Single door wardrobes

When organizing places for storing clothes in the house, you cannot do without wardrobes. The spacious living room can accommodate a large wardrobe. And in such small rooms as an entrance hall, dressing room, bathroom, bedroom or children’s room, it is better to use single-leaf wardrobes, which, having sufficient capacity and modest dimensions, will be an excellent auxiliary tool for keeping large and small wardrobe items in order..


Modern functional piece of cabinet furniture, which is a wardrobe with one door, can be used for folding or hanging things and has a number of useful qualities:

  • suitable in size for any room without cluttering it;
  • can be located anywhere in the room, advantageously filling any free section of the wall or corner;
  • visually expand the space without burdening the interior;
  • has a stylish finish on the body and facade;

  • you can always choose a model that suits the style and will look favorably against the background of the overall design of the room;
  • characterized by good capacity;
  • the design consists of the required number of conveniently located compartments that allow you to quickly find the right thing;
  • has reliable fasteners and fittings that meet the most modern requirements;
  • made from durable environmentally friendly materials;
  • is relatively inexpensive.

Materials and finishes

In furniture stores, you can buy products made from various materials. Natural wood is considered a classic material for the manufacture of furniture structures with one swing door. Moreover, all types of wood can be used. A beautiful cabinet made of natural solid wood with unique environmental and operational characteristics will perfectly complement the classic interior and will last indefinitely. A significant drawback of such a cabinet is its cost..

Popular budget wardrobes today they are increasingly made from panels based on wood components: chipboard, MDF and veneer plywood. The drawing of such an artificial material, which is practically not inferior to wood in terms of durability and consumer properties, successfully imitates natural shades and textures. The model made of wood-like material will elegantly complement the interior of any style. The disadvantage of such a product may be insufficient resistance to changes in humidity in the room, for example, in a bathroom or sauna..

The solution to the problem will be the purchase of a cabinet made of especially moisture-resistant wood-shaving material or metal with a polymer-powder coating.

Nowadays, the trend remains products, the side surfaces and facades of which are covered with a furniture layer of varnish or polished. The front surfaces of the cabinets can also be decorated with plastic veneer and other materials: art glass, leather and acrylic. Glass doors are made of regular, frosted, colored stained glass, faceted or mirrored glass.

A model of a pencil case with glass decor will definitely decorate a small room, visually expanding the horizons.

Interior use

A wardrobe in the interior of a modern house or apartment is a simple design with one swing door. Like any other, a single-door wardrobe is most often linear in shape, in the form of a pencil case with a small width and large height. This design allows you to economically dispose of a narrow wall or niche. In addition, the free corner of the room can be filled with a shallow corner structure with a sash, the top view of which will be in the form of a pentagon with one right angle..

Single-leaf products can be successfully used not only as free-standing independent items, but also as part of a modular program that ideally adapts to the existing conditions of any room. For example, when creating a compact L-shaped corner structure, a combination of two straight sections with a connecting corner module is required.

Pencil cases are designed in both classic and modern styles, which may differ in external decor and individual design features. For example, it is almost impossible to find a semi-antique model with lighting and a system of guides and closers that silently closes the drawers. Or a modern design in which the boxes slide along wooden gutters.

Ideal examples of the combination of classic beauty and practicality of single-door wardrobes are offered to connoisseurs by Italian furniture makers. Compact products, kept in the best traditions of European quality and reliability, are usually made of carefully selected solid natural wood. Stylish models from Italy are distinguished not only by good quality, but also by recognizable design, in which old furniture traditions perfectly coexist with modern technologies..

A single door of a cabinet intended for use in a room with a specific functionality, as a rule, has a certain internal content hidden. A cabinet product, standing in a narrow hallway or dressing room, must necessarily have a bar for hanging seasonal clothes on hangers. In the lower compartment you can place shoes and items of care for them. A pencil case or corner cabinet with a full-length mirror insert on the door will not only help you dress neatly, but also visually expand the boundaries of the room.

When using the product in a bedroom or children’s room usually behind the door there is a compartment with rigidly fixed or retractable shelves for storing folded clothes and with 2-3 drawers on pull-out mechanisms for laying out underwear, hosiery and other small items. Bed linen and sleepwear can be stored inside the bedroom closet.

Especially convenient will be a pencil case, which has stability and is decorated with pictures from your favorite cartoons for the nursery, as it will leave a lot of space in the room for games, will allow you to keep in order and quickly find the necessary children’s clothes and toys.

Single-leaf wardrobes have become integral components of living room furniture sets. Modern stylish modular living rooms allow, randomly arranging the modules that make them up in a convenient order, maximally rationally fill the space of any available area. The facades of the sectional cabinets as part of such a furniture set can be either deaf or transparent from ordinary, type-setting stained glass or sandblasted high-quality glass.

Inside the cabinet placed in the bathroom, convenient shelves, compartments and drawers can be hidden behind the door. They can accommodate all bath accessories, hygiene products, terry towels and other textiles. Such models will help to wisely use the limited space of the room and store each item in its place..

Recommendations for use and care

For long-term useful life of a single door cabinet while maintaining its quality and aesthetic properties it is necessary to follow the general recommendations for the operation of cabinet furniture:

  • use the product only for its intended purpose, otherwise it will quickly break down and lose its appearance;
  • the cabinet should be installed in a warm and dry room with a temperature of 15-25 degrees above zero and a humidity of 45-70 percent, with the possibility of periodic ventilation;
  • it is forbidden to expose the body to direct sunlight, hot objects and heating devices, to use special furniture care compounds to protect it from external environmental factors;
  • wipe the surface of the product with a well-wrung out soft cloth or sponge with clean water or with a weak solution of a non-aggressive detergent that does not contain abrasive ingredients;

  • decorative glass elements can be cleaned with a substance for mirrors or with a product containing ammonia;
  • periodically tighten threaded connections, sliding metal mechanisms of drawers, door closers and decorative fittings clean by dry cleaning, lubricating them if necessary;
  • install furniture on a flat floor, protect it from the effects of sharpened and blunt heavy objects;
  • to prevent breakage of door hinges, open the door perpendicular to the cabinet body itself, without applying significant efforts;
  • in order to maintain the stability of the structure, monitor the correct distribution of things inside the cabinet, loading the lower sections to a greater extent, do not overload the shelves, drawers and the bar;
  • it is not recommended to move the assembled product inside the room; if it is necessary to move, remove things and dismantle the door.

About caring for a corner wardrobe for linen, see the next video.

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