Modular walls

When decorating an apartment, the owners are increasingly striving for the functional placement of objects and furniture. Therefore, preference is given to modular walls. They differ significantly from similar types and have many advantages..



A modular wall is a type of furniture that includes separate units such as a wardrobe, a rack, shelves, cabinets, a table and other elements. At the same time, all the details are made in the same style and color scheme. The main difference between modular furniture and cabinet furniture is mobility. The modules of this system can be placed in any convenient order, changed depending on the mood, interior style or season.. Moreover, this furniture structure has a number of other features:

  • Multifunctionality. One and the same object can serve as both a curbstone and a table. It can fit in the hall, and be transferred to the bedroom or kitchen;
  • Roominess. Thanks to the many sections, shelves and drawers, this design accommodates a large number of items, clothes;
  • Versatility. Such a design of furniture will look appropriate in any room and in any interior of the apartment;

  • Transformation. Today shops offer freedom in choosing this furniture. Now you can purchase not only a ready-made wall, but also create it yourself using the necessary modules. When decorating an office area in the living room, you can purchase a wall with a built-in pull-out table and shelves with many shelves;
  • Ergonomic Such walls are easy to use and maintain. They are easy to assemble, disassemble, hang on the wall (if there are hinged structures);
  • Saving room space. With their help, you can visually and practically save space in a small hall. They help to functionally and practically organize living meters in a room;
  • Availability by price category and assortment. Everyone will be able to choose furniture to their taste and wallet.


A huge range of this type of furniture makes buyers get lost in the choice. To prevent this from happening, you must remember that conditionally modular wall is divided into two main types:

  • corner model;
  • walls of the “slide”.

The corner model is the best solution to save space, as it has a corner module that fits into any corner of the room. As a rule, such a module is a corner wardrobe, which can be used both for clothes and for storing books..

An excellent solution is use of a TV stand at the junction of additional modules. This arrangement will allow you to view the equipment screen from all corners of the room. At the same time, the corner wall is endowed with such additional modules as a rack, cabinets, a curbstone, bookshelves..

This design is a functional solution for small apartments in the event that it itself is not a large-sized item..

“Gorka” is a complex of wardrobes, pencil cases, curbstones, chest of drawers, which differ in height, width and depth. This design gives freedom, both in the choice of the required number of sections, and in their arrangement. In a room, such a wall can be placed along one wall, or it can be divided into several blocks and placed along different walls or in different rooms..

A modern “slide” can be endowed not only with cabinets and cabinets, but also with a workplace and a computer desk..

This becomes especially true when the living room is also an office. Also, this wall can be equipped with various niches: for storing souvenirs, figurines and vases, as well as a bar counter. The latter option is more suitable for a studio apartment, where the living room is combined with the kitchen. Increasingly, you can find a backlit wall that is built into furniture, or with spotlights. This lighting solution allows not only to emphasize the interior of the living room, but also helps to find the necessary thing without turning on the main lamp..

For different rooms

Modular furniture can be located not only in the living room, as it was before, but also in the children’s room and in the bedroom. The choice of a modular wall for a children’s room should be approached with special care.. It is important that this furniture has the following qualities:

  • Strength. Children’s furniture must have increased strength so that it can support the weight of a curious, active child. After all, sooner or later he will begin to master and get acquainted with the territory and things;
  • Variability. Modular furniture is mainly produced in series. This means that you can only purchase those modules that are needed for a specific period. And in the future, if necessary, buy additional modules. This will allow you not to clutter up the nursery, and furnish it functionally and stylishly;
  • Transformation. Children’s furniture with the ability to transform (for example, a sofa bed, table-stand) allows you to save space in the room. At the same time, it is desirable that such furniture can be adjusted in height. It is also important that it can be collected on both the right and left sides, which is especially important for children who write with their left hand;
  • Light weight and small size. This helps parents to independently assemble and disassemble furniture, rearrange from one place to another..

Such furniture gives the room lightness and visually expands the space. She will be able to serve the child for more than one year and will “grow” with him, which will significantly save the family budget.

For a bedroom, a modular wall, which includes a wardrobe, or several small cabinets, niches, a dressing table, an ottoman, a chest of drawers, would also be an excellent option. All this is kept in the same style, and can be decorated with leather, mirrors, plastic or wood inserts..

For a small bedroom, it would be appropriate to put a mini-wall, including small wall cabinets and shelves. For a more spacious room, you can also purchase a corner wall with a wardrobe, dressing table, or a slide wall with spacious shelves and shelves. If you have a large bed, you can purchase a wall with a niche for it. There are wardrobes or cabinets on both sides of the bed, and a deep shelf above the bed, which can be decorated with lighting or neon thread.

Thanks to the rich assortment, the wall can also be selected for the living room in a small apartment. To do this, you just need to purchase furniture with shelves and cabinets small in height and width. For such an apartment, both corner furniture with a single-wing wardrobe and a “slide” with small but roomy shelves are suitable..

Dimensions (edit)

The size range of modern walls is amazing. You can purchase both finished products and make to order according to individual parameters. Regardless of the type and model of the wall, when choosing it is worth paying attention to the dimensions of the room where it will be located:

  • For a spacious room with high ceilings, you can safely order a wall with many horizontal and vertical shelves, which will vary in size. Such shelves, with a symmetrical arrangement, will emphasize the style of the room..
  • For a room with a small area, it is worth purchasing a mini-wall with several hanging shelves and a TV stand. Also, such walls can include narrow shelving with small shelves..

