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The wardrobe is a versatile and very convenient type of furniture for storing various things – from bed linen to cutlery. With the help of such a piece of furniture, you can effectively and quickly put the room in order. All unnecessary will be hidden from prying eyes and carefully stored. In modern stores, a huge variety of cabinets of various configurations and colors are presented, so today everyone can easily find exactly what he needs. And to make it easier for you to decide on the choice and find a wardrobe that is the best fit for your apartment, we offer you some tips for purchasing low wardrobes..

What is it suitable for?

Many people are accustomed to the fact that there must be a huge wardrobe in the house. Sometimes such designs take up most of the room. However, a small cabinet is no less practical to use..

It is perfect for organizing and storing:

  • casual and outerwear;
  • bed linen;
  • toilet accessories;
  • crockery and cutlery;
  • home textiles;
  • books, magazines and other.

And this is not a complete list. You can place anything in these cabinets..

Main types

Low wardrobes can be closed and open, long and compact. It all depends on the purposes for which the furniture will be used and the features of your layout. We list the main types of such structures:

  • Showcase cabinet. This option is characterized by transparent glass doors or completely open shelves. As a rule, such models are used to place beautiful festive dishes, favorite books, original decorative elements. Showcases are ideal for living rooms and bedrooms, giving the space a neatness and completeness.

  • Closet. If you are used to thinking that a wardrobe is a traditional massive construction that takes up an entire room, then this is not the case. Modern manufacturers offer models of any size and configuration. You can order furniture according to your measurements with exactly the dimensions that are needed specifically for your apartment. Thus, you will receive a small but roomy wardrobe that will reliably hide everything under convenient sliding doors on rails..

  • Angular. Such design options allow you to use the so-called “dead zones” of the room. You will significantly save space, while the design will look stylish and original. When choosing such a cabinet, you should make it a little wider and longer so that there is more useful space in it..

So you can easily place everything you need in it..

  • Wardrobe chest of drawers. This is a classic type of low construction. It consists of a body and several drawers. Such furniture is ideal for linen and clothes in the bedroom or dressing room..

Also, wardrobes differ in the types of materials from which they are made:

  • Solid wood and veneer;
  • MDF and chipboard;
  • Plastic and PFC films,
  • Other options.

Depending on the model, the designs are complemented with elements of glass, aluminum, enamel, as well as a mirror.

Also, the designs differ depending on the type of filling. For example, models of dressers with drawers are considered traditional. However, there are no fewer cabinets on sale with spacious baskets and convenient shelves inside. To choose the right furniture, decide what you will store in it..

How to arrange?

First of all, one should proceed from the general design of the room. It is not always necessary to mask such an interior item, wanting it to take up as little space as possible. If your apartment is decorated in a glam vintage, retro or country style, massive dressers will only decorate it, since these design directions are characterized by heavy, squat furniture, which has a special emphasis. That is why wardrobes are placed in a prominent place, emphasizing the charm and originality of style. In other cases, for example, when the room is made in a classic or Provencal style, it should not stand out too much..

If you are the owner of a small apartment and want to distribute the space in it as efficiently as possible, then the best solution would be to use a closet to divide the room. Of course, taller designs or larger racks are more suitable for this purpose. However, even with the help of a low product, you can visually effectively zone a room. In this way, you can differentiate between the kitchen and dining area or the space in the living room, dividing the work area and the place to relax..

The ideal option would be to place it on a sturdy countertop. So not a single inch of your room is wasted..

Also, many put low cabinets along the wall, under the TV, a large mirror, next to the bed. If you position the wardrobe, it will become an excellent and comfortable dressing table. At the same time, you can quickly find the things you need. In the case when the structure is located under the TV, it can be functionally supplemented with narrow and tall cabinets standing on both sides of the chest of drawers.

Moreover, more and more often, many buyers choose such pieces of furniture to organize a place on the balcony. After all, it is there that a huge number of things accumulate, which can only sow disorder and confusion. Place the cabinet along the narrow balcony wall and place several shelves above it. So you will have all the items in order and you will not be looking for old boots or toys for a long time..

Hopefully, the tips in this article will help you choose the perfect design that works for your home. Experiment and find other ways to use low cabinets in the interior.

This way you can make the most of the space in your home and keep things tidy at all times..

You can find out how to choose a suitable wardrobe for home by watching the video below.

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