The choice of a sofa for a living room or another part of an apartment or house is very important – even if you are not going to sleep on it. Modern buyers have begun to realize this. Many people cannot immediately decide which type of such furniture to prefer. A fold-out sofa is the most popular and common variety. She deservedly occupies a leading position in the ranking of sofas. A sofa-book is a very important part of the interior of a room, therefore, its choice must be approached as seriously and responsibly as possible. That is why it is very important to know how this type of furniture differs from other varieties, how to choose it correctly. Understand all the nuances – and only after that make your choice. This way you won’t be disappointed and get exactly what you need..

What is a sofa-book?

A book sofa is one of the most comfortable options for upholstered furniture. This type appeared earlier than others, it is customary to acquire it both simply for arranging a guest room, and for use as a bed.. A sofa-book is a kind of upholstered furniture that has a folding mechanism. Usually, these models do not have armrests; they unfold by pushing the landing zone forward and turning the back to an empty seat. There is usually a laundry box under the seat, so this piece of furniture can be called multifunctional..

The fold-out sofa can be made either from leather or from woven materials. All “books” can be different in stuffing. All these options are excellent choices if you want to sometimes use such a product as a piece of furniture for sleeping. This product can be placed both in the bedroom, and in the living room or nursery. It is very convenient and versatile..

Features and Benefits

This type of furniture is usually small., therefore, a sofa-book is an excellent solution for those who have a small room in their house or apartment. In addition, when disassembled, this furniture will not take up much more space than when folded. A specific folding mechanism allows you to save space in the house as much as possible. In addition, the sofa-book is equipped with a box for linen, which is usually not available in sliding models. Some consider the lack of armrests to be a disadvantage of such a piece of furniture, but this way it looks less massive. This will make it much smaller than sofas with armrests..

Some books are rather difficult to unfold, but this is due to the fact that this type of sofa is equipped with a very high-quality and reliable mechanism that allows you to easily disassemble and fold it. Some models of such sofas imply that there should be a small distance between the back and the wall in the back so that the furniture can be disassembled. But some books do not require this space, they are more convenient.

The big advantage of this type of upholstered furniture is that it has no wheels at all.. This sofa does not scratch or spoil linoleum or other flooring. There is quite a lot of space under his seat in which you can store anything from shoes to bed linen. It is a very convenient drawer that also saves space in the house..

To unfold the book, you need to push the seat forward and fold the back. Most often, these types of upholstered furniture are purchased if it is planned to use this product as a bed. This type of sofa is comfortable and practical. The “book” has other advantages: it can look very stylish and beautiful. This option can easily become a highlight of your interior. This is a less massive variety of sofas, so you can very interestingly furnish the room and easily arrange all other pieces of furniture in it..


The types of books differ depending on the method of transformation. The specific type of such a piece of furniture will depend on how it can be decomposed..

  • The sofa-book can be roll-out – it can still have wheels, on which the landing part moves forward a little in order to unfold the structure. Such a product is quite large, it takes up more space than the classic design, but the sleeping places on this piece of furniture are more spacious, and inside the sofa there is a lot of space for storing the necessary things. This is a roll-back sofa.

  • Another type of sofa-book is a smaller version. eurobook. The European sofa is a more modern version of furniture that looks very stylish. It is very easy to both decompose and assemble. This version of upholstered furniture is more comfortable than standard models. Such furniture is able to provide comfort both during sleep and while sitting. The peculiarity of the Eurobook is that this furniture does not need to be moved away, since it is only slightly lifted and put forward. This sofa has no casters at all, so it is equipped with two sturdy legs. When folded, it is not much smaller than when disassembled. Usually such models do not have handles and armrests. Manufacturers replace them with pillows. The types of fold-out sofas differ depending on what kind of padding they have..

  • The most popular option is sofa-book with spring block. It is very comfortable and reliable, usually such types of upholstered furniture do not get lost over time. If the spring block is of high quality, then it will not creak at all and will ensure the durability of this piece of furniture. There is also an orthopedic sofa-book, which is able to provide restful sleep if your back, neck or legs hurt. It will provide comfort and solve many back problems. A feature of this type of book is that the bed is equipped with a special orthopedic mattress.


