Loft style table

Loft style table

The loft-style table will be a bright addition to any modern interior. Our article will tell you about everything that is connected with this stylistic direction and about the features of such furniture..

Characteristic features of the style

To understand what the “loft” direction is, let’s take a short excursion into history. This style originated in the industrial districts of New York during the Great American Depression. Some of the enterprises went bankrupt, some were forced to move out in search of cheaper premises. As a result, many abandoned industrial buildings and structures appeared. Often furniture and equipment remained in such premises..

Many of these buildings were bought for junk money and rented out. And the furniture that remained in them was used in everyday life. Since the rent for such apartments was low, they were quickly chosen by people of creative professions. It was very convenient – on the lower floors it was possible to arrange workshops and exhibition areas, and the upper ones were converted into housing and workers’ workshops. This is how the “loft” style appeared, which literally means “attic”.

This concept in design includes three main areas:

  • Industrial (or “Industrial”). This is the most popular trend in interior design. Furniture in this style is very reminiscent of workbenches: an abundance of rough, untreated surfaces, metal parts, concrete racks, ventilation pipes. An industrial-style table should be as practical as possible, functional and not have anything superfluous. No irregular shapes – just strict geometry.

The color scheme does not spoil with variety – white, gray, black, sometimes brown.

  • Bohemian (“boho”). This design retains the general atmosphere of an industrial workshop. But some mixing of styles is allowed. A striking example of a boho loft can be a table with carved legs from the time of Marie Antoinette, bought in some antique shop. And in the set you can pick up chairs in the Art Nouveau style.
  • Glamorous. This direction is distinguished by some variety of colors. Here, a slight splash of pastel colors is allowed – blue, lilac. A glamorous loft-style table can have, for example, a more elegant glass top or wrought-iron fishnet legs..

Features of furniture

Thus, the “loft” style is a mixture of different directions, a combination of the incompatible. Furniture can look as if it is assembled from different parts: a tabletop from one table, legs from another, and a cutlery drawer from a third. The main and main quality of a table made in this manner is its impressive size. This direction does not tolerate diminutiveness and refinement.. Everything must be fundamental, large-scale and thorough.

Even if it is a coffee or bedside table, it should be strict and concise. Nothing superfluous, solid minimalism and practicality. The whole structure must be compact, carefully thought out, all parts must be strictly functional and have a specific purpose.

Even small items such as chairs or hangers should be as laconic and mobile as possible..

So that they can be freely moved in space, they can be made on casters. Thus, you can change the interior of the room, freeing up additional space..

Loft-style furniture is characterized by non-standard solutions. This direction in design involves a departure from everyday life and routine. There is no place for boredom and banality. So, a table made in the style of “industrial” should be moderately brutal and at the same time elegant. Moreover, it should be used for its intended purpose, and not just be an interior decoration.

When decorating a loft, there are two main directions – natural design and artificially created:

  • A natural trend when a living space uses furniture that was originally intended for industrial premises – for example, scaffolding adapted for a dining table.
  • The artificial direction of the loft in furniture design is considered universal and can be reproduced both in the entire interior and in individual details. An example of an artificial direction is an antique table..

Materials (edit)

Loft-style furniture is characterized by rough brutal textures. Here you can observe a combination of natural materials, such as wood or metal, with artificially created ones: chrome, plastic, various imitations.

The kitchen countertop can be made from a metal slab. A metal foot can be used as a support. Alternatively, the table top can be installed on glass bottles. For a table that is intended for a bedroom or living room, wooden parts are more often used..

It can be ash or birch. In elite models, oak details can be used. ёFashionable furniture boutiques offer fans of this design to purchase a metal table with traces of rust. In some instances, broken brick, raw concrete, aged wood may be used. The use of glass and plastic is also not excluded..

There are no rigid frames for making tables in the “loft” style. Everything will come in handy here. If it is a tree, then it can be either polished or completely untreated. If you are using metal, it can also be either shiny or matte..

