Sofas and armchairs

Finding a set of furniture is often difficult. A sofa and two armchairs are a versatile trio that most people choose alike, but such a simple choice is not always the most advantageous. To assemble a set of different pieces of furniture, you need to follow a few simple rules..

Upholstered furniture sets in one style

Style is a universal criterion by which to measure the harmony of the selection of a particular set. Having picked up a stylistically correct combination of different objects, the owner of the house will definitely not fail. Such a headset will look appropriate and fashionable in the room, regardless of the chosen style..

Most often, three items are chosen, for example, a sofa and two armchairs, two sofas and one armchair, a bed and armchairs. For small rooms, the choice is usually made in favor of furniture duos: a sofa and one armchair or a bed and armchair. It is easiest to buy a ready-made set from one furniture series, but such a boring combination is not suitable for all styles. For example, the “loft” style completely rejects this approach due to the peculiarities of its historical component..

Designers racked their brains for a long time over how to highlight the main criteria for the selection of various sets.

As a result, several win-win combinations were derived, allowing you to make the right choice and not regret it:

  • Combination of decorative and plain furnishings;
  • A combination of color-neutral and bright items;
  • A combination of neutral tones;
  • A combination of items of unusual shades;
  • A combination of classic style representatives and a representative of a different style;
  • A combination of furniture from different materials or different textures;
  • A combination of different items in style, color and texture.

Some options are worth dwelling on..

Combinations of items of different styles are appropriate only for modern trends, classical ones do not accept this. This is due to the greater freedom of action that relatively young styles open up. There should be only one item of a different style. Buying a regular classic sofa and armchair, complement them with a Victorian armchair – and the winning set is ready..

To combine objects of different textures, similar inclusions are used..

All materials can be somehow “made friends” with each other: fabric and rattan, leather and fabric, wood and leather. The same can be said for fabrics. Feel free to experiment. If you have already bought a beautiful velvet sofa, “simplify” the interior a little with the help of smooth armchairs.

Good combinations:

  • Leather and fabric;
  • Soft velor and smooth leather;
  • Smooth fabric and rattan;
  • Soft velor and smooth fabric.

To combine such items, it is recommended to use a single textile element, for example, a rattan chair can be supplemented with a cushion made from the same fabric as the sofa..

The most difficult of all the combinations presented is a combination of completely different items. The most typical use of this technique for the “loft” style. The designer can successfully combine a classic sofa and two ultra-modern armchairs. The composition is performed in various colors and materials. To collect the right harmonious combination, it is recommended to rely on the examples you like, this will save you from mistakes.


Living rooms and bedrooms are equipped with a variety of soft furnishings. These include not only the standard sofa, bed and armchair.

The sofas themselves can be presented in several variations. Along with classic models, they buy an ottoman, which successfully replaces a sleeping place.

  • Folding sofas often replace beds, especially when it comes to a small combined living room-bedroom. This helps save space and money, and in terms of convenience, modern models are rarely inferior to full-fledged beds. There are many mechanisms: “book”, “eurobook”, “pantograph”, “dolphin”, “accordion” and many others. Keep in mind that folding sofas on legs are not the most convenient option, it is better to prefer designs on wheels.

  • Corner sofa – also a frequent guest of modern interiors. Thanks to a huge selection of styles, colors and materials, “corners” are selected not only for kitchens, but also for living rooms. There are also sliding models that are used either in mixed bedrooms and living rooms, or as an option for an overnight stay for a late guest..

  • Another option for an extra bed is armchair-bed. Such a chair will not only perfectly fulfill its direct functional duties, but also allow a person to sleep comfortably. Chair-beds often use the same mechanisms as in folding sofas..

  • Garden furniture not so long ago, they successfully migrated to the interiors of houses and apartments. The most popular representatives are rattan chairs, which give an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort to any room. They cannot be called very comfortable, but stylistically, such wicker items are universal. They are perfectly combined with fabric elements, do not take up much space and, if desired, can be used for their intended purpose – as a place to relax on the street.

  • Another variation is cozy rocking chair. Today, such models are made not only in a classic form, but also in an ultramodern one, for example, a Scandinavian plastic version. A rocking chair can successfully replace an ordinary chair or, in some cases, a chair.

  • Talking about chairs cannot be ignored high-legged models, often complementary to modern living rooms. The latest developments allow you to sit in them no worse than in ordinary chairs.

