Mattress covers

Mattress covers

Modern manufacturers present to the attention of consumers many varieties of bedding. Mattress covers occupy a special place in this list.. These products protect the surface from various contaminants.. In addition, they allow you to preserve the original appearance of the mattress. These products are presented in a fairly wide range, which you need to familiarize yourself with.

Why do you need?

To begin with, it should be said that the covers differ significantly from the mattress covers, but not everyone sees this difference. The peculiarity of the first options is that they completely protect the mattress from all sides..

The use of covers allows you to keep the mattress clean for a long time. Without the use of such options, dust mites multiply on the surface, which can harm the human body..

Mattress covers avoid many common problems such as dirt and moisture build-up.

In addition, protective products prevent moisture from entering. Dampness is known to shorten the life of any mattress. This is due to the fact that under the influence of moisture, the foam wears out, loses its original properties. To prevent such problems, special cases with a waterproof layer are used. Such options do not absorb moisture at all and have a long service life..


Both the cover and the mattress topper have a lot of positive qualities. But the first type is more reliable, since it closes the mattress from all sides, as mentioned above. One of the main features of the covers is that most of them are hypoallergenic.. Thanks to this, you can avoid discomfort during sleep, which often happens with allergies..

Covers that are used for modern orthopedic mattresses have good elasticity. Due to this, the surface material does not interfere with the filler to fully “show” its properties. In the presence of good elasticity, the cover will not lose its qualities even with prolonged use.

An important feature is breathability. This avoids moisture build-up and ensures normal air circulation. Thanks to this quality, harmful dust mites do not accumulate in the mattress.

Another important feature is the hydrofibability of the product. Excessive moisture should not be absorbed into the base of the cover. Otherwise, over time, an unpleasant odor and other negative consequences will appear..

What are?

Today, manufacturers produce many types of mattress covers, which differ not only in the material used, but also in size and shape. For example, protective products are used not only at home. Covers are often used for hospital mattresses that are difficult to clean. The use of such a product avoids the accumulation of dust, dirt and the development of harmful microorganisms..

In addition, there are special waterproof covers for medical equipment. Basically, these options help in the care of critically ill patients. For the manufacture of covers, high-quality hypoallergenic materials are used that are easy to clean.

Waterproof options are in high demand among buyers.. These products are ideal for both baby and hospital mattresses. At the base, exclusively moisture-resistant fabrics are used that do not allow water to pass through the base. Often, standard cotton is used for the top..

As noted above, products for mattresses differ in some parameters. Manufacturers release options, the difference in which lies in the form. For example, in addition to standard rectangular models, there are covers for round mattresses. Square products are no less common..


To create covers, high-quality fabrics are used, which are distinguished by their reliability and durability.. Bamboo is often used to create the base, which has antibacterial properties. The bamboo cover does not get wet and is easy to clean. In addition, such products are lightweight and elastic..

Quilted type of covers is no less popular among buyers.. These protective models are ideal for both adults and children. As for the quilted mattress covers, a synthetic winterizer is used to fill them. The peculiarity of these options is that they are intended exclusively for hard mattresses..

Often, a material such as jacquard is used to create covers.. The basis of the fabric is natural cotton (about 80%) and synthetic fibers. This combination is the most optimal. The main advantage of the material is its high resistance to all influences.

Natural fabrics are especially popular among buyers.. They are stable and quality. Covers protect mattresses and fillings well from damage and have a comfortable surface.

Natural materials are often combined with synthetic fibers. These options have excellent performance properties..

Dimensions (edit)

On the modern market there is a fairly wide range of sizes of mattress covers. Standard options include models with parameters 145×200 cm and 160×200 cm. These types are suitable for mattresses designed for single beds.

In addition, manufacturers produce covers with parameters 200×200 cm and 200×210 cm. These models are designed for double beds.

Children’s covers are no less popular. Standard parameters – 120×60 cm. These models are suitable for mattresses used for cots.

Which to choose?

When choosing the right mattress cover, there are several important parameters to consider. First, it must be said that there are removable and non-removable options. The advantage of the first type is that the products lend themselves well to cleaning.. Particular attention must be paid to the material from which the model is made.

For example, jacquard fiber is often used to create covers. Manufacturers do not recommend washing products, as they quickly lose their original qualities. It is best to dry-clean the cover..

Particular attention must be paid to the fact that the removable cover tends to get lost. Therefore, it is not always possible to remove it yourself..

