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Sleep is one of the most important periods of our life, since at this time we rest, we store up energy for the whole working day. In addition, we spend a third of our lives in sleep. And one of the components of a good sleep is buying a quality orthopedic mattress. One of the companies in the bedding market offering such mattresses is the brand “Promtex-Orient“.


“Promtex-Orient” is a Russian company, the production of which is located in the city of Moscow. Its main activity is the production of custom-made elite-class orthopedic mattresses. The products of the company “Promtex-Orient” have a number of advantages.

Models are made individually for the customer. Here, not only the required dimensions of the product are taken into account, but also the filling of the sample is selected depending on the height, weight and age of the person who will sleep on it. And this is the main goal of the company, distinguishing it from competitors..

The factory is equipped with high quality modern equipment. This allows us to fulfill orders as soon as possible..

The company employs highly qualified employees who professionally and accurately carry out their duties. As a result, you get the highest quality products.

In the manufacture of mattresses, only high-quality raw materials and materials are used that meet all the standards adopted in the Russian Federation.

All models of orthopedic mattresses are guaranteed for up to two years. And on some models of springless sleep bases, the warranty has been extended to five years..

The cost of the products of this company will pleasantly surprise you, because the prices for it are very affordable.

Manufacturing technology

Several filling technologies are used in “Promtex-Orient” mattresses, which were developed together with specialists in the field of orthopedics..

First of all, these are, of course, products with a spring block. This technology has been used in the manufacture of mattresses for a long time. The company “Promtex-Orient” has finalized it and created samples that will provide comfort throughout the night.

There are also products in the filling of which independent spring blocks are used. Here, each supporting element is placed in a separate package. There are several different options for this filling, where the diameter, height and number of springs vary. This allows you to make a base that adapts individually to each.

On the sides of all spring mattresses there is a protection that prevents damage to the elements and protects them from deformation. Also, this technology makes it easier to get up from the mattress and gives comfort when sitting on it..

Among the products of “Promtex-Orient” there are also springless mattresses filled with layers of strutoplast, coconut coir or latex. There are models that combine several of the fillers listed above..

How to choose?

The choice of an orthopedic mattress depends on several factors..

First of all, these are tactile sensations. If possible, do not neglect to try lying on the mattress. At the same time, try to take the position in which you are used to sleeping at night. This will allow you to maximize the convenience of the model and decide whether it suits you..

When choosing an orthopedic mattress, you should also pay attention to the age of the person who will sleep on the bed:

  • So, for newborns it is better to choose bases for sleeping with a hard filler. There will be no equal to the coconut plate. Such a mattress will contribute to the correct formation of the spine..

  • Older children also a hard mattress is required, but, among other things, it must endure increased loads, since your child will definitely jump on it. In this case, it is better to choose latex as a filler..
  • Middle-aged people preference should be given to models with medium rigidity, with a filler in the form of a block of independent springs and a comfort zone on top. Such a mattress will perfectly perform anatomical and orthopedic properties, ideally supporting your spine in the correct position. It will also take the stress off him and ensure a comfortable sleep..
  • To old people it is worth paying attention to softer models, especially if back pain is already present. Such a mattress will not put pressure on the spine, but will help the back to take the position that is most comfortable for a person..

The choice of the stiffness of the base for sleeping also depends on the weight of the person. So, with a thin physique, you can give preference to any filling. Obese people should choose more rigid models. They will more correctly cope with increased stress and will be able to support all parts of the spine in the desired position. Soft filling will simply bend under heavy weight and lose its orthopedic properties.


The range of mattresses “Promtex-Orient” is large. They are divided into several lines by content:

  • With independent spring block TFK. The filling of these models contains a block of 256 springs per 1 sq. m. Their height is 14 cm. The cover made of high-quality jersey does not allow the sheet to slide off, and is also resistant to various kinds of dirt.
  • Here, the most demanded models are “Soft Comby Economy“. The model has different rigidity on both sides due to a latex plate at the bottom of the mattress and a strutoplastic layer on top. This helps to choose the base on which it will be more pleasant for you to sleep during the period of operation. The cost of a sample measuring 160×200 cm is about 12,000 rubles.
  • Soft Standard Combi 1»Can also be called a 2-in-1 mattress due to the different stiffness of the top and bottom. But it uses a layer of coconut coir and soft latex. The service life of this mattress is about 8 years. The cost of the model is the same size as in the previous case – about 18,000 rubles.

  • With an independent spring Micropocket block, where the number of elements per square meter is 1000 pcs.. This allows you to support the spine, creating a feeling of unique comfort, providing maximum orthopedic and anatomical effect. The cover is also made of jersey, which gives a pleasant tactile sensation. The model “Micropackage Prestige“. There is natural latex in the comfort zone, which ensures the convenience of resting on it. In the lower layer, it is aligned with the coconut coir, which makes the base more rigid. The height of the model is 21 cm, which will allow you to make a royal bed at home. The cost of the mattress “Micropacket Prestige” is about 40,000 rubles for dimensions 160×200 cm.

  • With spring block. This is an economy series, which is available to almost everyone, it does an excellent job with the functions of orthopedic mattresses assigned to it. “Rest Latex Eco»- a model from this line, an excellent choice for equipping hotels or holiday homes. Its artificial latex top layer will ensure comfortable sleep and softness, and the “Bonnel” spring block will support the back in the correct position.

  • Rolled mattresses. This line has been very popular lately. Such models allow you to create an orthopedic base for sleeping even on the sofa. The most popular models here are “Roll Standard 18“,”Roll Standard 10“,”Roll Standard 21“. In filling these mattresses, a layer of eco-foam is used, and the figure indicates the height of the mattress. Also here the model “ErgoRoll“, At the base of which there is a layer of artificial latex.

  • Baby. They are designed according to the needs of the growing body. Various fillers are used, including blocks of independent springs for older children. The cover of these models is made of colored polycotone with a children’s ornament.

The most inexpensive model of this line is “Biba Standard Gross“. In the filling of the mattress, a strutoplast plate is used. Such material is slightly softer than coconut coir, but it is also suitable for equipping a baby’s sleeping place, especially since it is completely hypoallergenic. The cost of a model for a crib is about 3000 rubles.


Buyers speak differently about Promtex-Orient mattresses. Some talk about the rather high quality of the products, their unsurpassed orthopedic properties. Sleeping on such mattresses is comfortable, the back is completely resting during the night.

But some customer reviews are negative. They tell about the smell of glue, manufacturing defects, as well as puffs that form on the case..

Despite this, everyone agrees that the price of this company for the products is very reasonable, and almost everyone can afford the orthopedic mattress “Promtex-Orient”.

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