Compact walls can be decorated with mirrors, which will visually expand the space and add meters. For the same purpose, it is worth purchasing walls in light shades and with open sections..

For a large room, but with low ceilings, you can purchase corner model of U-shaped structure. It will divide the room into proportional zones and accommodate the necessary items. For such rooms, it is better to purchase hinged narrow cabinets, racks and shelves that visually stretch the ceiling and make the room more proportional. A corner cabinet with mirrored inserts or glass doors also does the job well..

Actual styles

The choice of the wall largely depends on the style of the interior. It is necessary that it does not stand out from the general stylistic picture of the room. In this case, the wall can become an additional or main part of the interior..

Modern styles such as minimalism and loft include the concept of technology, functionality and simplicity. These are the characteristics that furniture for such styles should have..

Therefore, spacious blocks with spacious shelves are purchased into the room. They can be both floor-standing and suspended. The color composition of such walls should not be bright and variegated – the possible number of colors present is no more than three. At the same time, classic combinations of white with black, gray or brown are appreciated. Glossy surface, mirror or glass, metal fittings and finishes are welcome.

No less popular style today high tech characterized by manufacturability and versatility. Walls in this style should have an extensive TV stand and other audio and video equipment. It is the basis of the composition, where narrow but roomy wardrobes can be located on the sides. You can also complement the curbstone with wall cabinets, niches and shelves. High-tech modular walls are characterized by a monochromatic range, and a glossy surface without decor.

Wall in eco-style must be made of wood, or a material that imitates it. If the space of the room allows, then you can install a corner model with a wardrobe, or a wide wall-slide with numerous modules. You can supplement it with souvenirs, vases and paintings in this style..

Wall for the room in classic style must be elegant and austere. For this, a “slide” with massive shelves, a chest of drawers, a coffee table is suitable. The color palette, as well as the material, is better to choose natural. This will add luxury to the interior..

Color solutions

As you know, classics never go out of style. This also applies to the black and white combination in the interior. Such a tandem helps to emphasize the advantages of the room and hide their flaws. The black and white combination is versatile and suits many modern styles..

Modules of light shades will always be appropriate in any room and will take the accent on themselves. At the same time, framing, inserts or accessories of darker tones will add chic and harmony to the overall interior..

The popular wenge color today is universal. and is combined with almost all colors. The most popular combination is wenge – white, wenge – gray and wenge – green. This combination of shades in modular furniture is suitable for both the living room and the bedroom. A wenge-colored wall in combination with doors, a milky floor will give the room coziness and comfort.

Glossy furniture reflects light well and visually expands the space. White gloss can make a small room more spacious, bright, it will become cozy in it. At the same time, black gloss will add luxury and richness to the interior. Such furniture is suitable for both small-sized apartments and large-area apartments..

Today, manufacturers are not limited in the choice of colors for furniture production. Therefore, you can find models in any shade..

Materials (edit)

For the manufacture of a modular wall, various materials are used – from solid wood to chipboard. A wall made of natural solid wood will always look solid and presentable, but not suitable for all interior style solutions. Such a product requires gentle special care:

  • polishing the surface, as well as cleaning, should be done with special agents as needed;
  • it is necessary to maintain a constant stable temperature in the room, since wood does not tolerate changes in humidity and temperature.

Unpretentious and durable materials for the manufacture of modular furniture are laminated chipboard and MDF, which are the most popular in their environment.. They are chosen by manufacturers for the following qualities:

  • fast and easy processing;
  • good compatibility with other materials;
  • affordable price;
  • multiple finishes with a variety of materials.

Modular furniture made of this material has a wide range of models due to coating with foil or veneer, decoration with glass, leather, and plastic. A variety of furniture is provided by inserts and fittings, which can be made of metal, fabric, plastic. All this allows the furniture to harmoniously fit into any living room interior..

Manufacturers overview.

Correctly selected furniture can radically change the atmosphere of an apartment, so the purchase should be treated with special care. First of all, you need to pay attention to the manufacturer. Today the most popular are companies from Sweden and Italy. Swedish company Ikea renowned for its functional and durable furniture. At the same time, the furniture has a laconic design and simple assembly. A deep assortment of furniture and additional items to it will allow you to choose a product for any interior and taste.

Italian walls are also distinguished by their strength, unusual design and smooth structures. Domestic manufacturers are trying to keep up with their foreign “brothers”, so in their assortment you can find models for every taste and wallet.

Interior design examples

The modular wall is a versatile piece of furniture that will look appropriate both in a Khrushchev building and in a new building, as well as in all rooms of the room. At the same time, there are features in the choice of construction depending on its location:

  • So, a wall in a teenage room should have many small wardrobes or one corner model. If the space of the room allows, then you can choose an option with a niche for a bed, with a desk and a corner wardrobe. For girls, this design can be complemented by a dressing table, an ottoman and several wardrobes..
  • For the living room, the choice of furniture largely depends on the interior and area. In Khrushchev, where small areas, the issue of space zoning is an acute issue. For these purposes, you should purchase a corner model with a single-wing cabinet or a mini-wall with small cabinets. This furniture for small apartments is the best option for arranging the area.

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