Pull-out sofas with a box for linen

Pull-out sofas with a box for linen

The reliability of the design and the wide range of models make the sofa with a roll-out mechanism one of the most successful solutions for everyday use. Strength and convenience of mechanisms allow you to create wide sofas with a large berth.

Types of mechanisms

Draw-out mechanisms can be of several types, however, a feature of each assembly method is the presence of a retractable platform and rollers. Allocate:

  1. Traditional draw-out mechanism functions by sliding into the back of the head part, under the middle part there is a drawer, and the front one compactly enters the middle part when pressed.
  2. “Accordion”. The extension takes place by the accordion method. Blanket storage space is under the bunk.
  3. “Dolphin”. A platform is pulled out from under the seat, a block is lifted out of it using a belt, which forms a place for sleeping. Laundry drawer in corner sofas is conveniently located in a fixed unit.

Shapes and sizes of models

On the market there are no uniform standards for the shape and size of sofas, rather, there is a wide variety: the sizes of single sofas – from 80 cm in width, double ones – from 140 cm, the length varies in the range of 190 – 200 cm.

Models differ in size and type of assembly:

  • Direct Are two-seater sofas that slide straight forward.
  • Corner. With this mechanism, the corner block remains static, while the other slides out, which increases the area of ​​the sofa in comparison with the “book” mechanism.
  • Roll-out sideways Are single sofas. The model with a linen box inside is compact and can be located in a small room.

Advantages and disadvantages

Among the advantages of sofas with a roll-out mechanism are the following:

  • application of minimal effort for unfolding;
  • the surface material does not form seams when laid out due to joining;
  • compactness;
  • the ability to store linen inside;
  • high strength and durability due to the low probability of breakage of the sliding mechanism and the use of steel and natural wood.

How significant the disadvantages will be when using furniture depends on the type of flooring you have, as some surfaces can be damaged by rollers with prolonged use..

Equipment and materials

The sofa consists of a pull-out metal structure, a body, a spring block and fillers. Also, pillows are often included in the sofa set. Retractable metal structure made of steel and a system of rollers and brackets.

Spring block

There are three main types of spring units used for the production of sofas:

  • “Snake” – the simplest spring, which is attached to a wooden frame and gives the base evenness. It is completely silent. To give softness to such springs, a layer of padding polyester filler is needed.
  • Bonnel Is a spring block that can support a lot of weight. Above, a thin layer of filler is enough, because the main load is taken by dependent springs. The seat is soft.
  • Independent spring block Are separate cells with springs. Thanks to this, each coil takes weight separately from the others, which gives the mattress ergonomic properties..

The seat can also be springless. This option is suitable for lovers of hard surfaces, it consists of plywood and polyurethane foam.

Frame materials

The frame affects the weight, cost and durability of the interior item:

  • Solid wood environmentally friendly and durable, however, it considers furniture to be an expensive purchase. The most durable types of wood that can withstand any load – oak, beech, walnut, ash, pine.
  • Chipboard (Chipboard) Is the cheapest material. It does not dry out, is durable, moisture resistant, however, it is short-lived and has a lot of weight..
  • MDF (Wood fiber material) has all the properties of wood, while lower in cost, more environmentally friendly than chipboard.
  • Multi-layer plywood Is a material obtained by gluing veneer sheets, its feature is lightness and resistance to deformation.


The most modern filler is polyurethane foam (PPU), a synthetic material belonging to the genus of plastics that can be soft and durable.

Soft fillers are created from synthetic fibers, they look like non-woven fabrics, fluff, soft balls. Their advantages are that they are odorless and hypoallergenic, have elasticity and keep their shape well. Common fillers for pillows and mattresses: synthetic winterizer, foam rubber, synthetic winterizer, komorel, durafil, periotek, holofiber.

Cover material

Today, a sofa made of genuine leather can only differ in its status appearance; alternative synthetic and fabric upholstery is in no way inferior in quality, and, moreover, significantly reduce the price of the sofa..

