such a sofa (like any inflatable thing) will lose its shape from contact with sharp objects and will simply deflate. The same goes for “communication” with clawed pets..

It can be used on water, gravel, small pebbles, sand and grass, and you can put a hard mat under it for safety. You must remember that you cannot use the inflatable sofa as a trampoline or as a support for something heavy. It is not designed for this, it can even burst from pressure. Do not leave it in direct sunlight for a long time..

If you are not using the sofa at a particular moment, then bring it into the shade. Otherwise, polymers will lose their strength and will last much less. Do not smoke or light a fire near such a product..

Inflate the mattress with a small pump. Automotive and industrial compressors will not work because the pressure level is too high – the sofa can overstrain and burst. It is very convenient that almost all inflatable furniture comes with a small pump. If there is no such product, then it should be purchased separately. The sofa can be inflated to eighty percent of its full elasticity, no more – so the risk of it bursting will be minimal. An inflatable sofa should not resemble a car tire when unfolded. By the way – if you have a sofa with a built-in pump, then you cannot use it in water.

It is very simple to clean the sofa – just soap it and pour it with water from a hose (the pressure should be low). You can simply wipe the surface with a soapy rag or sponge. Repairing such a sofa is also quite simple – of course, you can take it to specialists if you don’t want to work on your own, but many can do it on their own. You need to arm yourself with a set of rubber patches and buy special glue, learn how to make patches and repair valves and pumps yourself.


You can pay attention not only to sofas, but also to air mattresses, sun loungers or beds. They are not much different from similar sofas, but it is quite possible that one of these functions will suit you better..

So, mattresses are the most common option. They are appreciated for their versatility – such products can be used on vacation (as sleeping places), in a small apartment (for guests or just to save space) or to improve the condition of the back (suitable for people with musculoskeletal disorders). It’s also a great option if you’ve just purchased an apartment and haven’t yet had a bed. Quite often, air mattresses replace ordinary ones or are used as a bed on a permanent basis. They are made of environmentally friendly materials and do not cause allergies, dust and microorganisms do not accumulate on them. They are also used for recreation on the water..

In terms of functionality, an inflatable bed is very similar to a mattress, it differs only in size – such a product is higher, it can consist of two chambers, or one (or more). Of course, the beds are from several cells and the size is larger – the height can vary from twenty to sixty centimeters. One of its main features is the ability to change shape. Thanks to its layering, the inflatable bed can be turned into a mattress, as well as an armchair or chaise longue. It is not recommended to jump and stand on it..

But the sofas themselves are about twenty to forty centimeters high. An interesting option would be an inflatable transforming sofa, which (like a bed from several chambers) can be expanded into the desired piece of furniture. The sofas also have armrests, backrests and backrests, so they can be used as apartment furniture. They also compare to classic wooden beds – in size.

An inflatable trampoline is suitable for families with children – it differs in that it is able to withstand pressure drops of small force that occur during children’s jumps and games. These trampolines are completely safe, the main thing is not to install them in the water. Jumping past, the child can go deep under the water. It is not recommended to install such products on rocky terrain or near any objects. The ideal option is an empty lawn near the house (or something like that). You can also highlight inflatable play centers and swimming pools – with these you can not even go to the river.

If you really want the inflatable furniture to last as long as possible, in addition to proper operation, think about buying a special cover. It will keep the sofa from scuffing, make the cover even more pleasant and help to delay cleaning the sofa itself – after all, the covers can be easily removed, they can be washed at least after each use (of course, it is better to do this in a washing machine). The covers are also pleasant to the touch (they are made of a material close to velor), look beautiful, are sold in various colors and help the sofa to fit well into the interior.

The bivans – inflatable sofas that do not need a pump – are worth special attention. This is a bag that needs to “scoop up” air, close it – and it will inflate. It can be used on any terrain – even while waiting for your flight at the airport. It is made of the same fabric as the parachute (polyester with polyurethane impregnation, with an air-retaining polymer inside). Such a product is distinguished by its strength and durability, as well as waterproofness, which makes it possible to use it on water..

The Beavan takes the shape of your body – it is really just a bag of air inside that bends under any weight (if it is not more than 300 kg). It looks like a beanbag chair, banana or pouf, but much lighter and more compact. It comes with a shoulder bag that can easily fit.

The bivan itself has a large pocket in which a book or tablet can easily fit, and a small one for a phone so as not to go far behind it. When folded, the sofa measures thirty-five by fifteen centimeters and eleven in girth. It weighs 1.5 kg. Such a product is sold in different colors, washed with a damp sponge (like any inflatable furniture) or machine washed – without bleach, on a soft mode.

Of course, such a sofa is very light, so in strong wind conditions it is better to attach it to a peg – there is also a loop for it. It holds its shape for about twelve hours – if you inflate it only twice, you can use it for a whole day (or even sleep on it). If you accidentally puncture your bivan, you can purchase a replacement air-retaining layer. It often comes in a set. You can just glue the puncture from the inside with electrical tape..

Models and manufacturers

Inflatable sofas can be of different sizes, different designs, shapes. These products are divided into models. As noted, sofas come in many different shapes. Here’s a round version – like a large inflatable circle. Here is a rectangular one, here is an elongated one (for tall people), here is a smaller one, a mini one. They can have various additions – a built-in lamp, several pockets, a portable pump, or something else. Now on the Internet, in stores you can find a huge number of companies selling inflatable sofas. This niche has really grown a lot lately. There have appeared both shops specializing in inflatable furniture, as well as leisure and tourism shops, where now there are not only pools, trampolines, but also sofas.

