Orthopedic beds with lifting mechanism

Orthopedic beds with lifting mechanism

All doctors unanimously declare that only a dream that lasts at least eight hours is considered healthy. But in addition to the duration of sleep, its quality is also influenced by the bed on which we lie. Modern furniture stores offer a huge range of beds with a variety of functions that not only improve the quality of our sleep, but also heal the body..

This type of furniture includes beds with an orthopedic base, which make it possible for people with a problematic spine, back pain or other problems to sleep peacefully. These beds are recommended by many doctors, and together with an orthopedic mattress, they can improve the health of the back and spine..

Spacious and practical beds with a lifting mechanism have become very popular recently, allowing you to save a lot of space with their compact dimensions and at the same time provide additional space for storing items that are unnecessary in everyday life. If you have a small room and there are not so many storage spaces, then this option is perfect for you. And if, in addition to everything, you take care of your body and want to have a healthy back, then orthopedic beds with a lifting mechanism will be the most ideal option for you..

Features and Benefits

The advantages of this type of bed are already evident from the name itself. First of all, it should be noted their orthopedic properties, thanks to which many people have the opportunity to sleep peacefully and not feel discomfort in the spine or lower back at night. A big plus of this model is its compactness, as well as the ability to be located anywhere. At the same time, wherever you put it, it will look organic..

Lift beds not only don’t take up a lot of space, but vice versa, give you extra storage space for items you don’t need to use every day.. This is done with the help of a spacious niche, which sometimes has the parameters of the sleeping place itself. It can be accessed by lifting the mattress and grate. The storage box itself is hidden from prying eyes by the lower bed frame, but despite the seemingly completely enclosed space, the place is well ventilated thanks to a grate made of wooden slats.

By the way, it should be noted that you can raise the berth from either side, so you can safely push the bed against the wall. The mechanism works smoothly, accordingly, it is easy to lift it and even the hostess of the house herself can do this without the help of a man.

This furniture is very durable, the construction is reliable, so you can be sure that it will serve you for a very long period of time. The lineup of most furniture factories includes both adults and children. Orthopedic beds can be found with massage function or firmness adjustment.

How to choose?

When choosing an orthopedic bed with a lifting mechanism, you should pay attention not only to external data, but also to your feelings while resting on it. Be sure to lie down and draw a conclusion according to your feelings and the position of your back.. It is worth looking not only at the above factors, but also at some other details that are inside the furniture..

Mechanism type

There are only three of them: manual, gas and spring. Let’s take a closer look at each of them:

  • Manual mechanism is the most budgetary and ordinary, the principle of its operation is simple: you just need to raise the berth and hold it. True, in this case, it is desirable to have an assistant who will either hold the load with his hands, or will fold or take things out. Unfortunately, doing both at the same time is quite difficult..

  • For beds with small mattresses, the best option would be spring lifting mechanism. It is much easier to lift and hold than the previous one, it is more durable. But still, for heavy orthopedic mattresses, the best option would be the third – gas. This is where gas flavors come into play, allowing you to raise and lower the berth with incredible ease, despite the weight. The process is absolutely silent.

Upholstery material

As a rule, such furniture has a fairly high headboard, which determines the overall aesthetic appearance, as well as design.. The materials for the headboards are different, the choice depends on the taste of the buyer and his wishes:

  • The most practical option is Genuine Leather, which will serve for a long time and give the bed a more expensive look, but this material is not cheap at all.
  • Eco leather – a more budget option, which is absolutely not inferior to the quality of natural. In fact, this material is breathable artificial leather, but its quality is much higher..
  • Another “leather” material is arpatek, it is very durable, wear-resistant and at the same time does not require additional maintenance, it is enough to occasionally wipe it with a rag to remove dust.

  • Suede headboard gives not only the bed, but the whole room as a whole, a luxurious look. Manufacturers often use artificial suede instead of natural for upholstery, as it is easier to care for. Velor, like suede, looks expensive, but, unfortunately, it is not so durable, it wears out quickly.

Internal frame material

When buying, it is important to check the strength of the base, orthopedic grilles, as well as the internal arrangement of the storage box, which can be solid or divided into two or more parts using partitions..

The optimal materials for the frame are:

  • metal – a very durable material that serves its owners for a single year;
  • wood – the most environmentally friendly option, which is best suited for an orthopedic base, but very expensive;
  • Chipboard or other materials, imitating natural wood. As a rule, such beds are much cheaper, but not very high quality..


There are two types of arrangement of mattresses on orthopedic beds with a lifting mechanism: removable and frame. In the first case, you can independently choose the mattress you need according to its orthopedic properties, as well as change the location of the lamellas on the lattice, which is very convenient and practical. The second option is more complicated, since in this case the mattress is an integral part of the frame and after ordering a certain model, you will no longer be able to change it.

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For bedridden patients

Orthopedic beds with a lifting mechanism are most often used in hospitals where bedridden patients cannot get up on their own or even sometimes sit down. They are equipped with an automatic or gas lifting mechanism and are necessarily equipped with an orthopedic mattress for greater convenience. Automatic control is very easy – just press one button, and the bed itself will take the desired position. In the case of the gas option, you will need to pull the special lever towards or away from you and adjust the position.

The mechanism is located in two places: at the head of the bed, so that the patient can sit, for example, while eating or simply at his own request. The second mechanism is located under the feet and is used if there are any problems requiring an elevated position of the limbs..

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