Memory foam mattresses

Memory foam mattresses

Comfort and relaxation are very important for a fulfilling life. Its absence leads to neuroses, aggression and other unpleasant consequences. Sleep has a big impact on health. A quality stay requires a relaxing atmosphere and a bed with a comfortable mattress. A huge range of these products allows you to choose the ideal option for your physiological characteristics.

Today, memory foam mattresses are very popular. This is an innovative development chosen by connoisseurs of high comfort, as well as people suffering from spinal diseases. Such a mattress will suit even the most demanding customer who is not satisfied with other options. Further in the article, we will consider these products in more detail and find out why they have become widespread.


Memory mattresses get their name from the ability to adapt to the shape of the body, supporting the spine in the correct position, resulting in incredible comfort, accompanied by muscle relaxation. With this mattress, you don’t have to worry about the correct position of your back. This item is ideal for preventing curvature of the spine..

High quality materials are used for manufacturing, such as latex, foam, coconut coir. All this is completely safe for allergy sufferers and children. It is worth noting that a mattress with the above characteristics is not a cheap thing, so in order not to spend money on a fake, buy the product only in specialized stores. Official outlets have the appropriate documentation confirming the quality of the products..


To achieve proper body support, special fillers are used to make memory mattresses. It is thanks to them that this type of product differs from others in its properties..

The most common filler in English, the material is called “Memory Foam”, in the domestic market he was nicknamed “Memorix” or “Form memory”. This innovative material was developed relatively recently, at the beginning of the 19th century. Foam with effect “Memory Foam” – This is an artificial version of the filler, which is based on polyurethane foam. Special components are added to the main raw materials, which turn ordinary polyurethane foam into a wonderful filler.

Latex is also used as a filler. Externally and in terms of functionality, it is very similar to the previous version.. Natural latex, which is used to make mattresses with a special effect, is made from the sap of a rubber tree.

It is worth noting that a special material that instantly repeats the contours of the body and adapts to each person was developed not by workers from the production of sleep products, but by specialists from American space organization NASA. Scientists have been looking for a way to reduce the load on the body of astronauts who are on board a ship in outer space.

After the specialists developed the material, it turned out to be far from perfect and had to be abandoned. But the works of scientists were not in vain, the material began to be actively used in the production of mattresses with an increased level of comfort..

Principle of operation

The porous base of the mattress instantly reacts to stress. As mentioned above, the special structure adjusts to the individual parameters of the figure. The human body has a constant temperature. Under its influence, the special foam becomes soft and takes the shape of the body. As a result, the adaptation is smooth and accurate..

As soon as a person gets up, pressure and temperature cease to affect the filler and the mattress returns to its original state very quickly..

Advantages and disadvantages

Each product has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the above products are no exception. Experts engaged in research of the market of products for good sleep have identified a list of factors that can influence the choice. Do not forget that for a full assessment of all qualities, you need to purchase only certified products.


  • Materials used to make mattresses, safe for people with sensitive skin and allergy-prone.
  • Comfort and relaxation, that these products will give you cannot compare with the sensations even if you sleep on the most expensive spring mattress.
  • Thanks to the special filling in the mattresses harmful microorganisms will not start or small insects.
  • In winter, such a mattress will be especially useful, as it has a warming effect and keeps the temperature for a certain time.
  • Using this type of mattress normalizes the blood circulation process.
  • This is perfect curvature prevention spine.
  • The average warranty period for similar mattresses is 10 years.

Despite the large list of advantages, there is no perfect thing for such wonderful products as memory foam mattresses. also has its drawbacks.

  • The cost of similar models much higher than normal mattresses.
  • If you bought this product for the first time, then in the first days of use, instead of convenience, you will experience discomfort. This is due to the fact that the body needs to get used to new sensations..
  • In the hot season, it is not recommended to use a mattress, as due to the special structure of the filler it can be hot.

Recommended for?

Some buyers who have already tried on themselves a model of a mattress for quality rest declare that they are indeed much more comfortable than ordinary ones, but only after the adaptation period has passed. At first, many are faced with the so-called “Plasticine effect”. Due to the density of the material, it feels like it envelops the body and it becomes difficult to change its position.

It is recommended to consult a podiatrist before purchasing it. Some experts do not recommend choosing this type of mattress for people who do not have back problems. If there are no contraindications, then you can safely update the sleeping place.

Such products are suitable for people who are overweight. “Smart” models are capable of withstanding a load of 200 kilograms, while their properties remain unchanged. By improving blood flow, using these mattresses can help you lose weight and improve your well-being..

What to look for when buying?

Most of the models that are able to maintain the shape and parameters of the body are made without the use of springs. However, there are also spring options on store windows. When choosing a product, you must take into account certain parameters:

  • Filler density.
  • Height and weight of the person who will be using the mattress.
  • Number per square meter and their total.
  • Materials that were used in the manufacture of products, except for the main filler.

In order for the mattress to serve as long as possible, you need to buy a special cover, preferably made from natural fabrics.

Feedback from buyers

Buyers of such products leave a large number of reviews after using it. Some people think that it is not worth spending money on such an expensive purchase and for this money they prefer to buy an ordinary high-quality premium mattress. In this case, you can even save money. You can also often find reviews that praise this type of product. Many have managed to get rid of back pain after buying a mattress with memory function. In addition, such a product helps to correct posture as an addition to therapeutic exercises and exercises..

Do not forget that each person is individual and in order to accurately answer the question of whether such a mattress is suitable or not, you need to test this product personally, and sales consultants in specialized stores will help you choose the best option..

For an overview of memory foam mattresses, see the following video.

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