Luntek mattresses

Luntek mattresses

Luntek mattress factory is a full cycle company. This means that we have our own production of the main part – the spring block. All these factors significantly affect the cost, making it minimal. The assortment includes different sizes. Customer reviews speak about the quality of Luntek products, their reliability and durability..

Series “Luntek 18”

Mattress “Luntek 18 Medium Eco” can be bought for 5.5 thousand rubles. The minimum size of the product is 70×170 cm, the maximum is 220×230 cm. The cover is made of polycotton. In the center there is a unique spring block Luntek 18. And to the right and left of it there is a felt and 1 centimeter of polyurethane foam.

Spring block provides medium stiffness and orthopedic effect. Such properties are obtained due to a small amount of filler and high springs – 18 centimeters. After sleeping on such a mattress, you can be sure that the morning will be really good. For one berth, 100 kilograms are permissible.

In the Luntek 18 line, all mattresses are made on high springs – 18 centimeters instead of the standard 14 cm. Prices range from 5.5 to 14.5 thousand rubles. Model “Luntek Foam 2” costs 6 thousand 400 rubles. Independent springs have medium stiffness. Maximum weight per piece – 120 kilograms.

Per square meter of mattress model “Luntek Foam 2” there are 256 springs. As a filler – 2 centimeters of polyurethane foam. The cover is made of cotton jacquard. The mattress has an orthopedic effect. Its height is 22 centimeters.

Lineup “Patriot”

Patriot mattresses are made on springs “Multipackage”. This line from the Luntek company is distinguished by orthopedic properties, the spring block is distinguished by an increased number of springs. The company, in addition to the usual sizes, also offers non-standard ones. The most budgetary option in the lineup Patriot – mattress Luntek Patriot Cocos 625. You will have to pay a little more than 6 thousand rubles for it..

The rigidity of this model is moderate. The height is 15 centimeters, the load is no more than 150 kilograms per seat. The spring block is particularly strong and supportive. The mattress is made of coconut nut, the filling is 1 centimeter, it will help the spine to recover overnight. The cover is made of polycotton.

It must be remembered that the right mattress will help you sleep, rest and support your back health. Coconut filling will ensure a comfortable sleep even in hot weather, as it will provide proper and reliable ventilation. Luntek manufactures mattresses in different price categories, so everyone can choose a model to their liking. The product warranty is almost 10 years. Therefore, there is no doubt that the mattress will maintain its shape and rigidity all this time..


The Micro series are mattresses with micro springs. Only natural materials are used as a filler. There are 1100 springs per 1 square meter of the product. The price of mattresses in the “Micro” line varies from 14 to 61 thousand rubles.

Those who like to sleep on a soft bed will love the model Luntek Latex Micro for almost 15 thousand rubles. The height of this mattress is 20 centimeters. By the type of hardness, it belongs to soft products. The load on one berth reaches 170 kilograms. The mattress is reversible, so it can be used longer and more efficiently.

The cover is made of cotton jacquard and filled with 3 cm of natural latex. It is breathable and environmentally friendly. Such a filler will not overheat, accumulate dust and dirt, and retain moisture. The manufacturer himself calls this product the softest and most comfortable of the entire series. For your spine, such an acquisition will be very useful and necessary..

The support block of 3 thousand micro-springs will provide your back with the necessary reliable support and orthopedic effect. In the correct position, the spine stretches, relaxes and rests. The mattress has anatomical properties and conforms to the shape of the body. It helps you gain strength and sleep..

Premium class

Premium models of mattresses are presented in the collection “MicroZone”. The price starts from 19 thousand rubles and reaches almost 97 thousand rubles. A special feature of this series is a block with independent springs. It is designed for heavy loads – up to 170 kilograms per sleeping place.

A popular model is the mattress “Ultra Comfort Mix MicroZone”. Its cost is just over 32 thousand rubles. However, you can wait for the discount and buy with a 20% discount for 26 thousand rubles.

Soft velor cover “Antistress” covers a mattress filled with memorix, its thickness is 4 centimeters. On the one hand, the product is a coating for those who like it softer. And on the other side of the spring block is 3 centimeters of natural latex and a centimeter of coconut coir. Such a variety of fillers helps to achieve maximum comfort while sleeping.

The springs have different stiffness, so there are different zones on the mattress that will be comfortable for everyone. All this allows you to correctly distribute the load. The soft side of the mattress ensures the correct position of the back as well as the hard surface.

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