Ormatek “Millenium” mattresses

Recently, orthopedic mattresses of the “Ormatek“Series”Millenium 4D”, Which can be considered a huge achievement of manufacturers in this industry. Firm “Ormatek” is one of the largest companies engaged in the production of medical mattresses. She is a leader in her field.

Caring for healthy sleep

Getting rid of sleep problems in our time is not difficult. To do this, it is enough to thoroughly approach the choice of an orthopedic mattress. Thanks to the wide assortment of Ormatek, each customer will be able to choose an option that is ideal for him..

There is an opinion that medical mattresses are necessary only for people with a sore back.. This opinion is erroneous, because an orthopedic mattress warns and prevents deformity of the spine, taking care of the posture as well..

A properly selected mattress is able to relieve the spine of adolescents, preventing or slowing down the development of scoliosis. And these difficult tasks can be easily dealt with by the double-sided “Millenium 4D”.

Orthopedic mattresses of the Ormatek company can relieve a lot of suffering associated with diseases of the spine thanks to the variety of mattresses presented in its line. People who do not understand much in medicine call osteochondrosis the most complex problems with the back, for example, displacement of the disc with a hernia. In this case, the mattress will not have a therapeutic effect, but it will definitely reduce or eliminate pain during sleep..

Also, the orthopedic mattress “Millenium”, due to a specially designed filler, can become a “lifeline” for arthrosis, helping to fix the body in a certain position without creating inconveniences.

How to make the right choice?

There are several criteria that should be followed when choosing an orthopedic mattress. This is filler, stiffness, size, weight of a person, and, of course, price.. Any buyer can always contact the employees of the company “Ormatek” or the hotline, where he will certainly receive advice and assistance in choosing.

Mattress Millenium 4D with independent springs allows the mattress to adapt to its owner, correctly distributing body weight on the surface of the berth.

The company “Ormatek” (one of the best manufacturers in the Russian market in its field), thanks to the latest technologies in production, managed to optimize costs, so the combination of price and quality will pleasantly surprise customers.

GC “Ormatek” is one of the largest Russian manufacturers of medical (orthopedic) mattresses for sleeping. The materials used in the work are seriously tested, since the highest requirements are imposed on them. This is one of the prerequisites of the company.

Spring block EVS-1000

Of course, a mattress is not a doctor who could cure diseases of the spine, but it is quite capable of providing a restful sleep, saving its owner from unpleasant sensations. Like, for example, and Millenium 4D, manufactured with the latest technology with thousands of springs per sleeper.

The orthopedic properties of the mattress depend on the number of springs and the method of their installation.. The block of independent springs used in this version makes the product more comfortable and of high quality, and a large number of them provide an improvement in the healing properties and the correct position of the body.. Due to this, blood circulation improves, the load on the spine decreases and all muscle groups are completely relaxed..

Ormafoam – smart filler

The filler used in mattresses is also important. There are several types of fillers – natural, synthetic and combined.

The mattress should be chosen based on the weight, age and health problems of the person who will use it.. In general, it is not a big problem to buy a mattress now due to the variety of manufacturers on the market, but it is very important to choose the right mattress..

Ormatek took care of its customers by developing a mattress with different hardness. The Millenium product contains fillers of medium and high degree of hardness, which the developers achieved, on the one hand, filling the mattress with a combination of polyester fibers with natural coconut fiber, and on the other with Ormafoam filler.

Ormafoam is a filler that provides medium firmness of the mattress, capable of repeating the shape of the human body, and after use, take its original form.

Buyers’ opinion

Most owners of the Millenium 4D product state that they are very satisfied with the orthopedic properties of the mattress, which do not deteriorate over time. Occasionally, you can see unfavorable customer reviews regarding the smell and unsatisfactory quality of the case, but still the majority of respondents were satisfied with the purchase..


The company has many warehouses in the regions, which makes it easier to purchase Ormatek products. In cities where there is no direct delivery, products are delivered through a transport company, which in our time is a fairly convenient and quick way to receive goods..


The company “Ormatek” started working in 2001 and after 5 years entered the all-Russian market, opening the first representative office in Novosibirsk, putting into operation the modernized equipment. In 2015, Ormatek received high marks from the independent expert community, approval and recommendations for the use of its products.

Being confident in the quality of products, the Ormatek company provides a guarantee for all its products. If you have any questions about the quality of the goods, you should contact the company’s hotline, where the buyer will definitely be helped to solve his problem, but you should contact no later than 10 days after the purchase..

Within seven days, the mattress can be returned or exchanged, if, of course, you have a reason for that..

Millenium mattress with 1000 independent springs per bed at a record price. Incentive video clip see below.

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