Leather sofas

Leather sofas

A leather sofa can be compared to good wine, it is in trend regardless of fashion trends, being a symbol of prestige and wealth. Moreover, over time, such furniture does not become obsolete, but becomes vintage, and in the case when it is made of expensive wood, it becomes antique.

Features and Benefits

Unlike any other materials for the upholstery of the sofa, leather is not afraid of restless children with dirty hands and sloppy adults spilling drinks, it retains its color and texture for a long time. This is just one of the several benefits of owning a leather sofa..


A leather sofa, as a rule, gives the room a very elegant and aristocratic look. This is due to the fact that in the old days, such materials were available exclusively to wealthy people. And although today the cost of leather has become more moderate, the attitude towards natural leather as an elite material continues to persist..

Currently, a noticeable plus for the design search in the field of furniture decoration with leather has become the fact that new technologies for its coloring have appeared. The appearance of leather has evolved with a variety of colors, ranging from white or cream to the brightest shades of red or glowing bright yellow, that is, you can decorate the sofa in colors that are not usually associated with animal skin.


Since leather is a natural material, it allows it to adapt to changes in temperature and humidity in the room. The leather surface “breathes”, it provides coolness in summer and warmth in winter. The skin absorbs the natural oils produced by the human body, and therefore, as a rule, a sofa with such a cover becomes softer as it ages. Also, the leather sofa will self-regulate, adjusting to the seated person, which makes staying on it more comfortable for a long time compared to a sofa covered with fabric..


Genuine leather is a durable coating. It can withstand the rough handling of people who smoke, the pranks of children and the dander of pets. In the event that a drink is spilled onto a leather sofa, it is enough just to quickly wipe the puddle with a damp cloth so that the surface retains its appearance and condition. Also, the skin can withstand significant physical stress. The surface will not have puffs and in order to tear or scratch the upholstery of such a sofa, you will have to make a significant effort.

The color of the leather will not fade and will not lose brightness, and the surface of the leather sofa will retain its shine for a long time.

Environmental friendliness

Natural leather can be called an environmentally friendly material, so a sofa covered with it can be used in those rooms where an environmentally friendly coating is required. Leather meets this requirement perfectly. Although tannins and dyes are used in its production, they are in most cases of vegetable origin. But even chemicals for dressing and coloring leather do not contribute to the appearance of allergic reactions to the same extent as completely artificially created fabrics, for example, jacquard or chinil..

Form and mechanism of transformation

Leather furniture is famous for its beauty and durability, has lasting value and high cost, so it is especially important to take care of the right attitude to the process of its acquisition..

Most often, a sofa covered in leather is purchased for the living room. In this case, it is worth considering options such as:

  • Corner sofa with ottoman;
  • Straight sofa;
  • Modular sofa.


The most chic will, of course, be the choice of a “smart” modular sofa made of leather. These are luxury models, which have a considerable cost, usually they are covered with calfskin leather with “carriage” stitching (large squares).

They are equipped with additional features in the form of a small built-in bar, a music center including speakers and a subwoofer, and wireless charging. Such models, as a rule, have a practical transformation mechanism that can turn a guest sofa into a place for a night’s sleep..

Most often, these are such popular transformation mechanisms as “lotus”, “pantograph” or “dolphin”, which allow you to quickly unfold the sofa and create a place for a comfortable sleep for two or more people.

Smart sofas also have special leather armrests that are not only soft and comfortable, but can also have built-in features. They may contain a mini-bar, drawers, shelves, LED lighting, as well as a music center control panel.

Often, complete with such sofas, you can purchase a pull-out ottoman or a table, and the sofa itself can, at the request of the customer, be made either with a left or right corner insert.

Corner with ottoman

An easier option would be to purchase a corner leather sofa with an ottoman. In models of this type, very often only the visible part of the upholstery is made of genuine leather. The rest of the surface is leatherette, eco-leather or dermantine. Such a move allows the manufacturer to reduce the production costs of the model and transfer the cost to the budget price segment, but as a result, these surfaces undoubtedly wear out faster and require restoration..

Mandatory in such models is the presence of a folding mechanism, the type of which varies depending on the manufacturer. Usually the preference is given to the mechanisms “dolphin”, “puma” or “telescope”. Also, these sofas are equipped with one or more linen drawers, and the side drawer is equipped with a spacer for easy opening. Typically, this box holds a couple of pillows, a blanket and bed linen..

The location of such a sofa can be either a large living room of a country house, or one of the rooms of a small apartment, which turns into a bedroom for spouses at night.


A straight-type leather sofa is most often either exclusively a guest option or has a transformation mechanism designed for use from time to time. It can be a “French clamshell” mechanism, “book” or “Conrad”.