  • We must not forget and about poufs, ottomans, couches, banquets and other soft items that allow you to comfortably spend the day. Many of them are used individually, but can also be part of a chair + footrest or bed + bench ensemble, for example.
  • Beds come in different shapes and sizes. There are round models, corner, double, single, “lorry” and so on. You can choose a model to suit any style and room size.

Dimensions (edit)

Standard sizes for sofas and armchairs vary. The three-seater sofa is recognized as the best choice today. Many people note that one of them is usually enough to provide space for everyone in the room, especially if the hosts rarely receive guests and their family is small. The width of such options is usually 1910 mm, the depth is 900 mm..

The two-seater sofa differs in size. With a width of 1400 mm and a depth of 900 mm, it implies the purchase of a chair. The dimensions of the seats are usually 950 mm wide and 900 mm deep..

Small and large “corners” are usually presented in three dimensional variations: 2200×1750 mm, 2710×1750 mm and 21710×2200 mm. Each of the modules can have 1, 2 or 3 seats, and the corner element is either represented by a rigid element (for example, a table), or is also used as a seat.

Folded sofas are usually the same in size when folded, but the size of the berths also varies depending on the number of seats. For double models, the berth is 900×2100 mm, for triple models – 1400×2100 mm. Less often, the berth is 2100×1600 mm, however, such a wide base is more typical for folding corner models.

Materials (edit)

Sofas and armchairs are made from various materials, which are primarily divided into two groups – natural and artificial. Products made from natural materials are more expensive, usually this is exclusive custom-made furniture, which either cannot be affordable for an ordinary buyer, or requires him to save up for a new sofa for several months, or even years.

Artificial products are much cheaper, but a high-quality model will not cost very little here either..

A distinction is also made between materials for padding, coverings and frameworks..

Padded items include the following:

  • Foam rubber. The cheapest filler, which has many advantages: it does not grow moldy, which makes it safe for health, does not accumulate dust, and can take any shape. Foam rubber can be of different hardness, so there is an opportunity to choose any product to your liking. Another name for foam rubber is polyurethane foam (PPU).
  • Sintepon. Another cheap filler, however, it differs significantly from polyurethane foam. The synthetic winterizer allows you to create only soft structures. The synthetic winterizer serves as long as the foam rubber, after which it is necessary either to re-tighten and fill the furniture, or to buy a new one.
  • Holofiber. As a result of long-term scientific work to improve the padding polyester, a fundamentally new material has appeared. Unlike padding polyester, which is a one-piece non-woven fabric, holofiber is balls. Thanks to this design, chlorofighter products are well ventilated and have orthopedic properties. Also, holofighter is antistatic, so you can not be afraid to get a charge of static electricity.

  • Durafil. If the filling of the furniture is made of this material, then such items do not require springs. Durafil itself has spring properties. However, it is still better to look for furniture that combines a spring mechanism, and this filler – such sofas and armchairs will last longer.
  • Spandbond. As a type of non-woven fabric, spandbond allows the upholstery to slide easily. It is used as an upholstery for the filler itself; furniture is upholstered on top of it.
  • Felt and batting usually come in a bundle and are a mandatory filling option. They hide the springs, making the sofa soft and allowing you not to feel the spring mechanism while sitting.

You can find out more about fillers for the sofa in the video below..

When choosing a new piece of furniture, be sure to pay attention to the frame. Frames are made of metal in combination with wooden elements: plywood, wood-based panels.

It is important that the wood-based panels must be painted or varnished, since during operation they emit formaldehyde resins that are hazardous to health..

Expensive elite models are made on solid wood frames. It is important to make sure that it is well dried. If this is not the case, over time, the frame will crack, and the sofa or chair will begin to creak..

The upholstery is made from various fabrics or other materials, such as leather or leatherette. Genuine leather is today recognized as the best material for upholstery, but also the most expensive. The sofas are upholstered with both whole skins (up to 30 pieces per sofa) and pieces of cloth. The second option is a little cheaper, but it will still not be possible to completely mask the seams between the skins, over time they will show through, and the sofa will look unpresentable.

Pure eco-leather and nubuck upholstery is not used. Usually these materials are combined with natural.

Natural upholstery fabrics include the following:

  • Linen;
  • Silk;
  • Wool;
  • Cotton.

They are quite expensive, but they have a number of advantages. Hypoallergenic, thermoregulation, good antistatic properties are just a few of them, not to mention the fact that a piece of furniture looks more expensive and more prestigious..

