Sofas in the living room

The living room can perform many functions in the house – it can act both as a study and as a meeting place for the family for leisure. Also, the living room is also a bedroom for household members. To make her the most suitable place for relaxation, you need to choose a comfortable and beautiful sofa for her..


In order for the living room to seem complete, and not create a feeling of incompleteness of the design solution, there must be a sofa in it. It takes center stage in any living room.

The sofa can be used to visually increase the space, as well as to focus the attention of guests on the interior..

Before buying this piece of furniture, you need to figure out which of the models is best for the room.. It is very important that the chosen sofa is as comfortable as possible:

  • It is best to pay attention to before buying furniture size. It directly depends on this whether he will give comfort to the living room or become an object that simply interferes with cleaning..
  • Another important point to consider before buying is sofa design. For many, it is important to be able to disassemble it and turn it into another sleeping place. If the size of the room allows you to purchase a sofa bed, then such an advantage should not be neglected..
  • It will be useful to pay attention to filler. Seats and pillows that are too soft are not the best option for a living room, but too hard will turn rest into torture. Few people want to sit in the living room as on a bench upholstered with felt.
  • And the last in this list, but not the least important feature of the sofa in the living room – his style. The sofa is the face of the living room. It should harmoniously fit into the overall design of the room..



For any style solution in the design of the living room, there are the most diverse and noteworthy sofas:

  • Neoclassical sofas in another way they are called sofas in the English style. They are free from unnecessary bulkiness and are very elegant. As a rule, sofas are made in soothing colors and have regular geometric shapes. A properly selected neoclassical sofa will give any room a sense of lightness and nobility..
  • Baroque style it is distinguished by its massiveness and, at the same time, the smoothness of its lines of execution. Any baroque furniture has a characteristic ornate carving.
  • Gothick style differs in the color of the upholstery (purple, black, red), the sharpness of the lines, as well as the presence of forged legs. This gothic sofa is upholstered in velvet.

  • Empire style – palace style. Its characteristic features are variegated upholstery and expensive decorations. Empire style sofas are considered the most expensive in their class..
  • Modern sofas at first glance, they are very simple, they do not have carving or excessive variegation, although they can be made in bright colors. They fit perfectly into a modern living room furnished with the latest technology, the owner of which values ​​comfort and functionality in his furniture..
  • Living rooms in the style of the countries of the East mysterious and bright. The oriental style sofa is usually quite low, and its color scheme consists of red, pink, blue colors. A large number of multi-colored embroidered pillows will be a wonderful addition to an oriental-style living room, and will also turn furniture into a real royal bed. However, it is worth remembering that a low sofa implies a carpet that matches the color scheme of the room..

  • Safari Style attractive with a mixture of African and European cultures. Every detail, no matter what culture it belongs to, must be combined with the overall interior. Therefore, when choosing furniture for a room decorated in a similar style, you should decide what will be more appropriate: a more European (austere and massive) sofa or an option with a colorful ornament. The color scheme should not be bright; sand and earthy colors are best. Variations of gray and black tones are welcome.
  • Scandinavian style the central place in the interior is the sofa. Since the harsh climate of Scandinavia has formed special preferences for the interior, the main requirement for this piece of furniture is comfort. Therefore, sofas used in Scandinavian-style furnishings are usually very large. Sometimes two sofas are put into a room at once and several poufs are added to them. The colors of the sofas must be as neutral as possible, monochromatic, with the possibility of geometric patterns.


For a harmonious combination of all furniture in the room, you must be able to competently “play” with the color scheme. As already mentioned, the sofa, which is the face of the living room for everyone, must be combined with all the furniture in the room..

The best way not to be mistaken in choosing a color is to analyze the most popular color schemes for living rooms.. There are five of them:

  • Monochrome. All furniture in such a living room has a similar color to the wallpaper on the walls. For example, blue walls in a company with blue furniture, white walls with gray furniture.
  • Neutral. This color plan allows you to combine two calm color palette solutions in one living room (for example, shades of black and white, beige or gray).
  • Neutral sofa in a bright interior. The bright background of the living room is able to match the sofa, which is calm in its color scheme. Neutral colors are shades of white, black, gray and light beige. The interior of any color palette will be supportive of this kind of furniture..

