Leather armchairs

A modern person can no longer imagine his life without a functional and practical armchair. But like thousands of years ago, animal skins are preferred for upholstery. Leather armchair will add gloss, chic, representativeness to any interior.


Since leather armchairs are currently very popular, let’s talk in more detail about their features, define the main criteria for choosing a high-quality and practical piece of furniture..

Undoubtedly, the basic difference between the chair is its overall appearance, size, shape, structure.. The most popular characteristics can be identified: the ability to change the height of the leg, swing mechanism, adjustable backrest angle, armrests.


The assortment of models of chairs on sale is rich and varied. Consider their main types.

Depending on the purpose, one can distinguish:

  1. Leisure chair;
  2. Office;
  3. Baby.

By design features:

  1. Classic;
  2. Chair-bed;
  3. Transformer;
  4. Rocking chair;
  5. Frameless.

By functionality:

  1. Massage;
  2. Medical.

By frame material:

  1. Metallic;
  2. Wooden.

Choosing the right chair is a serious and responsible occupation, in which several important points should be taken into account.. First of all, this piece of furniture must be made of high quality, durable, environmentally friendly materials.. The stability of the structure is very important. For example, if you are in the habit of leaning heavily, leaning back on the back of a chair, it is very important that the back for such maneuvers is with a stepped tilt adjustment and additional stiffening ribs. And the perseverance, the emotional background of the user will depend on the cover of the chair..

Leather armchairs are currently the most popular. Let’s talk in more detail about the features of such chairs and define the main criteria for choosing a high-quality, practical piece of furniture..

Materials (edit)

When choosing a chair, the buyer pays attention to the coating of the product. After all, the price and service life depend on this. Genuine leather upholstery is the most popular among furniture connoisseurs. Furniture with a leather surface looks solid and respectable. The price of such a cover is not always affordable for the buyer (for example, a buffalo leather chair has an average price of more than 70 thousand rubles).


Leather goods in the modern world are an indicator of wealth and luxury, therefore they are the dream of many buyers.. Let’s list the main advantages of this material:

  1. Durability. The technology of processing, tanning leather endows the material with exceptional wear resistance;
  2. Antistatic properties – the surface weakly attracts dust particles;
  3. Air and moisture permeability. Leather upholstery creates a peculiar microclimate: air, circulating through the structure of the leather, allows it to remain in excellent condition for a long time;
  4. Pleasant tactile sensations, since the skin is able to adapt to the ambient temperature;
  5. Unattractiveness for pets (this indicator is most likely due to the presence of the smell of the animal, from the skin of which the skin is made);
  6. Ease of cleaning.

The negative aspects of leather upholstery should not be noted either:

  1. High price;
  2. Destruction from sudden changes in temperature. For this reason, it is not recommended to place furniture with leather upholstery near heating devices or in a freezing room;
  3. Fear of sun exposure, since direct sunlight has an adverse effect on the skin;
  4. The porous structure into which unpleasant odors easily penetrate and absorb.

Artificial substitutes

Due to the growing population of the planet and the aggravation of the ecological situation, the reserves of natural leather have become limited. In this regard, people think about creating materials similar to it, constantly experimenting. Such concepts as leatherette, eco-leather have already entered into our everyday life. These materials have gained such popularity that they can easily replace natural leather and compete with it..

Leatherette or vinyl leather (in simple “leatherette”) – a durable hypoallergenic material that has the properties of the original product. Initially, leatherette did not inspire confidence among consumers, but now the production of products from it is gaining momentum. This is due not only to the shortage and high cost of natural raw materials, but also to moral principles. Many people are now adherents of Greenpeace’s ideas about the preservation of species diversity, the protection of living beings from death, destruction.

The advantages of leatherette include high strength and durability.. The two main indicators for choosing leatherette are cost and abundance. This material is provided in the widest range of colors, textures, which is very convenient when arranging the interior in a particular style. The high quality of this material is able to create a kind of furniture that is practically not inferior to natural raw materials. Also, the leatherette surface does not require special care and special means for this.

A variety of artificial leather is distinguished separately – eco-leather. It is a material consisting of a fabric base and a polyurethane layer. A distinctive feature is frost resistance, air permeability. There are no special requirements for the care of eco-leather.

Among the disadvantages of the artificial leather surface are:

  1. Highly flammable;
  2. Low elasticity;
  3. Poor heat transfer properties.


The richness and variety of colors of leather armchairs is simply delightful. You can choose any tone that suits your interior. A huge palette of paints and colors is due to the application of the technology of applying protective paint over the skin. This ensures the durability of the product..

The most typical and natural colors of chairs are black, brown, pale beige, Marsala, dark gray.. These colors will fit into almost any style and interior and will not be conspicuous, thereby destroying the integrity of the idea..

If you are aiming at creating a brighter, more impressive room design, then chairs with the boldest colors are perfect: bright yellow, red, green, blue..

Do not forget that color schemes, dyes and all kinds of additional coatings are just another chemical cocktail. And you should still think what is more important: the originality of the color of the chair or its environmental friendliness.


Let’s take a look at the main forms of chairs offered by the modern furniture industry:

  • Classic type – the most familiar appearance of the chair for us: rectangular, round or semicircular shape of parts, standard backrest, armrests.
  • The functionality of a simple chair will add folding mechanism. This chair can serve as an extra bed for your guests..
  • You can also highlight a simplified a chair shape that resembles a chair: The design has a backrest and a height-adjustable footrest. This model is common in offices and business premises..
  • One of the non-standard ones is rocking chair. It will help you relax, rock your child, enjoy the silence of the evening with pleasure. The wiggle effect resembles a mother’s hands and has a calming, hypnotic effect.
  • In the rooms of modern youth you can find frameless beanbag chair. It is susceptible to design changes, perfectly follows the shape of the body.
  • Unusual furniture – another highlight in the style of your room. Furniture makers offer our attention also armchairs in the shape of a shoe, a heart, a flower. And your child will definitely be surprised and pleased by a sitting place in the form of a favorite animal or a cartoon character.

