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There is a misconception that an orthopedic mattress is necessary only for people with back problems. Of course, for them such a mattress is an absolutely irreplaceable thing. But any person needs good rest, his mood, well-being and working capacity depend on it. Therefore, the choice of a mattress must be approached wisely. Today we will introduce you to one of the best Russian manufacturers of orthopedic mattresses – the company Askona.

Features and Benefits

Askona products are equipped with universal spring blocks that provide the best support for the spine. Due to the varying degrees of firmness, each person will be able to choose exactly the mattress on which he will be most comfortable to rest..

The springs in these mattresses resemble an hourglass. This shape helps the mattress to be soft and elastic at the same time; it perfectly conforms to the shape of the sleeper’s body, providing the best possible rest and allows you to withstand much greater weight than products with standard straight springs.

Each product of the company is protected against deformation. The fact is that before placing the spring inside the cover, it is compressed a little. And it turns out that it is always in a tense state, which gives the mattress superelasticity..

Askona mattresses are made from proven hypoallergenic materials, both natural and synthetic: latex, felt, coconut, holofiber, flax, cotton, sheep wool, etc..


The company produces many varieties of mattresses for every taste and budget. Among them stands out ruler “Fitness” – luxury products designed specifically to ensure the fastest possible recovery of energy and vitality.


The Askona “Fitness” series includes several types of mattresses:

  • “Arena”. It has an anatomical shape and medium rigidity. The filler is coconut. It allows air to circulate freely and prevents moisture build-up. The price of the mattress is quite affordable. “Arena” is suitable for those who like to relax on a harder surface;
  • “Liga”. Designed for those who cannot imagine their life without sports, or who simply work a lot and actively, being constantly on the move. This mattress is equipped with a unique massaging layer that helps the muscles of the whole body to relax after a busy day;
  • “Formula”. Mattress with self-adjustable firmness. On the one hand, it is made of latex, intended for lovers of soft featherbeds, on the other hand, it has the same massaging layer as “Liga”. You can choose which side to sleep on in order to recover in the best possible way and face the new day in a great mood;
  • “Leader”. An excellent supermodern product with the function of “memorizing” the characteristics of your body. It perfectly adapts to any body type and sleeping position, making it even more comfortable;
  • Sprint. Its distinctive feature and advantage is its ability to withstand a large weight (140 kg). Has medium hardness.

All mattresses of the “Fitness” line have a guarantee from 18 months to 25 years (depending on the configuration).

Indications for use

Be sure to purchase such a mattress if you have:

  • Any problems with the spine and the musculoskeletal system: there is osteochondrosis, scoliosis, spondylolisthesis, etc.;
  • Poor posture;
  • Back pain of various origins;
  • There is a recovery period after a spinal injury.

Since Askona mattresses are orthopedic, there are special indications for their use, but remember that even if you are completely healthy, you can never neglect the opportunity to get a good and comfortable sleep. A lot of health problems arise precisely because of lack of sleep or discomfort during a night’s rest..


Orthopedic mattresses have no contraindications as such. They can be used by all without exception. The only recommendation: if you have suffered a severe spinal injury or have an intervertebral hernia, prior consultation with a specialist will be needed.


Mattresses by Askona firmly established themselves in the Russian market and became the sales leaders in their market segment. And it’s not just that: at a fairly high cost, they perform all the promised functions so well that they have won many fans. Many people note that after some time after the start of use, their back pain has decreased or completely disappeared, the quality of sleep has improved, there is no feeling of fatigue and “weakness” in the morning, on the contrary – the head is fresh, the muscles are relaxed and rested.

There are also negative reviews, although there are few of them. Basically, consumer dissatisfaction is due to a rather high price or incorrect selection of the mattress firmness. Therefore, before making such a rather expensive purchase, you need to test several models. You may have to wait a while until the selected mattress is available, but it is worth it – your body will say “thank you” and will thank you with a good mood and a charge of vivacity for the whole day!

For more information on the “Fitness” collection, see the following video.

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