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When choosing upholstered furniture, buyers first of all pay attention to the manufacturer. Therefore, today only firms that have justified the trust of customers and maintain their positive reputation can represent worthy competition in the market. Enterprise “Zhivye Divany” belongs to one of these firms.

About the factory

Furniture from the Zhivye Divany factory took a leading position in the market in 2007. In 1994, the first enterprise producing upholstered furniture with the brand name “Moon” LLC appeared. It was located in the city of Mytishchi. In 1997, another workshop was created in Marfino. Since 2003, additional spaces have begun to be developed in the city of Noginsk.

Large-scale work began in 2005, when all production was concentrated in one place – Noginsk. A year later, the company began to work with a new corporate name – LLC “Living Divany”. Today, the factory boasts a huge work space of 80,000 square meters. Due to its scale and high-tech equipment, the factory is considered one of the most significant enterprises in Europe..

European manufacturers such as Hoof and Ikea cooperate with the company. Together with them, exclusive lines are created for the Russian market. The factory is distinguished by a high level of production culture and carefully controls not only the finished furniture, but also all stages of its development.

Thanks to the professional approach and high interest in quality, today the company’s products have received well-deserved recognition among buyers.. In Russia, there are more than 200 stores of this company and their number is constantly growing..

Products and services

The products of the factory can be purchased both in stationary stores and via the Internet. All of them delight with their richness of choice, since the range of models developed by the company is striking in its colossal size. Furniture models are always relevant and have their own style. Here you can choose sofas of all types and shapes, cozy armchairs and poufs. An additional pleasant bonus is the availability of exclusive furniture accessories..

In the manufacture of upholstered furniture, only natural materials are used. All products are accompanied by the necessary safety certificates and meet all standards. There are a lot of configuration options, as well as color solutions. Therefore, everyone can choose their own furniture to taste..

The assortment is constantly expanding and today in the stores of the company you can buy comfortable mattresses and frameless furniture. The following furniture accessories are available:

  1. mattress covers;
  2. poufs;
  3. decorative pillows;
  4. banquets;
  5. tables;
  6. racks;
  7. sofa modules;
  8. independent armrests.

Mattress toppers are used as a hygienic sleeping surface. They prevent rapid wear of the upholstery fabric and make sleeping more comfortable. Materials for production are cotton jacquard and synthetic winterizer.

The mobile armrest has many useful functions. It is used as a support for an arm or a headboard for a bed. The presence of rollers allows you to move it to the right place and make a headboard for a berth. The wide table top makes it a comfortable bedside table, and inside there is a place for storing things.

The lineup

The company’s catalogs contain a wide selection of straight and corner sofas. Most of the models are divided into sections that are easy to transform. This makes it easy to change the configuration of the sofas. In all the furniture of the manufacturer, the unique design is ideally combined with unsurpassed comfort..

The range is presented in various colors and types of upholstery. Many sofas are equipped with soft back cushions with removable covers. It is convenient to store bed linen in roomy linens, which are equipped with all sofa options.

The MOON 016 model deserves special attention.. This sofa is the winner of many design competitions and has a silver quality mark. The sofa consists of modules, each of which has a different softness. With them, you can make about 30 options for sofa configurations. Seat depth can be adjusted with large cushions.

Orthopedic mattresses allow the sofa to become a comfortable place to sleep. Additional seating area is formed by corner and chair modules. The space obtained in this way is enough to lie down and rest. The armrests and backrest of the corner unit have practical tabletops.

The described model is far from the only winner of the competitions. There are many worthy options among the brand’s furniture, each of which deserves attention..

Types of mechanisms

The types of mechanisms used in the development of sofas by the Zhivye Sofas factory are as follows:

  1. “Eurobook”;
  2. “accordion”;
  3. “Dolphin”;
  4. “Recliner”;
  5. “Lit”;
  6. “Eurosofa”;
  7. high-rollout.
  • Classic type “Eurobook” well suited for small spaces. It is easy and quick to unfold: the backrest is lowered and the seat is pushed forward.
  • Mechanism “accordion” unfolds towards itself. The result is a flat berth with no joints. This mechanism is simple and reliable to use. In the production of “Living Sofas” mattresses with an orthopedic effect and metal frames are used.
  • “Dolphin” able to withstand frequent loads and is perfect for those who are going to unfold and fold the sofa on a daily basis. One movement is enough to turn a sofa with such a mechanism into a full-fledged bed. After transformation, not a single unevenness remains on the bed.

  • To decompose Recliner», Just move the backrest and seat to the desired tilt. This can be done without getting up. Lit sofas are small in size. After transformation, the bed is limited by soft armrests.
  • Sofas “Eurosofa” easily transforms into a comfortable bed. To do this, you need to press on the edge of the back, which will then be in a horizontal position. To return to the starting position, the backrest frame is pulled up.
  • Furniture from “Living Sofas” with a high-drawer mechanism combines the type “Dolphin” with elements of a roll-out. It has a high berth and provides a variety of options for recreation. Such a sofa can be transformed until it stops or left in the “relax” position.


Users leave a lot of positive feedback about the furniture and accessories of the Zhivye Divany factory. They delight customers with their durability and reliability. A wide range of products allows everyone to choose furniture in accordance with tastes and needs. Models are presented in various price categories and sizes.

Buyers of the “Martin” sofa of this company note that they were pleased with the quality and the absence of difficulties during assembly.e. The size of the bed is large enough to accommodate two people. This sofa is perfect for a small room.

During the operation of upholstered furniture from “Living Sofas” problems do not arise. Users claim that sofas do not start to squeak over time and do not sag..

The furniture of the factory has established itself among buyers and, thanks to its reputation, is firmly held in the market..

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