You can add originality to the design of the product by adding a few unexpected details, using, for example, leather, velvet or any other fabric.

Table models

As mentioned above, the loft style is characterized by practicality and functionality. The shape of such tables can be very different: with even corners or rounded. Sometimes designers go beyond the usual understanding of this direction and come up with non-standard forms for tables. One of the striking examples of such furniture can be table transformer. It can be a real boon for a small studio apartment..

Often, in small apartments, a loggia is combined with a room. After the window block is removed, a part of the concrete partition remains, which can also be used as a bar or coffee table. The worktop can be made from old planks, and the concrete base can be painted white or left untouched. This design is characterized by a large free space, divided into zones not by partitions, but by furniture. For this, the desktop in the loft interior is often placed right in the middle.

When choosing a table for the interior in the described style, you can give free rein to imagination. Both ascetic glass models on a metal support and wooden elements will be appropriate here. Moreover, all these materials can be mixed with each other. The most important rule – furniture should not be “brand new”.

It should be as if with a slight touch of time, as if from an antique shop. The color scheme is selected mostly neutral, but small portions of bright details are allowed.

Interesting design solutions and beautiful examples in the interior

Coffee and coffee tables

Many eminent brands develop original designs of coffee and coffee tables in loft design. For example, Starbarrel offers its fans a table in the shape of a metal barrel, which is also a cabinet with shelves and a door..

Products from another brand look no less original. Cazarina Interiors. For example, a round side table with tempered glass top and sheet steel base.

The most unexpected things can be used as tables in the “loft” style. You can even make changes to the finished product yourself. It is enough to show a little ingenuity and skill. If you dig around in the mezzanine, you will probably find a couple of old grandma’s suitcases with a rigid frame – so why not adapt one of them to a coffee table? Another, at first glance, unexpected solution – connect the table with a shabby leather sofa.

To make a fashionable designer thing, there is no need to spend a lot of time and effort on preliminary cleaning of a worn-out table from old paint. It is not even necessary to brush off a layer of dust from it – it is enough to cover it with several layers of colorless varnish. If you want to paint your artwork, choose cool shades such as wet asphalt, dark brown, black, metallic. Or, on the contrary, leave it as a bright spot in the middle of the room, painting it white or pale blue. Shades of burgundy and brick are also welcome..


When choosing a desk, one should not forget that the concept of “loft” is characterized by large sizes and some carelessness in decoration. It’s not bad if the legs are on wheels, then it can be moved around the room. You can even go even further and build a tabletop right on the old wheels from the car. Such a piece of furniture will definitely not go unnoticed..

Traditionally, a writing desk assumes the presence of a curbstone or a drawer for writing utensils. So, the manufacturers of the Dutch brand Loft came up with a model Sea Container W, where the table top is made of solid oak, and the legs and the built-in cabinet are made of corrugated metal.

The designers of the Dutch company approached the decision of making a desk in an unconventional way. Desk Convair Left. They decided to use aluminum as the main material for manufacturing and gave the tabletop the shape of an aircraft wing..

Garden tables

As a material for the manufacture of garden furniture, natural materials are most often used – wood and rattan. A round rattan table with a glass top will look equally good on an open veranda, in a home living room, and in a summer cafe..

For furniture in the “loft” style in general and for garden furniture in particular, the presence of scuffs, cracks and even small chips is characteristic. Such a clear touch of time will add chic and solidity to the furniture..

If the soul asks for something like that, you can connect several round wooden cuts to each other, and make the legs from the remains of iron reinforcement.

Bar counters

At the mention of a bar, an association arises with something large-scale and solid. It is these features that are characteristic of the described style. This type of furniture is characterized by clear and understandable geometry and correct lines..

The tops of the loft-style bar tables can be made of solid timber. Other materials are less commonly used. Models of bar tables with adjustable legs are very interesting..

At the same time, it is not necessary that there must be four of these very legs. It can be one or more metal supports..

How to make a table in style "loft" do it yourself, see below.

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