As for non-removable models, they also have certain features. For example, the base is often supplemented with various elements in the form of a viewing zipper or a carrying handle. But it is necessary to take into account the moment that if dirt appears on the surface, you will have to call a specialist from the dry cleaner, since you will not be able to clean it yourself.

Models with zippers are especially popular among consumers.. The main advantage of the products is that in their absence, mattresses still remain an independent item. It is worth noting that in addition to the fact that the models have protective qualities, they well complement the overall interior environment..

These covers are presented in a fairly wide assortment, which allows you to choose the product in accordance with the colors and structure of other elements in the room. There are certain requirements for these models, which should be taken into account in the selection process. This applies to the naturalness, density and reliability of the material..

Antiallergenic protective coatings are in high demand among buyers.. The peculiarity of these models is the presence of dust-repellent and antistatic properties. Often, special substances are used to process materials that kill bacteria and are absolutely harmless to human health..

Particular attention should be paid to children’s waterproof options. They are ideal for arranging a sleeping place for a child. The products have a slightly rough texture, so that the sheet does not slide off the surface. Special antibacterial compounds are used to treat the covers..

On a hard mattress

Often softer coverings are used to soften the hardness of the mattress. The basis of the mattress toppers includes synthetic fillers with hypoallergenic properties. Models with quilted types are in high demand among buyers. For example, it can be filled with wool or cotton..

The main requirement for the material is harmlessness. The main advantage of covers is that they perform not only a protective function, but also significantly increase the level of comfort, which is important during rest and sleep..

Orthopedic mattress covers are especially popular.. They are able to raise the height and hide the irregularities that have formed when using the mattress. If you want to make the bed softer, pay attention to the product, which is based on polyurethane foam.. The peculiarity of this material is that it “remembers” the shape of the human body during sleep.

How to care?

Like any product, the mattress cover needs care. Removable models are easiest to clean. This even applies to those models for the creation of which quilted fabric is used. It is best to use a washing machine for cleaning. You must first familiarize yourself with the detailed information regarding the temperature regime, which is indicated on the cover label.

An important point is the presence of a filler. For example, covers with a polyurethane base are not afraid of high temperatures. As for the cotton options and synthetics, then in this case the usual mode will do. Keep in mind that after washing, the cover may lose its shape. This mostly happens when the wrong mode is selected..

Mattress covers made of natural materials are recommended to be ironed after washing. As for the models with filler, in this case, tempo processing will be superfluous..

If the cover is difficult to wash, do not repeat this step too often. Refer to regular airing and vacuuming.


As for the operational life of the covers, in this case it all depends on the conditions of use and care of the product. An important point is the quality of the models..

For example, covers made from durable and durable fabrics are ways to last up to 8 years, which is a good indicator. But it is worth getting ready for the fact that the cost of the product will not be the lowest. Even with prolonged use, the covers do not lose their original appearance and properties..

As for budget options, their operational life varies within 1-2 years. After machine processing and long-term use, the products lose their color and elasticity.

An important point is the serviceability of the fittings. This is especially true for those models based on lightning. High-quality covers are always based on expensive fittings that do not lose their functionality for a long time. Models with cheap locks won’t last even a year. But if there is a malfunction, the fittings can still be replaced..

Another significant point is the care of the case.. For washing, you need to use high-quality products that will preserve the properties and type of fabric..


To get acquainted with the advantages and disadvantages of different types of covers in more detail, reviews of buyers who managed to purchase such a product will help. Covers with a waterproof coating are especially popular with consumers. According to people, the main advantage of the models is their excellent protective qualities..

Customers are also pleased that the covers lend themselves well to machine processing. Products are unpretentious in care. But ironing the fabric is not recommended, as there is a water-repellent membrane in the base..

The use of cotton fabric covers provides comfort and convenience during sleep. The sheets do not roll or stray on the surface, which is an important point. Many buyers are satisfied with these products..

The models “Protect-a-Bed“. For the manufacture of covers, natural cotton is used (over 80%). The product is well fixed on the mattress and does not lose its elasticity and properties for a long time. According to buyers, the main advantage of the products is the combination of high quality and affordable prices..

Models from the company “Ascona“. Consumers note that high-quality materials are used to create covers, characterized by a long service life. Some of the models are equipped with nets in the side parts, which promotes normal air circulation.

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