If you rank artificial materials by popularity, you get the following list:

  • Flock;
  • Microfiber;
  • Chenille;
  • Jacquard;
  • Tapestry;
  • Velours;
  • Lamont.

Flock is a versatile material that is most often chosen due to its unobtrusive fleecy texture and a huge selection of colors. Such plush models can be found in almost every home..

Sofas and armchairs, which cannot be called soft, are made of wood and ultra-strong plastic. Also at the peak of popularity are rattan wicker models. Furniture made from pallets is also gaining popularity. Due to its unusual appearance, it fits well into modern urban styles..

Rigid elements are added to mixed models. For example, an armchair with wooden armrests or a sofa with a magazine shelf on the side are great functional items to avoid buying additional furniture..

Color solutions

Combining objects by shade is a favorite technique of designers, while anyone can repeat it.

To make a win-win set of different pieces of furniture, the colors of the ornament should repeat the colors of the solid object. It doesn’t have to be very noticeable. You can choose a color for the picture with a different basic tone, but the small details should still overlap with the shade of the other piece of furniture. For example, choosing a blue plain sofa, it is possible to pair it with two armchairs with a pattern. Their main color can be gray, but the ornament should be blue.

The same is true for the opposite. Choosing monophonic armchairs, for example, an emerald shade, you should choose a sofa with a floral pattern (the main tone is white, and the leaf pattern is emerald).

Please note that the total number of shades in the ornament should not exceed three. The third color should also harmonize well with the environment, resonate with it..

If you are unsure of your artistic flair, it is still recommended to opt for the classic two-tone ornament..

When choosing three different items, for example, one solid color and two with an ornament, adhere to the following rule. One drawing should be bright, and the drawing on the second item should be chosen so that it ties the whole set together, for example, a blue armchair with a yellow ornament + a white sofa + a yellow and white armchair with a blue cushion on it.

The combination of neutral and bright objects works in a similar way. You can choose both a contrasting combination and a closely related one, for example, muted pink can be combined with both bright fuchsia and rich green. Contrasting combinations are more complex and require careful color matching, but they also look more interesting..

Please note that there should be only one bright item in the entire set: a bright sofa and two neutral chairs, or a neutral chair and sofa and a bright chair look equally unusual and advantageous. You cannot overload the room with saturated shades, since in the future it will be uncomfortable to be in it.

Beige, gray, powdery, smoky blue, lilac are great as muted tones..

The combination of only neutral shades may seem the easiest, but the situation is exactly the opposite. It is important to combine contrasting neutral tones: powdery and muted blue, delicate fuchsia and peach, light emerald and soft purple. It is not so easy to choose such color solutions. Moreover, such a range is not appropriate for every room..

To collect a successful combination of bright objects, you should adhere to the golden rule: less is more..

First, only two saturated shades should be selected. Secondly, they should be neither related nor contrasting. It is advisable to choose “hackneyed” color combinations, for example, yellow and blue, white and black, gray and red. Choosing pure contrasts, green combined with red, for example, will only overload the interior..

White objects, like black, can be combined with any color, while colored ones require more thought and selection of the most suitable options..

Review of leading manufacturers

Furniture made in European countries is valued above all else. In particular, Italy, Spain, Germany have established themselves as the best in this market. European furniture and the most expensive.

Furniture from China is also in demand, but it is worth buying it only from trusted suppliers and with a guarantee.

Russian-made furniture can compete with European furniture, but the paucity of design solutions is disappointing.


Depending on the chosen price niche, there are both cheap and expensive models. There is no upper cost bar for luxury furniture. Elite models are sold at a price of $ 300 per armchair, prices for sofas are 3-4 times higher.

Economy class options can cost from 2-3 thousand rubles for the simplest chair and from 4 thousand rubles for a small sofa. However, such savings, most likely, will have to pay: low-quality materials will not last long, and soon the furniture will have to be changed..

Popular kits styles

Single sets are suitable for decorating rooms in traditional styles. Very often you can find light colors and natural materials, be it leather or fabric, in the classic style of living rooms. For them, a sofa and armchairs are bought in one ensemble, with the same calculation the rest of the furniture is selected..

