Ottoman with lifting mechanism

When equipping his room, each owner wants to create a corner of comfort and beauty. It is thanks to the upholstered furniture that you can have a good rest during sleep, gain strength and recharge with vigor for the whole day. An ottoman with a lifting mechanism will help to realize the tasks. Consider what is remarkable about this product.

Features and Benefits

It should be noted that initially the ottoman was produced without armrests and backrests. Nowadays, modern manufacturers offer a wide variety of fashionable models for the judgment of buyers. They can be with several backs. Often, a mattress is included with the product, which is designed for a comfortable sleep and good rest. This is the main difference between an ottoman and a sofa..

The main part of the furniture is upholstered in leather or fabric. Such options are made with a lifting mechanism. Particleboard is often included in the design of models. It is the way of transformation that allows you to initiate the ottoman. Let’s talk about the main features of such a product:

  • High quality. This indicator is quite important when buying an ottoman. Modern manufacturers pay special attention to quality performance. However, buyers themselves should also be vigilant when purchasing a product they like. It is worth checking the operation of the mechanism yourself. You can also lie down and see if you are comfortable and comfortable on the couch. The sharp unpleasant smell that the product exudes should also alert. You should also not purchase products that are too cheap, they may turn out to be of poor quality..
  • Variety of assortment. Modern manufacturers offer to purchase the most interesting and creative options that will pleasantly surprise even discerning users. Look at the general style of your home, it is very important that the ottoman is in perfect harmony with the style of the room.
  • Affordable cost. Now stores offer a variety of options for an ottoman with a lifting mechanism. Moreover, their cost also varies. Therefore, you can choose the product that fits your budget..
  • Availability of goods. You can buy such furniture now in any specialized store. If you purchase a product through an online store, then you should be even more careful about the purchase. Check all the elements and details of the product yourself upon receipt..
  • Comfort and convenience. The main features of such furniture include ease of use. The structure can be easily lifted without causing any discomfort to the household. This is another positive moment for this product..

  • Also, the product is quite functional. Usually the ottoman has a special storage compartment. You can put the things you need there. So you optimally organize the space, save extra square meters. You will not need to purchase additional lockers or bedside tables to place things there.
  • Stylish options. Such furniture can become a highlight of your interior. Modern models are available in different color, texture, style interpretations. You can choose a product of the desired style. For example, if you appreciate the classics, then you should choose models of wood shades without unnecessary decorations. If you like oriental motives, then here you can choose patterned products.
  • Positive emotions. Stylish and fashionable look of the ottoman will evoke only positive emotions in you. You will not only be comfortable to lie and relax on such furniture, but you will also be able to successfully complement your interior, which will undoubtedly cheer you up..


It is worth noting that the ottoman can be of different sizes. So, for example, the 140×200 option is perfect for a bedroom. Or you can put similar products in the hall. Particular attention is paid to the lifting mechanism. Thanks to the fixation at the top points, you can easily reach the drawers and put things there. The main types of products include:

  • With manual mechanism. This option is one of the simplest. The frame of the mattress and the base are connected with hinges. This mechanism is quite durable, reliable and will last a long time. You can easily lift the mattress with your hands.
  • Spring loaded. This system is a coil spring. It is such a mechanism that will take on an impressive part of the weight of the mattress..
  • Gas springs. This option can be attributed to innovative lifting methods. The springs are driven by the compressed air. This design is considered reliable and durable. Firms provide guarantees for such models up to five years. Such an ottoman will withstand a weight of up to 80 kilograms. The mechanism has a smooth movement, which is why the ottoman is easy to fold and unfold. Even toddlers can do it.

It is also worth saying a little about the positive and negative aspects of this type of furniture.. The pluses include:

  • Compactness and excellent organization of space. Inside the ottoman there is a drawer in which you can fit bed linen, pillows or other important things for you. It’s practical enough.
  • You won’t put in extra effort, to spread out the ottoman. The design is easy to transform.
  • Ease of storage of products. You can also easily and quickly remove, for example, bed linen from the drawer.
  • Stylish design. With its fashionable appearance, you can organically complement the space of your room.

As for the shortcomings, they also exist:

  • If you have purchased a manual type ottoman, you may have some difficulty lifting the mattress. It can be crafted from heavy wood or metal. Therefore, it will not be easy for the elderly or children to cope with such a device..
  • If you settled on a spring type model, then it is worth remembering that the springs tend to stretch over time, so they will definitely need to be changed.
  • As for gas options, then the only drawbacks are the overpriced. However, if you want the model to serve you for a long time, then it is worth considering a similar piece of furniture..

Also, models can be divided according to size:

  • Single-bed options. These include products in sizes 90×100, 90×200. Often such single-bed furniture is of the corner type. It will be perfect for one person. You can purchase similar options for your child. According to the lifting mechanism, it can be either spring or gas.
  • Half and double. Such options are much more spacious than the previous type. These include a model that has parameters 120×200, 160×200, 1200×2000. With a similar width of products, the lifting device is placed along the long side of the ottoman.

Thus, we can conclude that the couch is a versatile piece of furniture that you can use anywhere in your apartment. Choose the option that fits well in the space of the room, taking into account all the above parameters.

Take your time. Look closely at the models before buying so as not to waste money.


It is worth taking a responsible approach to the selection of materials from which the ottoman is made. The quality and cost of furniture will depend on them. Usually, in the manufacture of an ottoman with a lifting mechanism, natural wood, natural leather, leatherette, a wooden plate are used.

Of course, models that are made from natural materials will cost much more. But with proper care, they will last you longer. Also, the material for the ottoman should be selected based on which room the furniture will be in. For example, you shouldn’t buy leather goods for a nursery. Toddlers can easily scratch or stain the model.

It is worth taking into account the presence of pets, which can also damage the ottoman..

Popular manufacturers

If you are first faced with the choice of such a product and do not know which manufacturer to trust, then we bring to your attention several popular companies, which have already proven themselves in the furniture market:

  • “Ormatek”. This manufacturer offers environmentally friendly and comfortable furniture for sleeping and relaxing. Thanks to an innovative approach to production and the use of the latest technologies, you can find a quality model at the best price for you. Special attention is paid to safety. Products undergo four stages of quality control.
  • “Borovichi-Furniture”. This manufacturer is quite large and recognizable. He has a wide range of furniture products in his arsenal. The collections are constantly updated with new models. There are solutions for spacious rooms and small apartments. You will definitely find that version of the ottoman that suits you in style..
  • Hyper. This manufacturer is characterized by the fact that it produces functional, stylish and laconic furniture. There is no place for unnecessary details and pretentiousness. All products are released in specific series. Therefore, you can easily pick up products in the same style. You can choose a wide ottoman or choose a compact version. Democratic cost will pleasantly surprise buyers.
  • “Artis”. This brand represents stylish and trendy furniture. High quality is optimally combined with an affordable price. Functional models will appeal to all buyers.

How to assemble?

A high-quality, soft and comfortable ottoman with a lifting mechanism will sometimes not be cheap. But you shouldn’t despair. You can assemble such a product yourself.

To do this, you should purchase all the necessary tools for work, as well as find suitable instructions on the networks and clearly follow what is written. So you can create a unique product that only you will have.

We examined the features and benefits of a lifting couch. Now you can choose the option that suits you best. It should be noted that the choice of furniture must be taken seriously. After all, it should harmoniously fit into the space of your room. So you can create an aesthetic and attractive option that will bring you and your family only positive emotions..

The characteristics and advantages of an ottoman with a lifting mechanism, see the following video.

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