Laptop tables on wheels

Laptop tables on wheels

Ordinary users often do not use all the resources of a stationary personal computer due to its uselessness. They are purchased, as a rule, only for Internet access, watching movies and for working with a couple of programs. Therefore, mini-versions of computers – laptops and tablets – began to gain more and more popularity. And this is justified, because nowadays, for the most part, they have good characteristics and sufficient power to meet the needs of users..

In addition, these machines save space in the home due to their small size. They do not require the purchase of a stationary table to accommodate the components of a personal computer. But so that you do not have to keep the equipment on your knees or take up space on the dining table, the best option is to purchase a small laptop table on wheels.


A table on wheels will allow you to stay at the computer in any convenient place. Such furniture is small in size, which means that it does not take up much space, wherever it is located – near a sofa or bed, on the balcony or in the kitchen. With the help of wheels, you can easily move the table from one place to another, without lifting it or damaging the flooring.

A laptop table can be as simple, that is, consist of a table top and legs, or equipped with additional functions. For example, the ability to adjust the legs in height or change the angle of inclination of the table top. Such additions add comfort to the operation of furniture..

A mobile table on wheels is simply necessary for owners of laptops that do not have a stationary workplace, and also suitable for those who have a stationary workplace, but do not want to be tied to it.


Laptop tables on wheels vary in size, availability of additional functions and, of course, in shape and color. There are also folding models among them. Small-sized options are so small that they can be only 40 cm wide.

The simplest version of a table on wheels is shown in the photo and it consists of a table top, supports and rollers. This model is called rolling. This option is convenient because it can be easily rolled up to the seat. The supports here are made in the shape of the letter C, and their lower part is located close enough to the floor, thanks to which it can easily be placed under a sofa or bed. The size of this model is 400x490x700 mm.

This option, in comparison with the previous one, looks rather cumbersome and looks more like a stationary model. However, this table is also equipped with wheels, but it will still be more difficult to move it from room to room. The advantage here is more roominess. There is a drawer under the table top where you can place the necessary things. The dimensions of this model are 700x600x750 mm.

It is most comfortable to work at a table where you can adjust the height and angle of the table top. In this model, such functions are present, the height is adjustable from 53.5 to 75 cm, and the angle can be changed in the range of 0-36 degrees. This option, like the first, is rolling. The advantage here is in the presence of additional functions and in the compactness of the dimensions – 400x600x750 mm.

This version of the table, like the previous one, has the functions of adjusting the angle of the table top and the height of the table. However, there is still room for the mouse. The advantage of these options is that they are completely foldable. The price of such models is much higher..

The folding model combines the advantages of different tables. On the one hand, it is a compact model, on the other, it is quite roomy when unfolded. The five-arm spider provides stability to the table and allows it to be moved from place to place without difficulty. In addition, this table can be adjusted in height..

As you can see, depending on the needs, the market offers various variations of laptop tables on wheels, which can be large or small, with or without drawers, folding, with or without adjustment functions..

How to choose?

First of all, the choice of a particular model of a laptop table should be determined by a specific need. Therefore, first decide what you need, then estimate the size of the room. The color and pattern of the table is also very important. The table should organically fit into the existing interior of the room, without violating its integrity.

If you need a roomy table and the space of the room allows, give preference to models with a width of at least 70 cm. In this case, pay attention to the presence of a drawer. It is clear that with his presence the capacity of the table will be larger. This option is more suitable for those who are not going to move the table outside the room, and the wheels are necessary to make the table easier to move..

If you like to move from place to place or even from room to room with a laptop, the best option in this case is to purchase a table no more than 50 cm wide. Such models are compact and lightweight. In addition, when working in different places, you will need to be able to adjust the height of the table or the angle of the table top. Then choose models where such functions are provided. If you prefer a tablet rather than a laptop, the ability to adjust the tilt angle is a must-have feature.

However, if spaciousness is an important condition that must be observed in the purchased model of the table, and the space of the room does not allow accommodating a larger version, there is still a way out. Now the market offers many options that do not exceed 40 cm in width, but have good equipment. This can be a place to control the mouse, and a lot of drawers or shelves, which can be located both from the bottom of the table top and from the top. Such models will most fully satisfy your needs. The folding model is also able to solve your problem..

If you need a table from time to time, give preference to folding models. They can be folded if necessary, and the space that is required for storing them will not exceed 10 cm in width.

An overview of the laptop table on wheels can be seen in the video below.

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