  • Bright sofa in a calm interior. The dull interior of the living room can tire or bring a blues to life, but furniture of a bright palette can make significant changes that will transform the house beyond recognition. Let’s say a room can be decorated with white and gray tones, and red or green furniture will help to dilute them..
  • Combined. Combination of the same color in different tones between furniture and the wall covering of the room. Let’s say the background for the blue sofa will be red walls. But this color plan is very dangerous, so don’t go overboard with brightness..

Choosing a color scheme for the design of the room, you can decide which sofa is most suitable for the living room..


Placing a red sofa in a living room with an interior of a different color, you can achieve a flashy effect that will bring comfort and coziness to few of the household members. But if such a sofa does end up in the living room, then it would be best to dilute the overall interior of the room with green, orange, golden or beige colors..


This color is universal and ideally suits all shades of interior decoration, but the most suitable will be blue, blue, green gray, brown interiors.


For a yellow sofa, the combined design of the living room is best. It’s good if the room has purple, turquoise, light blue, blue, red and brown..


The color of calmness should be combined with brown, lilac, purple, orange, yellow colors of the wall covering. Be wary of the combination of gray and yellow. Having chosen such a palette, remember that both colors must have the effect of a bleached surface, otherwise the room will become “poisonous” for the eyes..


Upholstered furniture in blue tones is most harmoniously combined with the same cold colors: gray, light blue shades. If desired, you can make adjustments in yellow, giving the “cold” room a somewhat tropical look. The combination of a blue shade with burgundy is recognized as more daring, and it is with its light shades..

Dimensions (edit)

The size of upholstered furniture for any room, including the living room, must be chosen based on the shape and area of ​​the room:

  • For large rooms large sofas are suitable (3 meters long or more), which “eat up” the extra space. If the living room has low ceilings, then you can choose a relatively low option that will visually deceive those sitting on it and will not create the feeling of a “pressing” ceiling. In this case, oriental style is a good option. Accordingly, in rooms with high ceilings, you need to select models of sofas with a high back and large legs. A great example is the classic style options..
  • For small rooms a rectangular shape is ideal for small narrow upholstered furniture. Such sofas may not be suitable for a sleeping place, but they will perfectly save free space, which is important for small rooms..
  • For small square living rooms a good solution would be a corner sofa, which gives the room a toy and cozy look. It should be noted that unfolded narrow corner sofas can replace a full bed if necessary..

How to choose the right one?

First of all, when choosing a sofa in the living room, you should rely on the shape of the room, the purpose of the sofa itself and the harmonious combination of the entire design solution of the room.

First of all, the sofa should be comfortable.. However, the concept of “comfort” is different for everyone. It is determined by the height of the household (low backs can be uncomfortable for tall people), their constitution, weight and the purpose of the furniture (perhaps the sofa can become a sleeping place for the owners in the evening). And the main factor, without which there can be no talk of comfort, is the quality of the product and the materials used in its manufacture..

If the sofa in the living room becomes a sleeping place in the evenings, then it must be borne in mind that it must have a simple folding mechanism or be a sectional organizer, otherwise it will bring great inconvenience. A sofa corner, for example, is considered the most comfortable sleeping place and can be easily converted into a large bed..

Today there are two main folding mechanisms: parallel to the back of the furniture and perpendicular to it. It is believed that the second option is more convenient and practical for sleeping, but it is worth noting that such furniture is often small in size when folded and, unlike the first option, is not suitable for spending leisure time with a large family or company..

Sectional lightweight sofas help save space in smaller homes. Various items can be stored in the sections. This allows you to use these sofas as a kind of organizer..

Having chosen the method of unfolding, depending on the needs of the owners, the next point is to pay attention to the filler material and its softness. The main ones are spring fillers and springless blocks:

  • Spring loaders are divided into two types. The simplest and most affordable are addicts. When one of the spirals in a given block is deformed, the neighboring ones are deformed as well. This leads to the fact that the sofa wears out very quickly, loses its appearance and becomes simply uncomfortable. The only possible solution to this problem is to choose a slightly more expensive spring blocks when buying. This type of filler is the best option for sofas, which will later be used as a berth..
  • Springless sofas blocks are also divided into two categories depending on the fillers: soft and hard.

