One-and-a-half mattresses

A good and sound sleep is the key to a successful day and health in general. But just sleeping for 8 hours is not enough for this. The most important thing is the right mattress. One-and-a-half mattresses are ideal for one person to fully recuperate. The article describes in detail what mattresses are, what their advantages are, and also provides a rating of the most popular manufacturers..


All mattresses are rectangular. As a rule, the width of a half-sleeping mattress is 120 cm – this is the standard, but there are other options. In terms of dimensions, the berth can be divided into four categories:

  1. 120×190 cm;
  2. 140×190 cm;
  3. 120×200 cm;
  4. 140×200 cm.

120 cm wide mattresses are not suitable for two. But for one there will be enough space for a comfortable and sound sleep. If someone prefers the greatest freedom of movement during sleep, then a width of 140 cm would be ideal here.Such mattresses are often used as double mattresses, for example, in small apartments.

Also, do not forget that height is also of great importance..

It all depends on the bed. If you use a sofa for sleeping, then you can use mattresses on it, the height of which varies from 2 to 10 cm. Such a berth can be removed at any time. Regarding standards, the important factor here is whether the spring mattress or not..

Springless ones have a height of 15-25 cm. The most popular is the height of 16 cm. If the base of the mattress is with a spring block, then its height will be much higher. By standards it is 19-32 cm.But as practice shows, mattresses with a height of 20-22 cm are most often purchased.

These are the most basic standards to rely on when choosing a place for sound and healthy sleep..

But still, do not forget about your preferences..

What sizes are?

Stores offer a huge range of mattresses. This is convenient for the simple reason that beds are now produced not only according to standards, but also to order, that is, according to the sizes provided by the buyer. This may depend on the area of ​​the room where the sleeping place will be located, as well as for an adult or for a teenager it will be intended.

The list of sizes of one and a half sleeping mattresses includes the following dimensions (cm):

  • Children’s, teenage sizes: 110×190, 120×190, 125×190, 130×190, 135×190;
  • Adults: 100×200, 110×200, 120×200, 130×200;

The most popular length is 200 cm. A product with these parameters is suitable for any height.

Now let’s take a closer look at the width, which ranges from 100 to 135 cm. A mattress with a width of 100, 110 and 120 cm can be considered a single bed. If the width is greater, then it is quite possible to use it as a double. But when choosing, it is worth remembering that this is a lorry in order to win in price. In some cases, manufacturers make mattresses to order, here the width and length can differ significantly from common standards..

How to choose the right one for the bed?

The mattress and the bed should be one whole, then you will be provided with a sound, healthy sleep. This is so important because when the mattress does not match the size of the bed, it deforms, which immediately affects the well-being of the sleeper..

If the mattress is less than the bed area, then there is free space and it begins to slide out. If it is large, then folds and irregularities are formed..

In order to choose the most comfortable mattress, it is worth remembering that European and American standards differ. The European measure of length and width is centimeters, and in America it is inches. Check carefully where both the mattress and the bed are made.

Experts suggest choosing a bed and mattress from the same manufacturer for reliability. First, it is a guarantee that the dimensions will fit perfectly. Secondly, the manufacturer often makes a discount when buying.

Another good option would be an individual order according to your own measurements. Here, of course, the purchase will be much more expensive. The waiting time can be from several days to a month. It is also worth making sure that the measurements are correct..

In order for the measurements to be correct, you should pay attention to the following nuances:

  1. The bed is measured on the inside.
  2. Measurements taken from the previous mattress will be incorrect, as the product has changed shape during use.
  3. The height of the mattress should be 2-5 cm above the base of the bed.

If all the tips that are presented above are taken into account, then the mattress will be perfectly matched. This means that sleep is guaranteed to be sound..

Materials (edit)

Manufacturers offer a wide range of materials and mattress fillers. The most popular fillers are latex, coconut fiber, polyurethane foam and sheep wool.. Of course, the cost of the product depends on what kind of filler is used..

  1. Latex can be artificial and natural. Made from Hevea juice, which foams.
  2. Coconut fiber – the most popular filler in the production of orthopedic mattresses. Natural material, environmentally friendly.
  3. Polyurethane foam – artificially produced, but environmentally friendly and harmless. Can memorize body position during sleep, which improves the quality of rest. Price category – from the category of Economy.
  4. Sheep’s wool – natural filling that absorbs moisture well, suitable for cold climates.

It is worth noting that coconut fiber is the toughest substrate and latex is the softest. The elasticity and softness of the product also depends on how many layers are used in production. Standard mattresses have 4 layers: a filler or a spring block, depending on the type, more elastic fillers, a soft protective layer and an upper.

The cover is usually made only from natural materials. Most often it is cotton or linen. The surface of the mattress should be breathable, absorb moisture well, and be pleasant to the touch.


When the materials and sizes of the mattress are chosen, it is worth thinking about which type to use:

Spring loaded

There are two types – Bonnel and Pocket. The first type has springs that are interconnected. Durable enough. But in the case of subsidence of one part, the neighboring ones will also bend. The second type – Pocket, has springs that are independent of each other, each covered with a separate layer of material. The number of springs per 1 sq. meter increases the flexibility of the product.


The main difference between such a product is that several layers of different materials are combined here. The height is less than that of the spring.


The filling of this type of mattress is several layers, which differ in material, softness and elasticity. Most often, one side of the product is soft, and the other is dense and hard..

Also, one and a half mattresses are distinguished by the degree of hardness..

  1. Low rigidity suitable for thin people, has a memory function. Most often it is made of foam rubber or has a spring block of the Bonnel type, belongs to the economy class.
  2. Average – one side is soft, the other is hard. Presence of a block of springs and coconut fiber.
  3. High – consists of a dense coconut slab and has an elastic spring block, which is held by a rigid tie. Typically, these mattresses are used to treat.

Choosing a mattress is a very responsible and troublesome business. It is worth considering not only dimensions, but also materials, elasticity, load. Load is usually determined by weight plus 15 kg.

Review of popular firms

Manufacturing companies represented in this rating are world famous, and are also responsible for the quality of products..


A well-known brand that produces mattresses with hourglass springs. This support has a positive effect on the spine. But the manufacturer also produces economy class models. The warranty period for products is from 3 to 25 years.


This manufacturer works with a medium and high price category. All products are made from natural materials. For different stiffness, a different number of layers are used, which alternate. The warranty offered by the company is from 1 to 5 years, but the product can last much longer if you follow all the rules of care.

Dream line

Russian manufacturer. Products are made from environmentally friendly materials. Coconut, thermal felt cloth, latex, holofiber are used as a filler. Two-sided models have been developed for children and adolescents.


Specializes in the manufacture of mattresses, taking into account age restrictions. It contains only natural materials (coconut fiber, artificial latex, polyester). Best known as a manufacturer of mattresses for children and adolescents.


Economy class products. The quality is not inferior to more expensive products. All materials are hypoallergenic and have quality certificates. Warranty – 1.5 years, but the actual service life is much longer.

For information on how to choose the size of the mattress, see the next video.

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