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Mattresses Magniflex very popular and in demand all over the world. They have been produced in the Italian city of Prato for 55 years. The company is deservedly a leader in the market for the production of orthopedic mattresses.


The company manufactures products of very high quality with the following properties:

  • all models of mattresses are produced on a springless basis, as a result of which there is no magnetic and electrostatic effect on the human body;
  • the possibility of using mattresses for beds with a rising headboard due to their ability to bend and take a given shape without losing the orthopedic properties of the product;
  • more effective removal of back pressure, in contrast to mattresses equipped with a spring block;

  • excellent anatomical properties due to the high point elasticity of mattresses and the ability to follow all the curves of the human body;
  • availability of European and Russian certificates of conformity and recommendations of the State Institute of Orthopedics and Traumatology named after N.N. Priorov;
  • production only in Italy under the strict quality control of the company’s specialists;
  • the use of the latest materials developed specifically for the space field and used by NASA;

  • the presence of vacuum packaging of products, which allows you to reduce the volume during transportation by up to 90% and keep the surface of the mattress in perfect cleanliness;
  • manufacturer’s guarantee of preservation of the medicinal properties of products from 12 to 20 years, depending on the model;
  • the use of combined materials when sewing covers, which makes it possible to produce winter-summer versions;
  • all products of the company are fireproof, wear-resistant, durable, hypoallergenic, hygienic, hygroscopic and well ventilated;
  • thanks to the use of special filling, the mattresses have a “memory effect”.


The company has launched the production of several collections of orthopedic, children’s and luxury mattresses.

Elite models:

  • “Fresh Gel” produced with Magnigel filler They have a “memory effect” and an additional thermoregulation function. These items cool in the heat and help keep you warm in the cold. They are presented in the following models: “Fresh Gel 9” – a hard mattress 23 cm high, “Fresh Gel 10” – a medium hard 25 cm mattress and a 12th medium soft model 30 cm high;
  • “Imperiale” – mattresses with increased anatomical and orthopedic effects;

  • “Virtus” – luxury products made with camel wool, silk, cashmere, horsehair. Filler Magniform and Memoform, endowed with “memory”;
  • “Hamony” – Royal class mattress. Removable viscose cover, Dual Core technology, Memoform filling, thickness 8 cm;

  • “Magnificant” and Comfort Delux equipped with a 12 cm layer of filler, cover made of Outlast thermal fabric;
  • “Stretching” has an orthopedic effect, improves the condition of the muscles of the back and spine;
  • “Rest 9, 10, 12” – premium-class products, there is a memory effect, performed in hard, medium-hard and medium-soft versions, with a height of 23, 25 and 30 cm, respectively.

Orthopedic models:

  • “Merino” (Merinos) is used for joint pain, back pain, scoliosis. Suitable for athletes experiencing serious physical activity, adolescents and overweight people. Equipped with a double-sided cover, height 16 cm;
  • “Waterlattex” – medium firm mattress with latex foam filling. Available with covers of two options: with completely cotton and combined, when one side is made of wool and the other is made of cotton;

Recommended for people over 20 years old, pregnant women, as well as people suffering from pain in the legs and lower back, hernias, respiratory diseases and those who like to sleep on their stomach.

  • “Merino Bamboo” – a moderately firm mattress with a corrugated surface, which gives it light massage properties. The cover is made of a material with the addition of bamboo fibers, which gives it antiseptic and deodorant properties, and the pectin included in bamboo has a beneficial effect on the skin;
  • “Naturalmente2 or “New Naturcomfort” – high-comfort mattress, Memoform filling with memory, has a thickness of 4 cm. The product has high orthopedic properties and elasticity, there is no response pressure, high anatomical qualities and point elasticity ensure exact repetition of all body shapes, which contributes to an even distribution of weight. This relieves pain in the neck and back, improves blood flow and reduces the likelihood of leg swelling. Material “Wooden Fiber” containing fir fibers is highly hygroscopic and helps to normalize heat transfer;

  • “Memorie” possesses the highest level of comfort, this is a new development of the company’s specialists, it is made only from natural raw materials and has increased orthopedic properties. Equipped with a snow-white removable cover, Elioform filler and an additional 5 cm thick Eliosoft massage layer. It is indicated for people with damaged joints, blood congestion, pain in the muscles of the back and spine, overweight and cellulite. The product is resilient, elastic and has a long service life;

