Small-sized laptop table

Small-sized laptop table

With the increased mobility of people, many of them prefer compact laptops, replacing them with bulky desktop computers. In this regard, the question of their home or office placement arises..

Therefore, small-sized laptop tables are rapidly gaining popularity and are one of the most popular types of furniture..

Features and Benefits

The high demand for miniature computer tables is due to their following advantages:

  • a huge range of models with a wide variety of engineering and design developments, as well as a large color palette of manufactured products allow you to choose products with different functional properties and appearance;
  • a wide price range makes it possible to purchase a table at a price that is comfortable for each customer;

  • small sizes of products, as well as the ability of some models to fold and transform, can significantly save room space and take a table on the road;
  • in the manufacture of models, a variety of materials and their harmonious combinations are used, which makes it possible to choose a product that is suitable for any stylistic direction of the interior;
  • the presence of superstructures and open lower shelves allows you to rationally arrange office supplies and additional office equipment, while creating a full-fledged workplace, and equipping tables with USB ports, backlight lamps, a fan and a mug stand will make using such a table comfortable and convenient.


According to their design and functional features, small-sized laptop tables are divided into several types. The most popular is the bed table-stand. This model has short legs and a wide work surface, which sometimes has a tilt angle adjustment and a recess for a mug. The product is designed to work at a computer in a lying or sitting position..

In appearance it resembles a bedside table for breakfast, and the design can be either a folding or a monolithic type.

A transforming table is a universal design that allows you to use certain functions that are needed at the moment. The product can be easily disassembled, which makes it possible to take it on a trip. The frame of mobile models consists of lightweight metal alloys, and stationary products can be made of MDF plates or plastic.

Pull-out shelves and superstructures allow you to place a printer, scanner and speakers, and a sufficient width of the working surface will make it possible to use a computer mouse.

The fixed laptop desk is a scaled-down version of the traditional computer desk. The product is supplied with drawers and superstructures, there is a hole for the wires to exit. Available in angular and wall-mounted versions. Corner products can be with diagonal and perpendicular placement of the laptop, they are ergonomic and multifunctional. Due to the small dimensions of the length and width, additional equipment is located vertically.

This allows you to equip a complete user space in a very small area..

A table-chair with a footrest is a popular model that allows you to work at your laptop in a comfortable position. The adjustable backrest contributes to the correct positioning of the spine and relaxation of the muscles of the legs and back. This ensures proper rest and has a positive effect on blood circulation..

The laptop mount is also adjustable in height and tilt, so you can choose the position of the screen that is comfortable for the eyes.

The bedside laptop model is usually C- or L-shaped. It can be performed on a bracket with a swivel mechanism for fixing the table top, where the height and angle of inclination are adjustable, or it can have a monolithic design. The product allows you to work at the computer without getting out of bed and can be used to eat in front of the TV.

Often, bedside tables are equipped with wheels, which allows you to smoothly move them to the desired place without fear of dropping objects on the table..

Console models are quite functional structures that are fixed to the wall and can be equipped with a large number of superstructures and side shelves. This allows you to freely place related office equipment, books and stationery. The disadvantages of console tables are the need to make holes in the walls and the lack of mobility. Such models will look stylish in modern and traditional interiors..

The bedside version of the folding table also belongs to the cantilever structures and is convenient because at the end of the work it does not need to be moved and disassembled, but it is enough just to slam it against the wall.

Materials (edit)

Small tables are produced from all types of raw materials, traditional for the production of furniture – wood, glass, plastic, bamboo and metal.

Plastic tables are usually foldable, small size and light weight. Equipped with ventilation holes and glass holder. They are easy to care for, easy to transport and low in cost. Due to the wide color palette and the choice of a bright table, these models are perfect for a child’s room..

Often plastic tables are equipped with wheels, which is convenient for wet cleaning..

Wood is widely used in the manufacture of tables and is a hygienic and environmentally friendly material. For the manufacture of products, both solid wood and laminated MDF boards are used. As a laminator, a PVC film is used, which perfectly imitates the pattern of wood fibers and is available in a large assortment of colors and textures. Wooden models will perfectly fit into classic and traditional interiors, and will also look harmonious in rustic, ethnic, Scandinavian and retro styles..

Combined models made of wood, glass and metal are suitable for modern interiors..

Metal tables have increased strength, durability and the ability to transform. In the manufacture of products, lightweight alloys are used, which makes the structures lightweight and mobile. Often metal parts are chrome plated, which looks very impressive in combination with wood and glass surfaces. Metal products will harmoniously look in high-tech, minimalism and techno style.

And the combination with different materials greatly expands the compatibility of metal products with other styles..

Tempered and extra durable glass is used for the production of tables. The edges of the glass surfaces are specially sanded, thereby eliminating the likelihood of chipping and injury to the user. Such models are suitable for all modern interiors, look very impressive and visually increase the space. The disadvantage of glass tables is the appearance of scratches during operation, as well as the visibility of smudges and fingerprints..

Glass looks great in combination with chrome elements and wood surfaces.

Criterias of choice

The first step in choosing a table will be to determine its location in the room and its functional purpose. In this case, you need to focus on what kind of load the product should bear: whether it will be used as a full-fledged workplace or operated as a bed option. Based on these parameters, it is necessary to determine the design of the model, as well as the presence of superstructures and lower shelves. The second step will be to determine the price range with the ability to choose a comfortable price.

This will allow you to narrow your search and not be distracted by numerous options..

Next, you need to determine the style of the selected product and the color scheme of the model. The table is an ordinary design element, so you need to select it for the existing style and color of the room. Also, when choosing a model, you must make sure that there are certificates of conformity that will guarantee the environmental safety and hygiene of the product. When buying, you need to check the availability of fittings and the complete set and integrity of the table elements.

You should also pay attention to some hygienic standards for computer tables. The height must be at least 70 centimeters, this does not apply only to bed and folding console models. It must be remembered that the distance from the screen to the eyes must be at least 50 cm.This parameter must be taken into account when choosing the depth of the tabletop.

The width of mini-tables starts from 60 cm and is selected individually, taking into account whether a computer mouse will be used.

Popular models

Typical representatives of small-sized laptop tables are the following models:

  • KS-2025 – a miniature corner table on casters measuring 87x60x77 centimeters and equipped with drawers and a spacious cabinet. Made of laminated MDF boards with a wide choice of textures and colors. The cost of the product is 5 thousand 200 rubles;
  • “Prima” Is a glass model equipped with wheels and a superstructure for additional office equipment. The harmonious combination of chrome-plated surfaces and glass will allow the product to perfectly match the loft and high-tech styles. The cost of the model is 5 thousand 320 rubles.

  • Table ST-F 1018 It is also made of glass and metal and is available in sizes 100x60x75 cm. This mobile and functional product costs only 4 thousand 500 rubles;
  • Astolik model consists of two U-shaped structures of different sizes, which are made in the form of monolithic steel blocks and equipped with soft pads that protect the floor from scratches. The dimensions of the product are 77x97x36 cm. When organizing a workplace, you can use either one or both blocks. The cost of the model is 15 thousand 490 rubles.

Beautiful examples in the interior

A small table for a laptop, in addition to its functional purpose, perfectly decorates the room and brings variety to the atmosphere. A large model range with numerous options for design and construction solutions allows you to choose a product for any style and decorate the interior with dignity.

You can learn how to make a stylish wooden table for a laptop with your own hands from the video below..

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