The use of sofas with the mechanismFrench folding bed»As a sleeping place on a regular basis, it is undesirable due to the peculiarities of this design, but as a guest sofa this model looks very elegant. She can decorate an office or one of the rooms of an ordinary apartment..

Book»Is a time-tested practical sofa layout. The transformation takes place in a simple and straightforward way: the seat rises to the position in which the owner hears a click, after which the back begins to lower horizontally. Leather covering on such models can be with square or rectangular stitching..

Often this mechanism assumes the presence of an intermediate position of the back, the so-called “relaxation”, which is very convenient for rest.

Conrad“, As time shows, is a fairly strong and reliable mechanism, it is worth purchasing for everyday use. Due to the fact that such a mechanism is not produced in the Russian Federation, the cost of sofas equipped with such a device increases markedly, which is compensated for by its long service life and ease of use..

The upholstery of such sofas can be made either entirely of calfskin, or in fragments, only on the seat, back and on the front of the pillows. On those parts that are not visible, that is, on the tsar – the back of the back and on the armrests, the use of dermantin or eco-leather is practiced. Usually, sofas are made entirely of leather with a built-in conrad mechanism, since they are considered luxury.

Dimensions (edit)

When choosing the size of a leather sofa, you should definitely correlate it with the size of the room in which it should be installed. Large models look great in spacious furniture salons, but they can clutter up a living space when, in addition to a sofa, other furniture is installed in it..

There are many sizes of leather upholstered furniture on the market, so a thoughtful buyer can always find his own version. Since often a leather sofa has a high cost, when purchasing it, there is a reason to contact a professional interior designer who will help you take into account all the nuances of the choice.

For a small room, you can always buy a small leather sofa with a “book” transformation mechanism. The dimensions of such a model when folded are 207 cm wide, 92 cm high, and 94 cm deep.In the disassembled position, the length of the berth is 207 cm and the width is 103 cm.

Another option for a straight leather sofa is a larger, but still quite compact sofa measuring 248 * 104 * 109cm, equipped with a dolphin layout mechanism and a box for linen. This model will decorate a medium-sized living room, and complete with two leather armchairs will make an excellent and comfortable home theater equipment..

Such sofas can have various built-in transformation mechanisms, have slightly different height, depth and width of the seat, their appearance is decorated with various stitching options, but they are united by the ability to accommodate two or three people and be installed in a fairly small room: an office, living room or in a room ordinary apartment.

Corner leather sofas are available in a huge variety of sizes, more or less standard can be called their height, which ranges from 80-90 cm.The length of the ottoman of such a sofa can be from 160 cm to 212 cm, the main part can also have different lengths: from 290 cm up to 380 cm.Such models sometimes have a seat width of up to 100 cm, when unfolded, the width of the berth sometimes reaches 212 cm.

Such sofas are usually decorated not only with various exquisite patterns in the form of stitching, but also equipped with massive armrests that contribute to the style presentation of the model. For furniture made in the Loft style, it can be straight wide and flat pillows up to 50 cm in size or armrests with built-in shelves. In the case of the Modern, Baroque or Classic options, the armrests are high, sometimes curved in the form of petals, and sometimes straight, have either sloping edges or geometrically strict shapes. Their width in these cases varies from 20 cm to 35 cm.

Special mention should be made of the size of the corner leather sofas, called “smart”, or modular. There are no generally accepted standards for such furniture; it can have all kinds of sizes and be completed from compatible and interchangeable modules in accordance with the creative idea of ​​the designer or the wishes of the customer. The most modest models have a main seat length of 252 cm and an ottoman of 172 cm with a seat depth (with backrest) 112 cm.

It should be noted that each manufacturer has the ability to set their own sizes for upholstered furniture, therefore, as an example, the size range from the factory is given “Smart sofas“.

The dimensions of modular structures depend on the dimensions of the components:

  • The main module of the sofa (there may be several of them in the design) has a width of 72 cm to 252 cm (the depth is 112 cm);
  • Ottoman has a width of 72 cm to 92 cm (depth 172 cm, an elongated ottoman has a depth of 220 cm);
  • Corner modules have dimensions 112 cm * 112 cm (the width of the armrests varies from 4 to 50 cm)


In addition to being a place to relax and socialize, a sofa tends to be the centerpiece of any room. Being of considerable size, a sofa, especially leather, can stand out from the rest of the furniture, regardless of color or style. In that case, the color scheme for such a “monster” is matched perfectly, he is able to set an interesting style solution for the entire room.

The easiest way to choose a shade for a sofa is to take into account the basic colors already present in the room. To select color combinations, you can use the same principle that professional designers work with: the color wheel. Using the principle of opposite or complementary colors on the color wheel, you can be guaranteed to find the perfect match.

