Slatted bed base

Each of us spends a third of our lives sleeping. For this we need an excellent and high-quality bed, because when we sleep, our body recovers and rests. The better its foundation, the better and more comfortable our sleep..

What it is?

Each bed has a base. It is made primarily of iron, wood and wood-polymer composites (particle board). The quality of the entire bed depends on the basis, whether the mattress will fulfill its function and affect the position of the body and our sleep.

The standard sizes of the base of a single bed are 70×200, 80×200, 90×200 cm, a one and a half bed – up to 140×200 cm, a double bed – 160×200 and 180×200 cm.There is also a children’s version with a size of 160×90 cm.

A slatted base is a frame made of metal or wood material to which slats are attached at a certain distance.

They, in turn, are made from birch, walnut or beech. The set may include clips of different levels of flexibility, switches, and so on. The slatted base is positioned as an attribute of a healthy lifestyle and comfortable sleep. It is he who affects the compatibility with the mattress and the stability of the body position during rest..

The slatted bottom is divided into two types:

  • With shock absorbers, which have a uniform weight distribution function.
  • Reiki without shock absorbers, where a heavy load will lead to breakage.

They are wide (5-9 centimeters) and narrow (3-4 centimeters). On the latter, you can put any mattress (with or without springs), but only springless ones are suitable for wide slats. If a mattress is used that has springs in the structure, then their diameter should be greater than the distance between the slats..


Slatted bed base is the most common type of base. It has a number of advantages, including:

  • Adequate ventilation (due to the gaps between the slats, the air will circulate under the mattress). Air access is affected by the height of the bed, provided that it has legs.
  • Slats made of wood – environmentally friendly material. Birch trees are the most suitable option, since they are cheaper than other species and do an excellent job with their function..
  • Relatively inexpensive option compared to other bases.
  • Increase mattress life.
  • Bed with such a bottom it is easy to assemble, fold.
  • If we talk about wooden slats, then they have great orthopedic properties, which cannot be said about metal material.
  • Can present innovative systems for adjusting the level of stiffness and backrest.


As you can see, there are enough advantages. But as we know, there is nothing perfect in our world. There are a number of remarks:

  • Between the slats there is no support, so after a couple of years the mattress may have a wavy surface.
  • Base without shock absorbers will not withstand heavy loads.
  • It is forbidden use a classic mattress with springs for this type of bed bottom, because strong deflections will be created, which will not benefit the spine in any way.
  • Life time slatted base is approximately 10 years, which is lower compared to other types of bases.
  • Bed with a rack base can support a lot of weight, but at the same time maintain a high probability of breakage of individual rails.


All these disadvantages can be avoided by taking a solid frame that can be matched to the needs and individual data of a person.. The base must correspond to the following dimensions:

  • Length bases should be 20-30 cm larger than a person’s height.
  • Minimum width – 70 cm for a single bed, 120 cm for a one-and-a-half bed, 160 cm for a double bed.
  • Width the mattress should be 5 centimeters smaller than the base.
  • Optimal height beds are from 60 to 70 cm.
  • Legs must be made of high-strength material and create stability for the bed. Their comfortable height is 25 cm.

Additional functions

In the 21st century, progress is taking leaps and bounds forward and affects all areas. He did not go around the beds, including their bases.. There are such innovative additions:

  • Adjustment hardness level.
  • Ability to set the level of the top and bottom of the base.
  • Shock absorbers.
  • Systems transformations.

Let’s take a closer look at them..

The level of rigidity can be adjusted using the plates built into the base, which are present in the center. When they move apart, the rigidity increases. To soften the bottom of the bed, you need to move the plates. Such regulation allows the surface to adapt to the human body, to take the physiological position of the spine, which will contribute to excellent rest..

Using the remote control and electric drive, the top or bottom of the base can be lifted. It is also possible to mechanically set the required parameters with your own hands. In the first variant, the process is carried out by an electric motor in the lattice itself and is very convenient for critically ill patients who need to maintain the required body position. In the second, it is suitable for those who spend a lot of time in bed, spending leisure time (reading, watching TV, etc.).

The manual version is reliable and durable, but not very convenient. There is a spring option, which is also good, but the springs stretch over time. The upper part is raised, for example, when having breakfast in bed. It is convenient to lift the lower part when the legs are numb or you need to take an elevated position of the legs for blood outflow.

Shock absorbers are located at the end of each rail. They help to support the mattress and reduce stress on it during changes in body position. Such designs are very useful for those with back problems, but they will be more expensive..

There may also be systems for folding and unfolding the berth.

Drawers will help save space in the house and are more suitable for those who have a small living space.

What to look for when buying?

Choose a bed with a slatted base carefully.. If mistakes are made when buying, some troubles may arise in the compatibility of the base and the mattress, and not only.

  • Body height above the floor must be at least 50 centimeters. Otherwise, it will be difficult to get out of bed, a greater chance of freezing and catching a cold if you sleep in a cool room..
  • Bed with legs will provide optimal air access to the mattress, which will increase its durability.
  • Better to take birch slats due to durability and low price. But if there is a financial opportunity, it is preferable to purchase a nut.
  • Also important purchase a rack base with shock absorbers, transformation systems and other modern products.

You will learn more about slatted bed bases in the following video.

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