Now there are a large number of models of “books”.

  • The most popular is the straight sofa, which is usually placed along the wall.. This is a two-seater piece of furniture that suggests a fairly large sleeping space. The European sofa-book can also be angular. This is a very comfortable model that can diversify any bedroom and living room..
  • A corner sofa-book is able to provide a more practical use of space in the house. In addition, this model implies more sleeping places. Such models are located in the corner of the room – along two adjacent walls. Most often, such “books” are purchased for arranging the living room in order to accommodate as many family members and friends as possible..

Usually, roll-back models of such pieces of furniture differ depending on the material from which they are made..

  • It can be a leather sofa or a “book”, in the manufacture of which leatherette was used. The first option is of higher quality and more durable, but such furniture needs good care..
  • Beige sofa book perfect not only for the living room, but also for the office. It can be a great addition to your workplace at home. This is a very stylish and fashionable solution that many people prefer today..
  • The black leather sofa-book looks very luxurious. This model is able to say a lot about the social status of the owner of this piece of furniture..

  • There are models with upholstery made of textile fabric. Most often, manufacturers make upholstery of “books” from jacquard, chenille or velor. The first option is one of the most popular, since jacquard is a very dense material that is resistant to wear and tear and is durable. This fabric is distinguished by the density of the fibers and their reliability. Chenille models of “books” differ in that their upholstery is softer. This upholstery is very easy to clean if you suddenly get dirty on your sofa. That is why this model is one of the most practical.

  • Velor sofas are also very popular. The peculiarity of this upholstery is that it is made thanks to a special thread cutting method. Such a sofa is also very easy to care for, but the velor is quickly erased and becomes very thin over time, so this upholstery is short-lived. A more practical option for a velor book-sofa model is microfiber furniture. This material belongs to an artificial variety of velor, it is more reliable. In addition, it does not absorb fluids well, so it does not need to be carefully looked after..

  • A very good model of a “book” is a double piece of furniture upholstered in cotton. The main feature of such models is that in stores you can find a huge variety of these pieces of furniture by design, because cotton is a natural material that can be easily dyed. You can choose a model with the most interesting color and pattern. A sofa like this can transform any room very easily. Since cotton is a natural fabric, it is very environmentally friendly and healthy. These fold-out sofas are especially suitable for those who plan to use them as a sleeping place..

The only drawback of the cotton model is that this item can be wrinkled very easily, so its appearance will deteriorate over time. All models also differ and depending on what basis they have.

  • There are spring models, as well as sofa-books on a metal frame. All these models are very different from each other, so they need to be selected depending on the functions you need and personal preferences..

How to choose?

When choosing a sofa, you need to adhere to many rules..

  • First you need to decide for what purposes you will use it. If you choose a sofa in the living room in order to sit on it, you need to consider whether there will be a table in front of it, because convenience depends on it. This also affects the choice of a specific sofa model..
  • The “book” should be more solid in its content in the event that you use such furniture for sitting at the table. If it plays the role of a place where you can relax in the evening after work, it is better to choose a softer option. It is very good if there are pillows, because book sofas do not have sides as standard. If you plan to sit upright, try to find the tightest option with hard cushions along the back..

It is very important that the sofa is as comfortable as possible for you.. If you do not like sleeping on a hard surface, do not purchase such furniture, even if it seems necessary to you. Try to check it out in the store by squatting or even lying down. Each person is suitable for completely different options, so in this case you need to subjectively approach the concept of convenience.

  • It should be borne in mind that the sofa-book has one solid back, so this option is more classic than models with pillows.. If you love soft cushions on your sofa, purchase them separately. Some manufacturers offer these pillows complete with a sofa – to match the color of its upholstery. You can choose both large vertical pillows and small side pillows. A large number of pillows can give a sofa a more informal look. You can also make a custom-made sofa-book with sides, which will act as removable sides..

  • A sofa-book should not only have a beautiful appearance. An important factor is also its components, the materials from which it is made. Usually the frame of this piece of furniture is made of solid wood. Most often, oak or beech is used for the manufacture of such sofas, since they are very reliable. There are also composite wood frames that are less durable. Usually, a wooden array is used if a particular model of a sofa-book has a roll-out design. These are better options that will last as long as possible. Such a sofa will do its job well – no matter how you load it..