  • “Stile” – a new model that satisfies the needs of even the most demanding customers. The mattresses are completely natural, equipped with a snow-white viscose cover, which is hygroscopic, breathable and does not electrify. The products of this collection are elastic and rigid, reminiscent of the famous “S model”, only more refined. The filler is Elioform latex foam, which has good ventilation and prevents dust mites. Service life – up to 10 years, available in several heights – from 15 to 20 cm, rolled up and vacuum packed;

  • “Pensiero” – also a novelty of the company, an improved version of the Stile model. Medium firm mattress with a snow-white viscose hypoallergenic cover, Elioform Magniflex filler, which, due to its fine-pored high-density structure, has increased ventilation and a long service life. The upper side of the product has a 2 cm Memoform layer, and the lower one is made of elastic Elioform, which makes the model a bilateral type and provides excellent support for the spine and back muscles. Produced in different heights from 15 to 30 cm, sizes from 80 x 180 to 160 x 200 cm and has a memory effect.

Children’s models:

  • “B-Bamboo” – model 10 cm high with excellent orthopedic and anatomical qualities, the cover is made of fabric with bamboo fibers, which makes the product completely hypoallergenic and safe for the child. This fabric has antibacterial and deodorizing properties, absorbs moisture, breathes and has the Oeko-tex quality certificate. Elioform filler 8 cm thick;.
  • “Magniflex Merino” developed by the company’s specialists together with orthopedic doctors, which made it possible to take into account all the features of a growing organism. The product has antiseptic properties, hypoallergenic and is recommended for the prevention of scoliosis. Eliocel 40 filler is equipped with a winter-summer cover.

Materials (edit)

All materials used for the production of mattresses are environmentally friendly and have excellent performance properties..

The outer covering is represented by fabrics with wood fiber, fine-fleece sheep wool, natural bamboo and cotton, as well as dense percale:

  • “Outlast” – an excellent regulator of heat transfer, used in the outer and inner layers. The fabric was developed for use in astronautics and was used in the manufacture of space suits;
  • “Coolmax” twice softer than cotton, hygroscopic, has a wear resistance in relation to washing, 10 times higher than that of cotton fabrics;

  • “Viscose” – artificial silk. It absorbs and evaporates moisture well, it is well ventilated;
  • Satin Viscose – soft hygroscopic satin, breathable and pleasant to the touch;
  • “3D Band” – three-dimensional odor-neutralizing fabric, perfectly reduces humidity and allows air to pass through.

Inner layers are made of camel and sheep wool, horsehair, cashmere, linen, silk and cotton.

Fillers are represented by the following materials:

  • Memoform – smart foam. Elastic material that repeats the shape of the human body and instantly returns to its original position when getting up from such a mattress;
  • Eliosoft made from natural latex, soft yet durable, excellent hygroscopicity, ventilated and environmentally friendly;

  • Memory consists of very small springs compressed by heat and weight. Distributes weight evenly and relaxes the muscles of the back and neck. Due to the point elasticity, the orthopedic properties of this material are very high;
  • Eliocel – microporous material, has antibacterial properties, excellent moisture and air permeability;
  • Waterlattex – a porous material created from natural latex, water and polymers, made by foaming and subsequent vulcanization.


Mattresses “Magniflex” have a lot of positive reviews due to the convenience and reliability, time-tested. Consumers note the following advantages of the products:

  • sold compact, rolled and sealed in a vacuum package. This ensures the ideal presentation of the product and ease of transportation;
  • the possibility of purchasing models for children;
  • guaranteed long service life;
  • excellent orthopedic and anatomical qualities of products;
  • a large model range with the possibility of purchasing a product of the desired stiffness;

  • a wide price range allows you to buy a mattress of any category: from premium products to relatively inexpensive models;
  • attractive appearance;
  • the use of environmentally friendly natural materials in the production of mattresses;
  • relief of pain syndromes of muscles of various etiologies;
  • implementation of a full production cycle at one enterprise, which excludes the possibility of counterfeiting;
  • availability of recommendations of the Russian Institute of Orthopedics and Traumatology.

Mattresses “Magniflex” are the result of many years of work of the company’s specialists, who, using many years of experience, have achieved the creation of ideal products, famous for their orthopedic properties and performance.

How to unpack the Magniflex mattress, see below.

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