Small wardrobes

Small wardrobes

Every year the cost per square meter of housing is growing more and more. And not everyone can afford to buy a large apartment with several spacious rooms. However, demand creates supply, and small-sized apartments or so-called dormitories are increasingly appearing on the modern real estate market. And consumers were faced with another pressing question about how to use the small area of ​​housing in the most functional way in order to avoid cluttering it with furniture and at the same time put everything that is necessary for comfortable living there..

The solution to this question is the most practical use of space and in the purchase and installation of furniture slightly smaller than that used in larger apartments. This is how chair beds, compact dining areas, and small cabinets for storing things appeared. Here we will talk about them today..


Many people think that it is difficult to find a classic wardrobe with sashes right now, as the market is flooded with compartment designs. However, this is not the case, in modern furniture showrooms there is a large selection of standard assembly cabinets.. As a rule, they consist of the following elements:

  • Doors (1, 2 or 3), opening towards themselves. On the reverse side, they can be completed, for example, with a mirror or a tie hanger;
  • On one side of the cabinet there are horizontal shelves for stacking and storing folded items;
  • On the other hand, there is most often a bar on which it is customary to hang clothes on “hangers”;
  • There is one large mezzanine shelf on top, it is usually occupied by hats and bags.

Such cabinets are cabinet-type, they have side walls, a bottom and a roof. This is an advantage over built-in furniture, since such a cabinet can be easily moved from place to place..

In addition, a small classic wardrobe has the following advantages:

  • It will allow you to rationally dispose of the available housing area, because it can be placed where it will bring maximum benefit, while it does not take up so much space;
  • Opening the doors “towards yourself” will allow you to get the best view of the inner space of the cabinet;

  • If you decide to order a cabinet directly from the manufacturer, you will have the opportunity to independently choose the optimal “filling”;
  • Such a wardrobe will fit into any style solution of your apartment. Moreover, the market has a fairly large selection of models in a wide range of colors and with various decorative elements;
  • Due to its compact size, this wardrobe will be much cheaper than its “standard” counterpart and will help you to slightly reduce the cost of purchasing furniture for a new apartment..


To subdivide small cabinet cabinets into types, the following parameters can be used:

Number of leaves

Depending on this, small cabinets are one-, two- and three-door.

  • Single door mini wardrobes (called pencil cases) are good for the hallway. As a rule, only shelves are built into them. It is convenient to store hats, scarves, gloves, bags, purses in such cabinets; several pairs of shoes can be put underneath..

  • A two-door wardrobe is the classic and most common version of this piece of furniture. You can put it in any room and store whatever you want..

  • Three-door designs are rare, but if you search, you can find such a small cabinet. In fact, its parameters are not too different from the parameters of a two-door, the third door most often hides an additional row of narrow shelves, which adds functionality to the cabinet.

Materials (edit)

The most common materials for the manufacture of cabinet small-sized cabinets are chipboard, MDF and wood:

  • The cheapest and least durable – these are chipboard cabinets. They are susceptible to fading when exposed to sunlight, they can swell and lose their shape due to high humidity in the apartment. However, don’t discount them prematurely. For example, you can purchase such a wardrobe for a nursery. Thanks to a wide variety of colors and shapes, it will decorate it, and as the child grows up, you will not be sorry to replace it with a new one due to its low cost.

  • MDF furniture much better in quality, but it also costs more. Very beautiful cabinets are made of this material, glass and chrome parts are used as additions and decorations. The service life of such furniture is quite high..

  • Wooden cabinet – this is, of course, the most beautiful, most durable and most expensive of the options. Now such furniture is considered elite. A wooden cabinet is environmentally friendly, it breathes, smells deliciously of natural wood and is able to serve for many years. However, many are scared off by the high price of such a cabinet..


When choosing the color of your new piece of furniture, you should first of all be guided by your personal preferences, and also remember about the general stylistic solution in the design of the living space..

Do not be afraid to experiment, combine the main tone with contrasting ones – it always looks advantageous..

As for the colors of the cabinet furniture on the market and, in particular, the colors of the cabinets, you don’t have to worry – modern production technologies can allow you to purchase a cabinet in such shades that you only dreamed of..


