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Coffee tables have long been firmly established in our life as functional and comfortable interior items. This irreplaceable item can be found in almost every living room. However, to date, designers have turned this familiar attribute into original, modern and stylish interior elements. Now on sale you can find many models of very original and unusual coffee tables.

These products are distinguished by their unconventional ideas, unexpected shapes, textures and material combinations. These tables will perfectly fit into modern creative interiors..


Very often, a coffee table serves as a convenient stand for storing various accessories – books, magazines, photographs, figurines, remotes, telephones, cups, cosmetics and other trifles. Therefore, it is very convenient when the table is equipped with various drawers and niches. Sometimes a laptop, tablet and mobile phone are also stored on the coffee table..

However, nowadays, more and more coffee tables are used only as stylish and modern decor elements. They do not perform any function, however, they add a unique flavor to the interior design. What types of tables do not designers come up with – in the form of an aquarium, a clock, a real lawn, a puzzle, a spiral, an animal. There is no limit to the imagination of developers.

Materials (edit)

Coffee tables can be made of glass, metal, plastic, wood, or combinations of these materials. State-of-the-art products can even be made from seemingly elementary materials such as pallets, drywall, and so on..

The most popular products are made of natural wood. They are versatile and fit perfectly into any interior style..

Products made from this material are quite expensive, therefore, models from Particleboard or MDF.

Glass products are no less in demand. Modern glass tables add airiness and lightness to the interior. And the products will become more original and unusual thanks to the use of decorative ornaments in the form of wooden, stone and forged elements..


Glass coffee tables are very popular. And among the glass models, you can also find a lot of original creative products, which are distinguished by the presence of abstract curves, angles, and elegant curls. They blend harmoniously with modern interior designs.

Models of tables look original and creative, the surfaces of which are in the form of irregular quadrangles. These products will look especially stylish and fresh in combination with a bright carpet and furniture. An interesting option for an interior in light colors can be a very creative glass table, one side of which, as it were, rests on a shiny steel sphere..

Glass coffee tables are very popular, the countertops of which are made in the form of a spiral. The glass surface can be completely transparent or matte, light or dark shades. Very unusual models are also obtained by combining various materials, for example, the base of the table can be made of wood, and the upper part of glass.

The table, made in the form of a clock, looks interesting – a table top in the form of a dial of ancient times on wrought iron legs. Another ultra-modern design of the table is made in the form of a glass transparent cube, the surface of which serves as a table top, and inside the figure there is a whole composition on a marine theme.


Original coffee tables made of wood. A table consisting of many rectangular surfaces of different sizes will perfectly fit into a modern interior. Two tabletops located at the top of the structure have the ability to rotate around their axis.

Thus, you can choose such a position of the tabletops to place the required number of people around the table. This option is perfect for an ultra-modern living room..

A round coffee table looks stylish and unusual; at the bottom it has niches for storing various things. As simple as possible and at the same time very original table eco style looks like a cut of a solid tree trunk. Wickerwork made of wicker or rattan also looks interesting..

The table can also be made in the form of a chest. And an even more original solution will be to use a real vintage chest as a coffee table – this is very stylish, and also convenient, since you can store various personal items in the chest or organize a mini-bar inside it.

Unusual interior solutions

To make the interior of your apartment unusual and modern, you can use various original ideas for installing coffee tables, their appearance, sizes and shapes..

The principle of symmetry and pairing is very relevant in interior design today, according to which all interior items are located in the space of the room in pairs and symmetrically.

The same principles can be applied when installing coffee tables indoors. Choose very close or completely identical tables, you can arrange them at some distance from each other, or, conversely, very close (especially in cases where the area of ​​the room is not very large). Having installed 2 coffee tables in your home, you will get an amazingly stylish and very original interior, and you will also be able to conveniently arrange a large number of guests at the tables..

Another interesting trick is installation of low coffee tables in the living room. Their height should be no more than 30 centimeters. Such products are distinguished by laconic forms and clear angles. Table legs are often absent, the color palette is restrained.

Thanks to all these qualities, these products are ideal for modern minimalist interiors in the “eco” style..

You will see even more options for original coffee tables in the next video..

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