Round folding tables

Round folding tables

When arranging an apartment, every zealous owner wants to choose stylish and fashionable furniture options. Particular attention should be paid to the table. It is a similar element of the interior that should be in every apartment. It can be placed in any room. The round folding table will be an interesting and functional option for any family. In this article, we will look at the main features and advantages of such a model..

Features and Benefits

Many experts and buyers believe that it is round and oval tables that fit perfectly into any room interior. They help create a special atmosphere at home. The main advantages of such products:

  • Psychological comfort. Even in ancient times, such tables were actively used in negotiations. It is believed that there is no dominant side behind round furniture, which means that an atmosphere of equality is created at the subconscious level. All participants in the conversation will feel comfortable and comfortable.
  • Security. This is especially true for children’s rooms. Interior items that do not contain sharp edges are preferred..
  • Spaciousness. Such a transforming table will help to accommodate more people than, for example, the standard rectangular version. You will be able to gather with a large family, there will be a place for everyone.

  • Practicality. You can use these models in any room. They can be placed both in the kitchen and in the living room. They will become your reliable assistants every day..
  • Durability. High-quality models, which are created from appropriate raw materials, will serve you for a long time. In this case, it is worthwhile to take a responsible approach to the choice of such models. Choose to buy only trusted stores that have positive reviews.
  • Compactness. Folding tables will help you organize your space optimally. You can put such a model anywhere you want. If desired, it easily unfolds and turns into a full-fledged table.
  • Wide range of. Firms that produce furniture present a variety of interesting models that will surely find their buyer. Among the products there are classic, as well as the most fashionable and unusual options. You just have to make a choice and clearly follow a single style concept in your home..

  • Stylish option. Not only the expanded number of models of such a product attracts buyers, but also their interesting embodiment. You can decorate your room by choosing the right folding table. Be sure to consider the shades of the room, as well as additional elements of the interior. This way you can create an attractive option that will pleasantly surprise guests with its comfort..
  • Affordable price. The advantages include the affordable price of the product. Among the wide range of models, you will definitely find the option that is right for you and your family in terms of financial parameters. You will not spend all your family savings, but you will get a high-quality and stylish thing..
  • Good mood. By purchasing a suitable model of furniture and correctly fitting it into your interior, you can create an attractive appearance for your room. Looking at such a composition, you will always receive aesthetic pleasure..


The round folding table, it seems, will never lose its popularity. Its models can be very different. There are options on one leg or on several supports. In any case, before going shopping in the store, you should think in advance about which table you need. Consider the main types of products.


Folding round tables are suitable for both the kitchen and the hall. The folding mechanism will serve to save space. There are models where half of the table top folds back. There are also products, when the halves part a little to the side, and the segments hidden from below become in the free space. There are also the most original mechanisms, when the tabletop increases significantly in size when rotating. This is done with the help of built-in “petals” and a carved polygon.

This roll-up table will be a creative option for any room. Accordingly, such a table can have the shape of a circle or an oval..

It should be noted that wood is an environmentally friendly material, hypoallergenic. Such options are quite durable and reliable. Such a table will serve you for a long time, it is simple and easy to clean. It is enough to wipe the product with a damp cloth, and also do not put hot objects without a special stand.


This option usually consists of strong tempered glass. This allows designers to embody their most daring and original ideas. Tables made of glass are not inferior in strength to the previous options. As for the appearance, they look quite attractive and stylish. Different patterns can be applied to the countertop, which will emphasize the uniqueness of the item. It is worth choosing options with a strong support, which are made of stainless steel. You can also choose different color variations to suit your room..

With tiles

This option has its own peculiarity – a ceramic insert in the central part of the furniture or along the entire plane of the tabletop. This will prevent hot objects or sharp objects from damaging the surface. This way you can extend the life of your purchase. At the same time, this option looks very stylish and attractive. As for the shortcomings, this includes the impressive weight of the product..