Dimensions (edit)

Speaking about the dimensions of the chair, we are talking about the height of the back, the width of the landing area, and the height of the pedestal. These parameters are individual for each person..

The manufacturers have determined the dimensions of a standard specimen:

  • Back height – no more than 45 cm;
  • Seat width – at least 40 cm;
  • The distance between the armrests is approximately 46 cm;
  • Armrest length – 30 cm;
  • The angle between the back and the seat is 103 degrees.

But in general, the dimensions of the produced chairs can be different, as well as their modifications and models. You can buy a compact armchair for a cramped office, or you can buy a spacious armchair for a large living room.

How to choose?

When choosing a chair, it is recommended to be guided not only by intuitive drives, but also by rationality.. Initially, you need to decide on the purpose of the chair, its size and color:

  • For home (living room, bedroom) soft comfortable leather chairs with comfortable armrests are suitable, which can serve as a replacement for a sofa. When choosing, it is worth considering the number of guests visiting your home. A useful parameter will also be the presence of movable elements on the legs of the chair, which will ensure ease of movement of furniture. The presence of a footrest will be original and pleasant in the design of a home chair. This will ensure that you are able to take the most comfortable position..

  • If you have a need to purchase armchairs for a working table for an office space, then you need to decide on the budget, the size of the room. For example, for a programmer’s office, it is best to choose a chair with the maximum range of adjustments. After all, the work of these specialists is associated with spending a long time in a sitting position..

Most executives prefer heavy, high-backed chairs. Leisure chairs tend to be the strongest and cheapest.

  • At the hairdresser a chair with wheels will be very comfortable. This is necessary for a specialist for a convenient location of the client. The designer print on the seat upholstery will be attractive to visitors..
  • For a child the safest would be to purchase a chair with a metal frame, without wheels. This structure will help reduce the likelihood of falls and injury. It is advisable to take the frame of the backrest stationary, since the spine is at the stage of formation and it needs fixation of the position. A rocking chair will become an indispensable assistant for a young mother in the process of preparing a child for bed. Elderly people will also appreciate the smoothness of movements of this model..

The choice of a child car seat must be especially careful, because its device must fully ensure the protection and safety of the child in an emergency. And for travel, a folding chair made of wood is perfect.

Production by layout

Furniture salons are ready to offer us an endless number of chairs of different textures, sizes and colors. But they are all made according to a layout, a template, that is, they are devoid of individuality and originality..

Therefore, you can order a chair according to your own parameters in furniture workshops, manufacturing companies. This will slightly increase the cost of the product, but will allow you to select and take into account all the required parameters..

With your own hands

The most original, dear to your heart will be an armchair made with your own hands according to your own idea. The most important thing in this situation is to stock up on the necessary materials and patience..

Materials can be purchased at specialized hardware stores.. Before purchasing components, it is necessary to prepare a schematic image of the desired product, determine the stages of assembly, finishing and painting of the future leather chair.

After the assembly plan and components appear, we proceed to the assembly. A screwdriver will help us do this. In the absence of it, you can assemble the frame with a screwdriver, but this will be more laborious and time-consuming..

The finished frame can be painted or varnished. Next, you need to decide on the shape of the seat and its casing, filler. The most economical and practical way is to cover the seat with artificial leather, having previously laid a layer of foam rubber under it. Then the chair will be soft and please the owner. It is better to approach the close-fitting with all seriousness, because a little extra effort can lead to rupture of the canvas. The armrests can be finished with eco-leather, as they are subject to increased friction and, accordingly, wear.

See below for more details.

If the owner wants to preserve the finished product or complement its interior with bright colors, you can sew a cape from a pleasant soft fabric. Moreover, the use of the coating will facilitate the procedures for the care of the chair: the fabric can be washed, replaced, and stains from the surface of the skin are removed with great difficulty..

What to wash?

This question is asked by all owners of chairs with a leather surface. As noted earlier, leather chairs do not require any special maintenance.. It will be enough to regularly carry out procedures for cleaning the surface from dust with a microfiber cloth. This tip applies to light dust contamination..

If a persistent stain appears on the surface of the chair, first of all, you need to decide on the type of coverage. It is advisable to read the manufacturer’s care instructions if it has been preserved..

The following products have become the most popular in the fight against household dirt on leather surfaces: alcohol, liquid soap or detergent, leather conditioner, special sprays.

If your budget is limited and there is no way to purchase store funds, then you can use folk remedies. Lemon juice, ammonia, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide will be your indispensable helpers in removing fresh stains. In difficult situations, if the upholstery is heavily soiled, you can use the services of dry cleaning in specialized washes and furniture cleaning salons..

Many experienced housewives use covers. They help prevent aging of furniture and protect against unwanted stains and odors..


Leather armchairs are very popular and add status to the design of the room. Many people claim that leather is the best material for armchairs, as they are very beautiful, comfortable and durable..

Among the disadvantages, the owners of such models especially highlight the fact that when they are in it for a long time, their back sweats a lot. But this applies, in most cases, to models made of artificial leather, and not natural. So this drawback does not apply to all absolutely products, but only to cheaper copies..

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