Original go storage

Original go storage

Order in the house – order in the head. Therefore, bringing the space of your beloved home into a state of order takes a lot of our time and attention. Everyone knows that cleanliness in a house depends on many components, be it daily cleaning, storage of things or timely seasonal general.

Japanese space organizer Kon Mari claims that you can free yourself from the endless stream of constantly tiring cleaning by solving just one task – storing things..

It is just once having competently organized and structured everything that we own and use every day, there is a chance to forever forget about the standard understanding of cleaning..

There are many features in organizing storage of things according to different systems and concepts, Kon Marie offers a number of simple rules, observing which, you can ensure a happy life both for yourself and for each individual thing in the space of the house..


The first and most important differentiating principle is that all things should be organized in such a way as to take up as little space as possible. Various storage systems help in this: hanging, wall-mounted, separate containers and folders..

Keep only what you love

If a certain particular thing no longer brings joy, get rid of it. It sounds radical enough, but if you try to ask the question “What do I feel?” More often, holding this or that thing in your hands, then the answer and the gradual stage of decluttering will not keep you waiting.

Sparks of joy should fill you when interacting with your favorite wardrobe items, dishes that are displayed on the table or a book in the rack..

Get rid of without regret

This principle applies to things that for some reason do not bring joy when interacting with them, as well as gifts. You can never know for sure whether this or that thing is useful to you, but it is precisely this category of things that does not allow you to say goodbye in time and stop the accumulation of endless trash.

The best option in this case is to be grateful, say “thank you” to things that have served for some time, and look for a new owner for them, or still dispose of.

By the same criterion, it is possible and necessary to let go of impulsively acquired things that have appeared in the house due to another inexplicable impulse. If the thing does not serve practically, does not please, then it is also worth getting rid of it..

Things should always be in sight

To minimize the search for a particular thing, their storage should be organized so that you can easily find what you need..

Deal with things, not rooms

Often we postpone cleaning in full, relying on the area of ​​the apartment and starting in stages (room by room). Thus, the process itself is very delayed and is accompanied by the movement of unnecessary things from one place to another in search of the best for their storage. If, however, you extract all your belongings one-time, get rid of unnecessary ones, and classify and distribute the necessary ones in their places, then the problem can be solved.

For example, it is better not to start cleaning things stored and imprisoned in a separate chest of drawers, but to carry out a full-fledged cleaning of the wardrobe, because things of the same categories can be stored not only in this particular chest of drawers, but also in other places throughout the entire space of the house..

Sort things and put them back in place

If each individual thing in the house has its own place, then its movement can stop, just using it, just return it to the same place.

The rules may sound very simple and resonate in your heart, but in practice it turns out to be not so simple. Let’s look at some examples of multifunctional storage systems for different areas of the house and their direct application..

Home accessories

The first association with the word “thing” in most people is, as a rule, some kind of wardrobe item. Everyday wardrobe and clothes for different seasons are what each of us has.

Note the advantage of storing items vertically in the closet. This method allows you to keep this or that thing fresh and ironed in a suspended state. Also, in this case, organizing a wardrobe, you can easily get a certain thing without disturbing the rest of the order..

At the moment, there are many options for hangers, assuming minimization of the used space. For example, multi-tiered hangers, which are perfect for things of a certain category.

Even when using standard hangers, you can very clearly trace the existence of a classification of things: shirts with shirts, warm jumpers with sweaters, and so on. This is one of the most important principles of organizing a wardrobe..

But how do you store the rest of your stuff? Add, of course. Most organizing professionals advise you to fold them into rectangles. Items are stored upright. Thus, opening the drawer, you have an overview of all things, and to find a T-shirt of a certain color, you do not have to turn over all the other things..

Also, such storage involves folding and distributing things in places immediately after washing..

In order not to disturb the order in rectangular storage, on help comes all sorts of drawers or frame forms for storing clothes. They are especially good for storing underwear, as well as hosiery and socks. They are recommended to be twisted into tight spirals, reducing the volume of occupied space in the chest of drawers..

Seasonal shoes can also be stowed away in such containers without cluttering the hallway space. The same storage systems are convenient to use when traveling..

Storage of kitchen utensils

Order in the kitchen is a reason to spend more time in it, and healthy eating is the fundamental point of our condition in general. There are many common systems for organizing a kitchen: sectioning cutlery, coasters and dividers for dishes, boxes for storing tea, and using jars for cereals and spices. Everyone chooses the option that suits him and tries to stick to it..

Neat minimalistic decoration in the kitchen can be diluted with a bouquet of fresh flowers as a decoration.

Pleasant trifles

Not everyone owns a large library or bookshelf that occupies one of the walls of the apartment, but everyone has a couple of favorite books or magazines..

There are many creative book storage systems out there now. For example, they can be arranged on shelves or on hanging shelves of various geometric shapes. There are even so-called invisible hanging shelves. And your favorites can be placed near the bed on the bedside table or a special pouf.

Such hanging shelves will also easily accommodate your favorite little things, dear souvenirs or other accessories that complement the interior of the house..