Banana Air Sofa “Oxford” Is a Belarusian analogue Lamzac. It is named so because one of the most popular colors is used – bright yellow, banana. This bivan is an inflatable sofa that does not require a pump. This is a unique bivan of its kind that adjusts to your figure and can withstand loads of up to 400 kg, which is the weight of five adult men. It weighs about a kilogram, its size is fifteen by thirty-five centimeters when assembled. Comes with a carrying bag.

Made from nylon “RipStop” and is equipped with a water-repellent impregnation. It is resistant to weather “pranks” and durable. It can float on the water, playing the role of a sun lounger. Of course, it doesn’t need a pump – just wave the bag. Other interesting colors are presented – not only yellow.

BestWay presents several options for inflatable furniture. These are pools, beds, mattresses and sofas. If you want to be sure of the quality of the purchased products – you are here. For three and a half thousand, you can get an excellent sofa bed called the “Multi-Max Air Couch With Sidewinder”. Its internal structure is reinforced with tubular partitions, which gives the mattress extra strength. It can withstand up to 300 kg, and inflates up to one hundred and ninety centimeters in height, one hundred and fifty in width and fifty in depth (when assembled – forty, forty and fourteen). This makes it possible to use a folding inflatable sofa and as a double bed, as a sofa with a back, chaise longue, hammock and so on. It’s also a great option for swimming – the sofa seals out water.

It is impossible not to highlight the bright colors – blue, orange and light green. The vinyl top has a velor-like feel. That is why the bed linen does not slip, and the surface itself is easily cleaned with a damp sponge. It inflates in five minutes and comes with a carrying bag, patch material and an electric pump that plugs into an outlet. Of course, in any case, the sofa can be inflated with an ordinary small pump..

Pools of this company are also very popular..

Firm Spring offers an inflatable sofa (bivan), the name of which is “Flying”. Such a product costs about a thousand rubles. Like all bivans, it inflates with air in fifteen seconds. You just need to open the hole on one side and move so that the bag is filled with air. When this happens, you will need to tie it. The same should be repeated with the other side, the nodes will need to be connected into clamps. That’s all. These sofas come in a variety of colors – blue, pink, coral, yellow, crimson. The size of the sofa is two hundred and sixty centimeters in height, eighty in width and sixty in depth. It weighs 1.5 kg, and traditionally comes with a portable bag.

Company Intex also specializes in inflatable furniture – it offers sofas, armchairs, mattresses, beds. A very interesting option with a corner inflatable sofa. From a distance, it resembles an ordinary beige sofa covered with leather. It consists of several blocks, has a backrest and armrests. Its width is two hundred and sixty centimeters, its height is eighty, and it costs about seven thousand rubles.

There is a cheaper option – for about one and a half thousand rubles you will receive a two-seat inflatable sofa in green or pink color (with two soft pillows included). It has a backrest, armrests, and a flocked material cover. It will hold up to 7 kg. Its length is sixty meters, its height is seventy centimeters, and its width is ninety. This company generally has completely original shapes and sizes for inflatable sofas – corner, two-seater, there is also a folding transformer, a bivan (aero-sofa) and a round sofa. Finding the most suitable option will be very easy.

How to choose?

Of course, the sofa will completely suit you only if you choose it correctly. The product must be of high quality and durable, suit you in design and price. When planning to buy an inflatable sofa, pay attention to the following:

  • If the pieces are sewn together, pay attention to the seams. If the seams are longitudinal, this means that the product will not serve you for a long time, but if the seams are transverse, on the contrary. The transverse seams guarantee resistance to heavy loads and strength, they provide rigidity.
  • When choosing a sofa, pay attention to its surface. It can be smooth PVC or sprayed waterproof vinyl. A good sofa is very convenient for home use, fabrics do not slip off it – a sheet, a blanket, a bedspread. The PVC surface is smooth and flat, good for swimming. Vinyl is a material that can be called versatile.

  • Pay attention to the price / quality ratio. The average price of such a sofa is one and a half to two thousand rubles. Yes, the prices are quite decent and affordable – especially when compared with the usual sofas. Of course, unscrupulous online sellers can sell you spoiled merchandise at a discount (or simply at the lowest cost). When planning to buy the necessary product, look on the Internet for reviews about the manufacturer, product and ask around. Pay attention to trusted brands and do not buy dubious products in online stores in China or other countries, even the CIS.

  • Be sure to check the valve – inflate the sofa, apply soapy water to the valve and lie on top, starting to observe. If everything is fine with the valve, then it will not react in any way to soap. If not, soap bubbles will appear near the surface. A little more about the valve – the diameter of its hole is better to choose a significant size, the inflation and lowering of the sofa in this way go much faster.
  • So, about the pump. Remember not to use automotive or industrial pumps. If there is an option to purchase a sofa complete with a pump, use it. If not, pay attention to the small hand or foot version (“Frog”) – three to five liters.


Reviews about Banana Air Sofa “Oxford” most often positive. Surprisingly, his rating is a solid 5! Firstly, Belarusian buyers note the availability. In Russia, you can also find several stores that have these items. Secondly – yes, this option really can withstand a weight of about 300-400 kg. If there are more than five people, they simply cannot get a job in such a small area for them, so there is no need for more..

They say that the sofa is pleasant to the touch, that it is comfortable to lie on. It can be used instead of a boat – it is especially liked by children who still do not know how to swim, but want to rather ride on something. Such a product is very compact. Some people use it instead of a beanbag or ottoman – after all, it costs much less, and functions in much the same way. Such a sofa is really indispensable on vacation, you can take it with you to warm countries (the material is resistant to temperature changes, withstands both snow and cold, and hot sand, heat and just wallow on the grass near the house. Many believe that it is impossible to find better.

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