It will be difficult to move it, which means that it will only stand in a certain room..


This option is quite stylish and modern. Plastic tables are relatively lightweight, which means that it can be rearranged at any time to any place. Such models fit perfectly into the nursery. You can choose the brightest and most colorful options. In this case, it is worthwhile to carefully consider the quality of the goods. Be sure to carefully check the safety of raw materials in the store.

Choose material based on your preference. For example, an elegant glass table with a round surface will look organic and stylish in the kitchen. You can cover it with a tablecloth or leave it without it. Such a design will look weightless and light, and will help add sophistication to the interior. But in the hall, you can install an option from solid wood. Such a solid table will become the center of attraction for all family members during a family feast..

Accordingly, depending on which mechanism is used to transform the table, the models are divided into a folding and sliding table. There is no single piece of advice on which is better. Everything will depend solely on your preferences..

By the way, you can order the most creative models from designers. Such options will not be too cheap, while at the same time you will have a unique piece of furniture in your home that none of your friends will have..


As for color, modern manufacturers also offer to use a variety of shades. Everything will depend on your preferences, as well as on the conceived style concept. Now the white color is especially popular and in demand. A table of such light shades can organically fit into any space. It will help to visually expand the room, as well as give more light and positive to the room..

All natural shades are also relevant. You can choose brown models. This option is perfect, for example, for a living room. A table that folds in half will help save space. However, if you decide to celebrate any celebration, then you can transform a small table into a roomy design. Comfort and convenience are the features of the model. The brown shade can be matched to the rest of the interior items.

How to choose?

In order for the long-awaited purchase to bring you only joy, you should take a responsible attitude to the process of choosing the perfect round folding table. Before you go to the cashier to pay for furniture, make sure several times that the model is ideal for you in size and fits into the room. Initially, you should decide on the location of the item in your home. This way you will know exactly the parameters you need..

In the store, ask the seller for a quality certificate. After all, furniture must be reliable and durable in order to serve you for a long time. At the same time, you yourself also evaluate all the parameters and mechanisms of the product. They must work smoothly. The table should not have any defects, chips, cuts, scratches. A strong unpleasant smell should also alert you. You shouldn’t buy such a product. Perhaps it was created from low-quality raw materials..

Pay special attention to the cost of the product. Everyone wants to purchase a product at the lowest cost, while ensuring that its quality is at its best. This often does not happen. Usually, low-cost options are also of appropriate quality. But this does not mean that expensive models will be all durable and reliable. Among them there may be fakes. Therefore, it is worth buying products only in trusted stores..

Choose options based on the size of your room. So, in a spacious room, you can buy any such table. It will look stylish and organic. But if you are limited in space, then you should give preference to more compact models. They will also perfectly decorate your apartment..

As for the color, here you can choose the option that is most suitable for the room. Light shades will always look advantageous. Experts believe that they help create a psychologically comfortable environment at home. Light colors are associated with cleanliness, help to visually expand the space.

It is also worth considering the style of your future round table in advance. It should fit optimally into your space. Models can become a highlight of any room, you just have to choose the right concept.


Many buyers are satisfied with the quality of the round folding tables from well-known companies. They are noted for strength, reliability and durability. The owners also like the stylish interpretations of the models. You can choose a classic table, in high-tech style, minimalism, etc. The main thing is to find the option that will organically fit into the room and will be in harmony with the surrounding objects.

As for the financial side, people are divided here. Many people believe that the cost of round folding tables is affordable and you can choose the right option..

Other buyers say they are slightly overpriced. This is due to the design features and the mechanism used..

People also like a wide range of products. You can always choose the option that is right for your home. One has only to think over the dimensions and parameters of the table in advance. Many users prefer to choose options from solid wood. They consider such tables to be more durable and reliable. It is wood, in the opinion of most buyers, is an environmentally friendly product that does not cause allergies. It will be easier to care for such a table and it will serve for a long time..

This video will allow you to see the transforming round table in action..

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