For example, if there is a lot of orange in the room, for example, in the form of a carpet, a picture on the wall or a lamp shade, then a sofa that has a shade of “night blue” or “ultramarine” would be an excellent addition to it. In the event that there is a large tapestry on the wall in a chartreuse or other green shade, you should put an ivory or beige leather sofa next to it.

For a romantic or vintage style living room, choose bold tones reminiscent of gemstone colors such as greenish jade, deep blue sapphire, or blood red ruby..

You can play on contrasts. For example, if there is a bright white carpet on the wall, you can choose a chic dark gray sofa or a model in black leather..

When choosing leather for sofa upholstery, it is worth considering the long-term perspective of its use. If you buy high-quality dressed and dyed leather, then the money spent on it can be considered a good investment, because the cost of such furniture will increase over time..

The upholstery of the sofa can be combined with the color of the floors or wallpaper, and the presence of a relief and a variety of textures on the skin can give additional advantages.

For example, if the room has light wooden floors, it is worth purchasing a brown or beige leather sofa with longitudinal stitching. In this case, not only the color of the skin will overlap with the smooth surface of the wood, but also the design of the sofa will imitate the look of parquet..

For supporters of the traditional and classic style or adherents of versatility, it is recommended to choose neutral colors: gray, black or beige. An interesting addition to such shades in case the owners suddenly change color preferences, a variety of bright pillows can serve.


Some models of leather sofas on the domestic market deserve special attention..

Noteworthy is the line of sofas “Bristol“, Made in the traditional style solution, but having the popular” inflated “forms. It includes a straight pull-out sofa, a corner sofa and leather armchairs. The straight sofa can be equipped with the transformation mechanism “American clamshell” (“sedaflex”) and is designed for disassembly and assembly from time to time, the so-called guest option. Another option is a draw-out transformation mechanism designed for frequent use. The corner sofa has a roll-out transformation mechanism, is equipped with a box for bedding and can serve as a daily sleeping place for two adults. Chairs do not have a transformation mechanism.

Thanks to the filling, which is used as polyurethane foam in combination with polyester fiber and foam, the sofas of this line have increased comfort. Genuine leather is used for the upholstery of the seat and backrest; otherwise, artificial leather is used. More than ten color options.

The cost of a corner sofa “Bristol” is 55,999 rubles, a straight one – 35,999 rubles, an armchair – 19,999 rubles. Colors range from dark gray to pale pink.

HomeMe offers a series of upholstered leather furniture under the general name “Lancaster», Which includes a corner sofa, a straight two-seater sofa and an armchair. The appearance of the items in this collection is the epitome of classic luxury. The large corner sofa is equipped with a sedaflex transformation mechanism or, as it is also called, an American folding bed, which has two folds.

In this model, belts and battens serve as the supporting frame of the bed base; there is no storage box for linen, but the mattress folds inward when the sofa is being assembled. The straight sofa also has a sedaflex disassembly mechanism. All models of the Lancaster series are filled with polyurethane foam and synthetic winterizer. The leather covering is located over the entire surface of the upholstered furniture of this series. You can buy a Lancaster corner sofa within 60,000 rubles, a direct model will cost around 43,000 rubles.

Corner leather sofa “Evita», Which has soft romantic forms, is equipped with a roll-out transformation mechanism, which is equipped with an anti-skewing system for greater strength. For convenient storage of bedding, this model has a linen box. Upholstery material – genuine leather, PU foam filling and synthetic down. For those who wish to purchase a set of upholstered leather furniture, an armchair of the Evita model is produced, which is not a folding one. The cost of this model ranges from 60,000 r..

Sofas series “Camelot“, Made in a modern and laconic style. Loft have simple geometric shapes and are equipped with a roll-out mechanism for transformation” dolphin “, which allows you to organize a sleeping place for two people. At the same time, a drawer is provided in the ottoman canap so that you can fold pillows, blankets and bed linen. There is a natural leather covering on the seat, armrests and backrest, the rest of the surface is upholstered in eco-leather. The filler is polyurethane foam, which is combined with synthetic fluff. If the buyer wishes, he can purchase a straight sofa “Camelot”, as well as a leather armchair in the same style solution will be selected for him. For sofas of this model, you can find a significant range of prices – from 30,000 rubles. up to 60,000 r.

Massive and voluminous sofas of the series “Brooklyn»Are presented in angular and straight versions, which can also be supplemented with a leather armchair in a corresponding style solution. The draw-out transformation mechanism is designed for daily use, thanks to its operation, you can provide a comfortable place for two people to sleep.

