Mini-walls in the interior of a small room

The modern interior of the living room is a large amount of free space. Problems can arise with its presence if the room itself is small and there are too many things in it. Experienced experts advise to unload the living room, for which you can use spacious storage systems.

In order not to eat up precious meters of the hall, you should not purchase bulky furniture. A neat and compact mini-wall will visually increase the area of ​​the room and add lightness to it.

What it is?

The mini wall looks like a normal living room wall, but much smaller. It looks aesthetically pleasing and visually takes up a minimum of space, unlike a large storage system. The mini-wall fits perfectly into the interior of a small living room, while maintaining the necessary space.

Despite its miniature appearance, this piece of furniture can accommodate a huge variety of items. Some models are equipped with drawers and shelves on which you can install TV and other audio equipment. Various elements installed on open shelves or behind transparent doors will help to emphasize the individuality of the room..

Advantages and disadvantages

Some people consider the mini wall to be a useless piece of furniture that is only intended for TV. However, it has a number of advantages that make its acquisition a necessity..

The main advantage of a small wall is its spaciousness. On its numerous shelves, you can place small items that you want to always have at hand. This can be stationery, photo frames, sewing kits, or jewelry..

It is also very important that a miniature wall takes up very little space, which is important for a small apartment. Lovers of freedom and minimalism will definitely prefer such furniture to its large brothers.

The mini-wall allows you to create an ergonomic and lightweight interior without cluttering the space. It is highly mobile, so you can move it if necessary..

The most important thing is that this product has a much lower cost than a standard wall. But this in no way affects its quality and ergonomics..

Speaking about the cons of this piece of furniture, the following can be highlighted:

  • It is not intended for storing bulky items. It is best to have additional closets in the apartment in which personal belongings will be stored..
  • She can be visually lost surrounded by brighter pieces of furniture, which will make her almost invisible. Therefore, it is only suitable for organizing a small space..

Any furniture has its drawbacks, but a miniature wall is an ideal option for decorating a small hall. Additional storage systems will help eliminate the possibility of errors during its installation..

Selection rules

At first glance, it seems that choosing a mini-wall is an easy process, but it is not. First, it should create the look of the living room, that is, become its decoration. Therefore, it is important to take into account all the nuances of the stylistic direction in the interior..

Secondly, it is important to choose the right colors and textures all pieces of furniture that are located in the hall. The wrong choice of colors will ruin the overall impression of the room, and it will be quite difficult to fix it..

Basic rules for choosing a mini-wall:

  • First you need to measure the room for which the product is selected. After that, you need to create a drawing in a computer program or manually to estimate the dimensions of the room and walls. Having decided on the exact location of the furniture and its dimensions, it will be much easier to find the right option in the store.
  • The right decision will be to select a product at the stage of implementation of the design concept. This is important for determining the design of all pieces of furniture in the room..
  • It is necessary to choose the right colors for the mini-wall and the rest of the furniture. If the residents cannot do this on their own, then you can turn to professionals for help. You can also take a picture of the room and consult with a specialist who will study the features of the room and its furnishings..
  • If the purchase of furniture will take place in a furniture showroom, it is necessary to carefully study the assortment in several stores. So it is possible with a high probability to purchase the ideal option, in all respects suitable for a specific room..
  • It is important to rely on the quality and naturalness of materials when choosing a product. Natural wood and high-quality varnish will make the furniture safe for use, which will undoubtedly have a good effect on the health of the residents..
  • To get a truly perfect product, you need to go to a private workshop that makes custom-made furniture..

Having discussed all the wishes with the master, you can control the production process and directly participate in it. Thus, the customer himself will select the material and design of the mini-wall in order to finally get what he wanted..

The choice of any product involves study of manufacturer reviews and checking for certificates. Only after making sure that the product meets all international standards, you can buy it.

Variety of models

Mini-walls are produced by different companies, and therefore have different types and purposes:

  • The most common is the mini-wall. under the TV. It is equipped with a special niche for TV, audio systems and shelves for storing small items. Moreover, these shelves occupy most of the slide..

  • Corner wall is one of the best ways to save space. Not every room is ready to accommodate a full-fledged wall or a standard mini-wall, so the corner option can save the day.

  • Multifunctional and mobile modular furniture, which, thanks to the individual segments, is easy to move. This will allow you to diversify the interior a little..

  • Stylish hinged mini-walls, which are completely in limbo. It is easy to clean the floor under them and they look impressive..

  • Product with cabinet for clothes will appeal to a family who does not have the opportunity to purchase additional storage systems. This option is most suitable for a small living room or studio apartment..

  • Some models of small walls are produced without a niche for TV, and are equipped with computer desk. Thus, in the living room, you can create a work area in which it will be comfortable to work at a computer..

Location in the interior

The process of installing a miniature wall is as serious as buying it. Necessary take into account the dimensions of the room and furniture, and only then select the appropriate model:

  • It is clear that the corner piece must be placed in the corner. But this corner should be clearly visible from any part of the room and in no case be closed by a door..
  • A functional slide wall should take place in the center of one of the longest walls. In this case, the selected place should be opposite the sofa, so that it is comfortable to watch TV programs from it..
  • For the installation of modular and curtain walls, almost any free space in the room is suitable. But despite this, all accompanying furniture should look harmonious in the interior and not clutter up the space..

Compact mini-wall allows you to solve the problem of a small room, while remaining spacious and practical furniture.

Classic style be sure to choose a strict wooden product with straight, clear lines. It should be done in soothing pastel colors, mainly using browns, beige and gold. The classic assumes the creation of a luxurious appearance of the room, so the mini-slide should look rich.

For modern it is important to use muted tones of natural shades. Furniture should have smooth lines and stained-glass windows with interesting patterns.

Delicate provence does not tolerate pretentiousness and prefers warm bed colors. The mini-wall should be made of natural materials and have a natural texture. Imitation of antiquity and forged elements will look interesting.

White products will visually expand the space and make the room airy, which is sometimes lacking in a small room. But with dark colors, it is better to be careful so as not to spoil the cozy atmosphere..

Mini-walls of the Russian manufacturer and their design in the interior can be seen in the following video.

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