Floor baskets or boxes that complement the color scheme of the room will also perfectly fulfill their function, helping to store various things that you do not want to leave in sight: medicines, handmade materials, knitting yarn, detergents and more..

Master Class

If none of the options for storage systems presented in stores does not fit in size or does not fit in color into your interior, this is not a reason to worry, because you can try to come up with something yourself and bring the idea to life by doing it yourself. The value and uniqueness of such inventions will increase many times.

Let’s look at the following life hacks for interior solutions and optimization of storage of various things..

For example, a storage system for cereals. All you need to do is choose cans of a suitable size and shape and attach them to the required place. This option is also suitable for storing other little things: designer parts of different colors or other little things in the pantry..

Braided or knitted items are also simple. In addition to their practical function, they also serve as an excellent accessory for interior decoration and can be made to match the overall design of the room..

To decorate a children’s room, you can use functional bright pockets made of textiles or simple wooden structures made of boxes or beams. To add childishness, try to smooth out sharp geometric shapes, use expanded polystyrene, which will provide some softness..

For example, ordinary plastic boxes wrapped in natural linen fabric and a little imagination – and a unique storage system for a children’s room is ready. The remaining beams will come in handy in making flower beds or decorating other storage areas.

As mentioned earlier, a special order in the closet is achieved not only due to things folded in rectangles, but also their classification by department.

Storage containers can be easily made by yourself. We’ll need different sizes of cardboard boxes and pretty wrapping paper or fabric. The boxes are cut to one selected height, glued together and covered with wrapping paper or cloth. The glue gun will perfectly cope with the task of gluing..

For how to make boxes for storing children’s things with your own hands, see the next video.

Wall decor

If everything is adjusted with storage in the house and the mechanism works like a clock, and it still seems difficult to part with old things, you can find application for various little things in home decor and creating additional comfort.

A unique solution in wall decor can be plain colored paper or paper with ornaments used for origami. By decorating the walls in a chaotic manner, you can achieve a unique interior solution. The main task in this case is to choose the appropriate texture and color scheme..

You can also use pieces of old wallpaper left over from a previous renovation. They make original panels, paintings or ornamented walls..

If the format of the remaining piece is not so large, then try glueing the lamp shade, decorating a couple of files for storing documents, glueing over the protruding steps of the stairs or one of the shelves.

Vintage style lovers will love vinyl records, worn guitars or old suitcases. The abundance of such items can create a separate themed wall in the house..

Decorating walls with photo frames is a separate art. How many formats, different materials and design ideas for wall panels! You can build frames from clay, foam, ceramics and even blind with children. Sometimes frames are not needed at all, you can set the shape yourself or, armed with a suitable tourniquet and clothespins, build a hanging “memory system”.

At the moment, there is a certain stereotype that stickers can be found exclusively in children’s rooms among toys: colorful snowflakes on glass in winter or a heightometer on the wall out of season. This is a big misconception, because the options for modern interior design suggest otherwise. Sometimes the stickers look so realistic that they can hardly be distinguished from professional wall painting, which is not the most budget solution..

The main task is to choose the most suitable image in style and color scheme, which will complement the interior or be a bright accent that will catch the eye.

You can decorate the walls of the room with decorative mirrors or combinations of them. It is enough to choose the shape and size, and then combine them between the most. You can add accents by choosing mirrors that are different from each other, such as products with forged frames or falsetto trim.

Beautiful options in the interior

Stylish storage systems look equally good in both small and large apartments. Interesting and non-standard options fit in different areas and are relevant. Even budget solutions can look decent and create a special interior. Let’s look at the most non-standard solutions for different zones..


The combination of materials and colors in a specific interior area emphasizes its functionality. Even in the hallway, you can place a cozy seating area, find a place for a couple of your favorite magazines, include the internal storage system in a large opening wall mirror, which will allow you to use your favorite perfume before leaving. A collage of family photos or hooks for storing keys can be placed on the wall. A wicker floor basket for raincoats and umbrellas adds extra comfort when paired with a mat of a similar color or material.


The most important subject of the bedroom is, of course, the large bed. It is she who can become the main storage system. Shelving format shelves can be located at the bottom of the bed.


A real children’s room is primarily associated with a large number of containers and boxes, which can even be soft.. The presence of beautiful and structured storage systems will allow even babies to be accustomed to order from a very young age.. Toys are tidied up by category and babies know where they belong.

Living room

A room for relaxation, family evening gatherings or receptions can store many books or beautiful furnishings that fit on the shelves. The most common options are shelving. They look very stylish, you can put a lot of things of different sizes and purposes on them..

Also, storage of small things can provide a multifunctional coffee table..


Storing items in the kitchen should be as practical as possible. Cookware and cutlery are arranged conveniently for daily use. Foods are organized. Any housewife loves order in her kitchen.


Conveniently hanging towels, neatly arranged cleaning products and personal care products – this is what the perfect bathroom looks like. Multifunctional interior baskets, hooks and cups will help in its organization..

Also great if the bathroom has a drying system.

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