When choosing a sofa with fabric upholstery, it is worth noting its advantages. Fabric is a cheap solution that offers a wide variety of colors. Disadvantages – It absorbs moisture and odors, wears out faster, stains can be difficult to clean. Fabric-covered sofa requires cleaning with a brush, special cleaner or vacuum cleaner.

The choice of fabric depends on its appearance, tactile sensations, ease of cleaning:

  • Microfiber – synthetic material imitating suede. Very durable and wear-resistant fabric, easy to clean, dirt does not absorb into it.
  • Jacquard – material with a pattern. It can be washed with water, but it is very dusty. To avoid this, it is worth treating it with an antistatic agent..

  • Flock – velvety material. Its durability allows it even to endure attacks from pets, but it absorbs odors well.
  • Cotton – natural material that will not last long – wears out in several years.
  • Velours resembles velvet, but wipes quickly.
  • Mat has variegated colors, but not suitable in a home with pets.
  • Tapestry – material with original colors, durable, good for sofas in vintage style.
  • Leatherette – an alternative to natural leather, easy to clean.


The lineup


The single sofa is designed in a minimalist style. Despite its low cost (about 12,000 rubles), it can decorate a room after a fresh renovation. The folding mechanism is a roll-out, after pulling out a drawer is found. Dimensions – 85×170 cm, when extended, the length increases to 2 meters.

The piece of furniture has a solid polyurethane foam surface.

Federico New

You can evaluate the features of the accordion mechanism using the example of the Federico-New youth sofa. Bright colors are made on the basis of quilted holofiber. Easy to use removable covers that can be washed separately.

The model is considered a two-seater, although it is 165 cm in width, 110 cm in length (assembled), when disassembled it increases to 2 m. PPU and an independent spring block are used as materials. The price is not minimum and amounts to 26,000 rubles.

When choosing a sofa for the living room, one of the best decisions would be to choose a criminal sofa. This option will allow you to receive guests and arrange cozy feasts, and the roll-out mechanism will transform the sofa into a bed and leave guests for the night. You can evaluate the feature of unfolding the structure in the video. Support cushions in such models can be either fixed to the seat or removable.


Dimensions – 85 cm wide, 220 cm long, berth – 140 cm wide and 190 cm long. Materials: chipboard, plywood, polyurethane foam, matting. A compact double sofa, although made of simple materials, is capable of performing various functions: being a place for receiving guests, a bed that can accommodate 2-3 people. One of the advantages is the price – 20,000 rubles.

Dolphin sofas with drawers in the armrests provide additional storage space. Over time, you can appreciate the convenience of this part. It will fit books, a TV remote, wet wipes and other things that you usually have to get up and go for. Models like this are rare.

You can find quite a few samples on a wooden frame, with leather upholstery, which create an expensive impression at about the same prices for which you can buy models from fabric and chipboard. This effect is achieved through the use of eco-leather (a substitute for natural). The use of genuine leather upholstery is already becoming less and less relevant..

How a sofa with a dolphin mechanism functions, see the next video.


The single sofa “Bela” in a disassembled state is 140 cm wide, made of white eco-leather. It has a solid metal construction with a medium-hard PU foam filling. The quilted leather creates an aesthetic appearance that allows it to blend in with any type of design. An elegant sofa is more suitable for a business style, but the possibility of turning it into a sleeping place is a good help in case of receiving guests. The linen box is mounted at an additional cost. Price – about 24,000 rubles.

Elite models

Elite models have a number of advantages over their budget competitors..

Leather quilted sofas measuring 2 by 3 meters with an accordion mechanism and on a natural wood frame can be both a place for receiving guests during the day and a bed at night. The filling material is latex polyurethane foam. Such samples are equipped with many interesting features:

  • backrest tilt regulation;
  • built-in minibars in the armrests;
  • music Center;
  • wireless charger;
  • a device for cooling glasses;
  • adjustable shelves.

The model is made to order. Additionally, it can be equipped with an orthopedic mattress from an independent spring block. Prices for such elite options range from 60 to 150,000 rubles.

The high strength of the draw-out mechanisms allows them to withstand heavy loads, and the assembly feature to achieve an almost seamless surface. Various colors and materials will help you choose a piece of furniture for any interior.

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