These are models with a high back, which can be transformed into a “chaise longue” position for more complete relaxation in a sitting position. At the same time, the back takes an angle of 110 degrees, which is most favorable for resting the spine. Filling the back with padding polyester, as well as an orthopedic mattress contributes to the particular softness and comfort of this model. This model does not provide for a box for storing linen, since this is prevented by the high-recoil mechanism of transformation “sedaflex”. Genuine leather is present as upholstery on the front of the seat and backrest, on the upper part of the armrests. The back of the sofa, the drawer side and the armrests at the bottom and sides are made of artificial leather. You can buy a straight sofa “Brooklyn” for 30,000 rubles, the corner model costs around 73,000 rubles.

Where to put?

Leather is a strong, durable, beautiful material that stays cool in summer and warm in winter and has an almost magical effect on a person due to its naturalness..

The aesthetic originality of the leather cover is transferred to the furniture, so each leather sofa is unique. It can decorate both a family living room and a room in a bachelor apartment. In any case, such upholstered furniture will make the most favorable impression on the guests, show the level of wealth and taste of the owners..


Also, a leather sofa will become a stylish and comfortable piece of furniture for the lounge area of ​​a restaurant, cafe or bistro. Leather sofas are perfect for public spaces such as bars, pubs or restaurants as they are easy to clean and maintain..

Furniture designed for commercial use does not require any certification, so the owner can decorate the room of his establishment exclusively to his taste, using the huge range of colors and styles that exist on the market.

How to choose?

When buying a sofa covered with leather, many questions always arise, which is primarily due to the high cost of acquisition.

Initially, it is worthwhile to objectively assess the size of the room where it is planned to install the sofa. It would be optimal to put one large corner sofa in a large living room and two straight sofas in the case when you need to place guests in a small room.

The choice of style solution will be determined by the needs of the owners, their lifestyle and, of course, personal preferences. For example, a sofa with rolled-up armrests and plush cushions will satisfy lovers of a more traditional aesthetic, while the clean lines of Minimalism will create modern trends such as techno or Loft..

The material from which the sofa is made is very important. It goes without saying that the stronger the frame, the more likely it will last for a long time. Therefore, when buying, it is worth asking about all the characteristics of the future acquisition..

Preference should be given to a sofa that has a hardwood frame that has been previously dried and therefore does not deform later.

A leather sofa, which is purchased as a guest option, must be checked for softness and convenience in the location, in other words, in the salon you should definitely sit on the sofa that you like externally in order to appreciate its comfort and convenience. If the model will also be used as a berth, then in this case it is advisable to disassemble it with your own hands. This is the only way to appreciate the simplicity and ease of transformation. It will not be superfluous to lie down on the unfolded sofa..

The various materials used as filler ultimately affect the final price tag of the product. In the most expensive models of pillows, natural fluff can be used, more budget models are filled with synthetic fluff. Learning such nuances from consultants, you can save money when there is a need for it..

The upholstery of leather sofas can be a decisive factor when choosing. Often, in order to make a leather sofa more affordable in price, it is only partially upholstered with natural leather: the front part of the seat and back cushions, as well as the upper surface of the armrests, are made of leather. The rest of the surfaces are upholstered with leatherette or eco-leather of the appropriate tone. The downside of such a “hybrid” is the fact that skin substitutes will lose their attractive appearance much faster, will crack and require restoration..

Natural leather sofas, as you know, over the years only become covered with patina and become more elastic, so they deservedly enter the category of elite furniture, while having an appropriate price tag..


To objectively evaluate how this or that modification of a leather sofa is liked by users, numerous reviews help.

The main thing that the owners of upholstered leather furniture note is the ease of removing various contaminants from the surface of such sofas: animal hair, inscriptions with felt-tip pens and pens and all kinds of stains. At the same time, it is mentioned that light, for example, beige, white or pale pink sofas covered with leather get very dirty, literally requiring washing after each visit of guests. Therefore, for practicality, it is recommended to choose a darker upholstery..

Of the shortcomings, it is mentioned that on hot summer days, in the absence of air conditioning in the room, leather upholstery is not very pleasant to sit with bare legs or lie naked, you need to lay a blanket for comfort.

Another disadvantage of the leather cover is the fact that the sheet slips off it..

When it comes to expensive leather sofas from Italy or Finland, the cost of which starts from 100,000 rubles, many users note that it is worth making such a purchase, since a high-quality leather sofa lasts longer and looks more presentable..

Among those who use upholstered leather furniture, there are mentions that it is undesirable to place it near batteries or in the sun, the upholstery may deform from excessive heat. Both chic Italian models and more inexpensive counterparts are equally susceptible to this..

Leather sofas from the following video will make your interior truly stylish and comfortable..

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