Orthopedic chairs for a computer

In modern society, the most common position of the human body is sitting. And this circumstance gives rise to a lot of health problems. Many will be surprised, but when we sit, the load on the spine increases significantly compared to the load that the spinal column experiences in the standing position of the body. This happens due to the fact that when we sit, the muscles of the back relax and the weight of the body falls on the spine..

That is why it is so important for a person who spends a long time in a sitting position to take care of an orthopedic chair.. Such a thing will allow you to unload those parts of the body that are most susceptible to prolonged stress when sitting, will contribute to an even position of the spine, which will allow you to maintain correct posture and reduce the likelihood of such common diseases as osteochondrosis, scoliosis..


In an orthopedic chair, it is possible to adjust its parts such as the seat, back of the chair, headrest. By choosing the optimal seat depth and height, you reduce the likelihood of joint diseases. Moreover, the most suitable is the height of the chair when the legs are bent at right angles..

Having correctly adjusted the backrest, it will not put pressure on the body, but will create support for all parts of the spine. The back itself should be stiff enough so that the back of the seated person does not fall into it..

The presence of a headrest will support the muscles of the neck, and the adjustment of the angle of its inclination will relieve the cervical spine..

If your chair has armrests, then you can check the correctness of their position in a simple way – if you put your hands on them, the shoulders should remain in the same position, and not rise up.

The presence of a shock absorber minimizes stress on the spine when sitting on a chair.

Selection rules:

  1. Armchair should not hinder your movements;
  2. Necessarily sit in a chair and try it on yourself, you should be comfortable to sit in it;
  3. Materials (edit) from which the chair is made must be environmentally friendly and safe. Many armchairs are designed to provide maximum air circulation;
  4. The amount of time you spend in a sitting position is of direct importance when choosing a product such as an orthopedic chair.. If this time is less than two hours a day, you can choose a simpler chair. If you spend two to six hours sitting, look for full-featured orthopedic chairs. If this time is more than six hours a day, you need to choose a chair that will literally adapt to the person’s movements. Of course, this is the most expensive option. In this case, it is imperative to choose “breathable” fabrics.

For those who practically spend their life at the computer, we can recommend making it easier with the help of an orthopedic chair resting on your knees. It looks like a regular computer chair without armrests with knee support. Soft inserts provide maximum comfort and convenience when using it.

Movable joints allow the chair to adapt to the movements of the person, thereby reducing the load on the body.

For schoolchildren

The child’s body is exposed to very great stress during the beginning of school. And if we take into account that the modern age is closely related to the development of computer technology, it becomes more or less clear why children have so many different diseases associated with the development of the musculoskeletal system..

Of course, parents do their best to preserve the health of their child. Orthopedic chairs for children have their own characteristics. The height adjustment function must be present. The absence of armrests is highly justified in such products, since they are the cause of incorrect body position and, as a result, curvature of the spine.. Pay attention to the environmental friendliness of the materials from which it is made.

Popular models

Expert Vista

Ergonomic chairs Expert Vista (country of origin – South Korea) is distinguished by its stylish laconic design and is perfect for working both in the office and at home. They are made of breathable mesh material, thanks to which the air circulation is not disturbed.

The functions of such chairs are quite diverse, and the price ranges from 18 to 28 thousand rubles. The chair itself consists of a backrest, a seat, armrests, a headrest and a crosspiece, which ensures its stability. The crosspiece is equipped with wheels, which makes the operation of the chair more comfortable.

The back of the chair is quite high, so it is great for tall people, as well as for those with a lot of weight, since such a chair can withstand a weight of up to 120 kg. However, it is worth noting that in height you can adjust both the chair itself and its back separately, as well as choose the optimal angle of inclination. The maximum seat height is 1215-1345 mm, the height of the back itself is 835-970 mm.

The headrest designed to relieve the cervical spine has two positions, from which you can choose the most comfortable one. The armrests can also be adjusted in height, and the optimal position is such that the shoulders remain in place, and do not rise or deviate in any direction.