  • The filling of the sofa will play an important role.. It can be made of foam rubber or have springs inside. Usually small-sized models are stuffed with foam rubber, and options with a spring base are often quite large. A narrow piece of furniture with springs will not last very long, since the springs are designed for a more massive structure. They can even punch through the upholstery of the sofa and appear on the outside. But the spring sofa is more rigid, so it is perfect for those who suffer from back pain..

  • A sofa with foam rubber is softer, it can be easily crumpled and can negatively affect your spine.. It is best to select such models that have two levels of filling: the lower one is solid polyurethane, and the upper one is softer foam rubber. You can purchase an orthopedic sofa-book with a special filling, which has a great effect on health and has a beneficial effect on the back and spine. This option is most preferable if you purchase it for sleep..

For the living room, a sofa-book “boat” is perfect. It is less massive, it is a small-sized and narrow transformer.

  • When choosing a sofa, also try to follow fashion trends and take into account what kind of interior you have in the room, where you are going to put furniture.. However, independent people who are not guided by fashion can be indifferent to all this. It is best to buy “books” models that are more neutral in color and design, as they are versatile and fit perfectly into any interior of the room. In addition, do not forget that you can easily buy a cover for such a sofa, so you can change its design at any time..
  • When choosing, try to pay more attention to the quality of a particular model, and not its appearance.. It is very important to properly assemble this piece of furniture after purchase. To do this, be sure to follow the instructions, otherwise you may incorrectly assemble the furniture and thereby spoil the structure. In some cases, it is even better to entrust this matter to the master. When choosing a sofa for a specific room, also try to take into account its size, because this is a rather large piece of furniture that will take up a lot of space. Try to select models of book sofas that will fit the area of ​​the room.


Many buyers like this kind of sofas. Buyers write that these models are the most durable and reliable.. Most people prefer just such sofas, since they are very easy to place in the room.. In addition, this option can easily fit into any room in size and design. Buyers write that a sofa-book is much more comfortable than a model with wheels. They say they used to have roll-out models on wheels that would scratch quality parquet flooring and even cut linoleum. Buyers write that the wheels broke down rather quickly, so these sofas did not serve them for a long time..

People say that there are no such problems with a book sofa. Those people who have small rooms are happy to acquire exactly these types of sofas, since they increase quite a bit when unfolded. The space in the room is significantly saved. Since the “book” usually does not have handles or sides, it is more compact than models with sides. Many point out that thanks to this, such a piece of furniture seems more compact and can accommodate a large number of guests if used in the living room and not laid out..

Buyers are very pleased with the versatility of such a piece of furniture. Some put it in the reception room, while others put it in the bedroom or in the nursery. This option is an excellent replacement for a bed, because in the daytime this furniture can be folded (and thus it is more practical to use the space of the room). For a nursery, this sofa is also perfect, according to buyers. Young mothers point out: by folding a small children’s sofa book, they free up space in the playroom.

Many women praise this very design of the sofa because it is easy to fold, and it does not require significant efforts.. Even the most fragile woman is able to neatly fold and unfold such a piece of furniture. Many people write that such a sofa can become a highlight of the interior of any room. Buyers point out that now there are a large number of different models of books in stores. They believe that this is the most reliable and common version of the sofa, which can also be a wonderful replacement for a bed..

Customers who value comfort are more likely to buy “books” with an orthopedic mattress, as it provides a restful sleep. Those people who appreciate fashion and style buy leather models of book-sofas, because in this way you can make the interior of the room very modern and stylish.

Some buyers criticize some of the book sofa models, as they involve moving away from the wall when unfolding. This is especially troubling for women. For this reason, many are trying to purchase such models that require a minimum of power costs when unfolding, so buyers praise eurobooks. This is a new modern compromise model that is very popular with all buyers. When choosing a suitable option, try to take into account a variety of factors. Then you can purchase furniture that will completely suit you..

For the types of sofa-book mechanisms, as well as their pros and cons, see below..

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