  • Baroque classics – sofas and armchairs with gilded wooden inserts, upholstered in expensive natural materials: silk, velvet, wool. Despite the fact that this style is quite conservative, the use of mixed kits is not prohibited here, however, the mixture is completely different from those described above. Armchairs and sofas must be identical, you can replace the gilding of the armrests and headboards with silver or ivory on only one of the items.

  • For boho style, on the contrary, various combinations are only welcome. It is worth leaving one thing the same: either color, or texture, or style. Mixed styling requires a choice of restrained but vibrant shades.

  • Country style welcomes the use of various ornaments in the upholstery of furniture. Usually they combine a strip, a cage, knitted patterns. Kits are usually assembled from deliberately simple items, but made from environmentally friendly materials. The decisive factor is coziness: the more home-like the kit looks, the better.

  • Loft very popular now. They produce various designer furniture for this style, but it is not at all necessary to purchase expensive items in order to create a set that meets the loft spirit. Bright colors, leather or sleek textiles and simple shapes are what to look for. It is not forbidden to supplement the set with a pretentious object, for example, a bright leather armchair with a high curved back.

  • Minimalist style armchairs are usually replaced by large geometric poufs without finishing. Sofas should be chosen as simple as possible. The kit comes in similar colors, usually white or black. Sometimes it looks interesting if you play in contrast: combine a white sofa and two black square poufs, for example.

  • For Art Nouveau style it is typical to use both classic and modern furniture pieces at the same time. Looks good modern sofa made of leather and wood, and made “antique” rocking chairs as an alternative to the usual.

  • Decorating the living room in the style of “provence”, remember the need to use “grandmother’s” prints, light colors, sophisticated shapes. You can choose a sofa and armchairs in different floral colors, but they should definitely look a little old-fashioned, as if they were inherited from tenants from the last century..

  • For rustic style the same stylistic concept of furniture is not so important as color harmony. All items should be bought in one color, while you can play on the contrast of comfort: a soft inviting sofa and a pair of armchairs with straight hard backs, for example.

  • Scandinavian style requires a balance between natural and modern. Functional items with minimal decor are welcome, such as a soft sofa and plastic chairs. It is important to correctly approach the textile design of furniture items by choosing a cozy blanket and bright soft decorative pillows. Scandinavian furnishings should contain wood flecks and be made from smooth upholstery materials such as cotton.

  • In eco interiors the use of elements made of genuine leather should be avoided, but natural upholstery materials are welcome. Linen and cotton are most commonly used. Wicker furniture is also often bought. For example, a pair of wicker chairs looks good with both a fabric sofa and a rattan one. Only naturalness matters: if the budget is limited, you should choose a monochromatic upholstery material that is as similar as possible to natural fabric.

Spectacular examples in the interior

A set of items from one set is perfect for the office where you need to emphasize seriousness and adherence to tradition. This is facilitated by the choice of both color and material: the leather looks soundly and presentable, and the black color adjusts to a serious mood.

For the hall, you can pick up many options for combining sofas and armchairs. In particular, one of them is mixing colors and shapes. Please note that the texture has been left unchanged: the material used for the upholstery is the same. This living room clearly demonstrates how to combine a neutral color object (sofa) with bright ones (armchairs).

This minimalistic studio shows how to combine several sets of furniture with each other. It is not only about choosing a sofa and armchairs in the living room area, but also about the competent selection of furniture for a place for reading. The visible parts of the frame are repeated in both sets, combining them with each other.

The comfortable corner sofa in neutral gray fabric is complemented by a modern beige leather armchair. Everything is different here: style, material, and color, but this loft living room looks like a single composition. The connecting element for pieces of furniture is the environment, which the designer was guided by when making a set.

In this case, the situation is slightly different. The furniture is made of one material and is chosen from one set, only the colors differ. Cold beige and warm sand are not easy to combine, but the designer coped with this task, repeating the sand tones in the decorative pillows on the sofa..


In general, the choice of buyers rarely fell to the share of exquisite and unusual pieces of furniture. Most choose traditional kits released by one manufacturer at once. Many people are afraid to take risks, because sofas and armchairs are not always a budget purchase..

Most of those who ventured to create an unusual set regretted their decision, because a new renovation was made a few years later, and the furniture did not fit in there. Some of the people sold armchairs and sofas, and the other part was given to the banner, changed color and texture and reused as new items..

A very small fraction of those who took the risk were delighted with their own choice. Basically, these are professional artists, musicians and designers – people whose artistic taste leaves no doubt.

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