Of course, you cannot put the same wardrobe in apartments decorated in different styles. Let’s try to orient you a little, what modification product will best fit into a particular interior:

  • Classic – this is always a classic, so if the design of your home is made in a similar style, choose a wardrobe either made of natural wood or MDF, but with wood imitation. The wardrobe itself should be designed in soothing colors..

  • In a super modern style high tech a model made of MDF white or black, decorated with a glossy film will fit perfectly.

  • For interiors in vintage a wardrobe with various carved monograms, handles imitating antiquity, gilding will not be superfluous. It can even be varnished..

In general, when you choose this interior detail, try to imagine that it is already in your apartment. Imagine it in combination with other pieces of furniture, wallpaper, linoleum.

It will be even easier for you to make a decision if you take a photo of your interior and show it to a consultant in the showroom, then he will help you navigate the style and choose the most suitable wardrobe.

For different rooms

Now let’s talk about where is the best place to put a small cabinet and what to be guided by when choosing its “filling” depending on the place of its location:

  • If you decide to put the cabinet in the hallway, it is best to choose a narrower model. Light colors are desirable, since, as a rule, twilight always reigns in the corridor. It is desirable to install the product not far from the entrance. It is best to have horizontal shelves inside the cabinet..

If the space of the corridor allows, you can try to put a larger wardrobe there and place a bar for outerwear in it;

  • If you are choosing a wardrobe for the bedroom, remember that maximum functionality is important here, because you will have to store most of your things in it. It should have shelves, a mezzanine, a bar, and drawers. You can equip the inside of one of the doors with a mirror;

  • In the living room, a small wardrobe will also not be superfluous, but try to combine it as much as possible with the rest of the furniture so that it is not only a storage for things, but also a decoration of the living room;

  • Put a small functional cabinet in the children’s room, but its interior equipment should be as serious as your closet. It must have shelves, drawers or containers, and bars for hanging clothes on “hangers”.

From the bottom under the bar you can store children’s shoes in boxes.

How to choose?

When choosing a small-sized wardrobe for your apartment, consider the following recommendations:

  • Decide in advance on the desired size of the product. In fact, the wardrobe should be roomy, but small, its depth should not exceed 45 cm.Its height will be slightly less (or much less, at your discretion) than the height of the housing, you can choose the length yourself, depending on where you plan to put your new wardrobe;
  • When choosing the material of manufacture, be guided by your taste, wallet and the desired durability of the product;
  • Be sure to check the build quality of the selected model. There are always samples in furniture stores that you can touch, examine and evaluate their reliability. When buying a disassembled cabinet, make sure that all the necessary parts are complete;

Pay attention to how the surfaces of the doors are processed. If they have a glossy finish, prepare to rub off your handprints frequently..

How to place things?

Zoning a small cabinet is very important, because every thing should be in its place so that it can be easily found and taken without making a mess in the cabinet.. So, there are 3 main areas:

  • Lower. Located within 80 centimeters from the floor. Add things here that you rarely use, or make up shoe boxes. If there are drawers at the bottom – you can store underwear, stockings, tights and socks there;
  • Central. Its location varies between 80-180 centimeters from the floor. This is the main storage area for permanent items. You can put your casual clothes, home suits, nightgowns here. This zone can contain both open shelves and drawers;
  • Upper zone. It is located at a height of 190 centimeters from the floor. As a rule, this is a mezzanine. You can put knitted and fur hats, umbrellas, bags, gloves, scarves, caps there, that is, all those things that a person wears for the season.

Interior options

Do not forget that cabinets are not only rectangular, but also angular. Corner when manufactured according to precisely specified parameters perfectly save living space. The product can be placed next to the bed, dividing them with a bedside table or dressing table. In the hallway, try to install it so that it is as comfortable for you to go outside, so that you can easily reach everything..

A wardrobe, small in depth, but long enough can even be used for zoning a room, for example, in a studio apartment, they can separate the kitchen area from the bedroom area by turning the wardrobe with its back to the kitchen space, and with doors to the bedroom.

In general, how and where you put your new cabinet depends only on you and on the area of ​​the room..

Be guided by considerations of convenience, safety and harmony of the interior.

For information on how to put things in the closet so that order is preserved for a long time, see the next video..

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