The chair has a lumbar support to prevent tension in the lumbar spine. And a special mechanism that ensures the rocking of the chair during a person’s movements reduces the pressure of the chair on his body. You can also adjust the seat to the desired depth.

Alpha 80H

The Alpha 80H orthopedic chair is great for people who sit all day long. Existing functions allow you to customize the chair in such a way that you feel as comfortable as possible throughout the day..

The headrest will help you avoid undue stress in the cervical spine. It can be adjusted not only in height, but also in tilt angle. The innovative two-piece double backrest will follow your every movement. Each of the two backrest elements can be adjusted in the most convenient way for you and fixed.

The armrests can be adjusted here not only in height, as in most variants of such chairs, but also in depth, as well as even in the angle of inclination. Such a number of possible adjustment options certainly makes it more comfortable to use..

You can also adjust the existing swing system and either reduce or increase its rigidity..

The product is made of a mesh material that allows the body to breathe, which is especially important for people who spend quite a long time in a sitting position.

The durability of the chair is provided by a six-beam crosspiece. The price of the chair ranges from 60 thousand rubles to 65 thousand rubles.

Smartstool KM01B

Smartstool KM01B chair with knee-supported backrest is perfect for those who spend a lot of time at the computer. The existing knee support, seat tilt adjustment helps to distribute the load in such a way that most of it falls on the pelvis and knees or lower legs. In this case, the spine experiences less stress, the thoracic region turns out to be deployed, which greatly facilitates breathing, and the organs in the abdominal cavity do not experience pressure, which has a beneficial effect on digestion.

The huge advantage of such a product is that it is suitable for both children and adults, since it is possible and quite simple to adjust its height.. The knee support can be fixed in four positions for heights from 110 cm to 195 cm.

The back of the chair can also be adjusted in height and angle, thereby reducing tension in the lumbar spine. The presence of support-wheels helps to change the position of the chair relative to the table, without getting up from it. Its price is approximately 17 thousand rubles.

Optim kid

The Optim Kid chair is designed for children and will help your child maintain their posture. Double orthopedic backrest is able to repeat all movements of the child, while eliminating pressure on the child’s body. They can also be fixed in a position convenient for your child..

The height and depth of the seat can be adjusted for maximum convenience in the use of the product by a child. The back of the chair can be adjusted not only in height, but also in width, which expands the possibilities of using the chair, since it can be adjusted for a specific child. Corset lumbar support will relieve this part of the spine, which is especially important for children, because their bone and muscular systems are just developing. The price of such a chair is approximately 26,000 rubles..

The rocking mechanism present in this product, which can be adjusted for rigidity, eliminates the pressure of the chair on the child’s body.


The UP orthopedic chair is perfect not only for young children, but also for teenagers. The age suitable for using this product ranges from 3 to 18 years old. It can be perfectly adjusted for a specific child. So by purchasing it, you are making an excellent investment, first of all, in the health of your child..

The seat of the chair in the form of a saddle prevents the child from slipping, promotes the correct posture while sitting and does not interfere with blood circulation. The footrest is especially important for young children. In this product, it can be adjusted for overhang. The footrest helps to maintain the correct posture. If you decide that it is not necessary, it can be removed..

The chair can withstand a load of up to 90 kg. The maximum possible height suitable for using the chair is 190 cm.The manufacturer has received an EAC certificate of conformity for this product, which is a guarantee of product safety.


In general, the reviews of the described products are quite good. Users note the positive impact of such an orthopedic product on their health. Basically, consumers complain about the very high price of such products..

Based on the reviews, the Expert Vista series chairs are not suitable for children, and this is upsetting for some users. Although others note that the possibilities of their use are quite high, because the stylish laconic design fits with confidence not only in the home interior, but also in the office.

Some users do not have enough to be 100% satisfied with the purchase of a removable cape or cover that could be washed if necessary.

You will learn more about orthopedic chairs for a computer in the following video.

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