Sofa sofa with linen storage

Previously, the sofa attracted only its compact size. Possessing armrests and a backrest, it did not have such functionality as unfolding or the availability of storage space for bed linen or other things. It is for this reason that it was used exclusively in the interior of the living room. However, modern models produced by numerous manufacturers have long ceased to be used only in living rooms. Their parameters and the possibility of folding made such sofas a wonderful option not only for living rooms..

Although many other types of sofas are now produced, a sofa sofa with a box for linen is still more popular..

Product features

At all times, the choice of furniture began with the calculation of the free area obtained as a result of its installation. The most economical option (both in terms of cost and in terms of free space occupied) are just such types of products. Compared to most sofas, it can be noted that they come in several sizes and styles. These products are practical, convenient and affordable. Features of their designs and functionality allow you not to worry about storing bed linen.


The sofa-sofa has one or two backrests of a small height. They are located asymmetrically relative to each other. All large models have a length of about 2 meters, their width depends on how many beds it is designed for. If the product is intended for one person, then its width is approximately 0.8 meters. If the sofa is double, then in this case the width is 2 meters. Products for children are more modest in size..

This piece of furniture has other elements:

  • Three backs. Such a product looks very much like an ordinary sofa, where there are boxes for storing linen. However, there are no armrests, and the backrest present is notable for its low height. This product is complemented by a special mattress. In most cases, these types of sofas are made from solid wood. Using such a model in the bedroom instead of a regular bed would be a good option. Such products have an orthopedic mattress; in terms of comfort, they are in no way inferior to ordinary beds..
  • Sliding type. These are, in most cases, double and children’s models of similar products. When folded, the folding Eurosofa takes up a minimum of free space. This advantage is especially well manifested in corner models, which, during the transformation, turn into a single or double bed for sleeping. Such qualities, for example, possesses sofa sofa “Hemnes”. Such products are created from pine wood. This sofa is distinguished not only by its environmental friendliness, but also by the presence of lower drawers. They are able to accommodate not only bedding, but also pillows. The length of such a product is 2.07 m.In the assembled state, its width barely reaches 0.86 m, during unfolding it increases to 1.68 m.
  • Hidden drawers. Similar elements are used in some varieties of these sofas. They blend harmoniously with the outline of the entire product. The owner of such a box can be called model “Ricky“. With three figured cut backs, this model also has one asymmetrical drawer. The front part of the product is finished with upholstery.
  • Big box. Many models most often have several medium (or even small) drawers. However, there are also types where a large box is used, which opens with a lifting mechanism. There is also a niche for storing small items. You can see this type of box in the model “Ormatek”. It has one side back, and the base is made of birch lamellas. This product does not have roll-out drawers, but there is a niche. Its size allows you to easily place the library.

Varieties of models for a children’s room

Increasingly, many manufacturers are paying special attention to the production of sofas for children. If we compare such furniture with beds, it can be noted that it has a special functionality. That is why such products are very popular among consumers. Of course, not every family is able to allocate a lot of space for a bed in a children’s room. But this is not necessary to install a children’s eurosophie. Sometimes a small space in the corner of the room is enough to accommodate it..

Of course, this does not mean that only corner models are suitable for small children’s rooms. The variety of such products allows you to choose a model even for the smallest room..

Popular types of products:

  • Sofa bed. It is a structure with a sleeping place and a special compartment suitable for storing bed linen and clothes. This place allows you to significantly save space in the room if there is a shortage in the children’s room. This type of model goes well with different styles in the interior..
  • Sofa ottoman. Refers to the classic options. Not very high sides are located along the edges of such a product. On some models, they are located at the back and sides. However, there are also such models that have an additional side in front. It is designed to reduce the risk of a sleeping child falling off the edge of the sofa.
  • Sofa sofa. With low armrests and a backrest, it will easily fit into even the most unusual interior of a child’s room. This product has a solid mattress. It can be made more attractive by using appropriately shaped extra pillows..

Yes, there are many other types of sofas available now. However, many people believe that the best today are compact products that allow you to profitably use free space and make the room more comfortable. The sofa sofa is just one of these models. Of course, you need to take the choice of such products as seriously as possible – otherwise you can get a low-quality option..

For an overview of one of the popular models of such furniture, see the video below..

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