Soft fillers are created from a number of synthetic materials, such as synthetic winterizer, synthetic winterizer, komorel, durafil, periotek, holofiber, foam rubber. All of these materials have a low service life, but they have an attractive price. Rigid base fillers are made from block polyurethane foam, molded polyurethane foam and polyester balls.

Speaking about the service life of each of the fillers, it should be noted that the most durable material is a block of springs that can last more than ten years. Then there are polyurethane foam fillers, which last, on average, eight years, and holofiber and foam rubber, which give comfort from three to five years..

Of course, there are fillers made from natural materials, but their cost is very high, which makes them difficult to access for the majority of the population..


Do not forget that at the moment synthetic materials are made in compliance with all safety requirements, therefore, using them, you should not fear for your health..

By choosing a filler, pay attention to the upholstery material. Each living room has its own version. The most obvious choice is between fabric and leather upholstery. It should be done taking into account both the general style of the room and the presence of animals or small children in the house..

Leather is a very fragile and expensive material, so if your pet decides to sharpen its claws, restoring the original look of the sofa will cost a fairly large amount. Children can put all sorts of stains on upholstery, and leather is much easier to clean than fabric..

For living rooms of a non-standard oval shape, you can choose original radius bay window sofas as upholstered furniture. These sofas are located, as a rule, on a window ledge (windowsill), have a lot of pillows and resemble a bastion in their appearance. Such a design will add coziness to any room with a semicircular window, where it will be pleasant to spend time with a book or a cup of tea..

In large rooms of a standard shape, you can arrange four-seater sofas on which the whole family can gather. You can buy a comfortable coffee table for such a massive sofa..

How to put?

The arrangement of furniture is an important aspect when creating a harmonious living room interior. First, you need to decide where the TV will be located, choose the right angle for setting upholstered furniture. Wherever you put the sofa, the main thing is to remember about the correct play of chiaroscuro. If the standard solution for most houses where there is a bay window is to place it by the window, then such a technique may not “take root” in the apartment..

In a living room with two windows, you should not take up space near one of them. You should pay attention to whether glare will interfere with your leisure time..

How to care?

How you care for your sofa depends on the material it is made of..

The owner of a leather sofa must follow a number of procedures:

  • Vacuum the furniture thoroughly once a week;
  • Wipe the surface with a flannel cloth dampened with warm water;
  • If liquid gets on the material, blot the place with a dry cloth as soon as possible;
  • Treat the sofa surface with a leather care product once a year.

Sofas with fabric upholstery require more serious maintenance. Clean the surface regularly with a furniture brush or vacuum cleaner. If there is a stain on the fabric, you should use a cleaning agent..

The best option is when the upholstery of the sofa is a removable cover that can be easily removed and washed in the washing machine.

What to replace?

For owners of small houses, the issue of free space is always very acute. And sometimes a sofa is an unaffordable luxury for a small living room. An alternative to this type of furniture can be a pair of soft armchairs..

East style may allow the sofa to be replaced with soft floor cushions. It is worth remembering that they should be in bright colors. Such furniture will look spectacular if you give the room a slight touch of slovenliness..

An interesting solution would be the location of poufs in the living room instead of a sofa.. Today, poufs have a lot of interpretations, and some are able to unfold, becoming full-fledged sleeping places..

Interior options

How many people – so many opinions. This also applies to the choice of place for installing the sofa in the interior of the living room. It should be noted the main nuances of the correct placement of sofa furniture in the room..

For example, placement is marvelous not against the wall, but in the center of the hall – this is a chic option for huge rooms. The main thing to take into account when choosing furniture is the fact that not all models sold have a presentable look from the back.

One of the types of sofas that can look attractive from any angle is the Chester sofas, expressing the sophistication of the English classics.

Small, stylish sofas can look good against a wall. You can put a coffee table in front of them, and beautiful poufs on the sides of the sofa itself can be an addition to such an interior..

When choosing the final location of the sofa, keep in mind the play of light. The location of the sofa in front of the window can cause discomfort associated with the penetration of bright sunlight into the room. Of course, this problem disappears by itself if the room is on the shady side of the house..

For information on how to correctly choose a sofa in the living room, see the next video..

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